Archiv für Oktober 2009

German Punks boykotting Britcore-Hip Hop

A lasty friendship has broken and we left the ‚Onkel Otto-Crew‘ with a lot questions on coins in their capitalizing Punk conversatism. We feel that we must go on running to skillz in memoration critical whiteness as branch of NYC and the British island with such pro-Israel adjourns and antifascist lyrics on Heartcore scale.

Fuck German Punks and fuck capitalizing music for cheapest bear on urb.


Our Space: Resisting the Corporate Control of Culture

We, the ‚Still Dangerous-Crew‘, have a new casual stream for radical antifascist lyrics of Britcore Hip Hop in Hamburg.

The significance and possible senses of the phrase ‚narrative environment‘ are explored. It is argued that ‚narrative environment‘ is not only polysemous but also paradoxical; not only representational but also performative; and not just performatively repetitive but also reflexive and constitutive. As such, it is useful for understanding the world of the early 21st century. Thus, while the phrase narrative environment can be used to denote highly capitalised, highly regulated corporate forms, i.e. „brandscapes“, it can also be understood as a metaphor for the emerging reflexive knowledge-work-places in the ouroboric, paradoxical economies of the 21st century. Narrative environments are the media and the materialities through which we come to comprehend that world and to act in those economies. Narrative environments are therefore, sophistically, performative-representative both of the corporate dominance of life worlds and of the undoing of that dominance, through the iterative responses to the paradoxical injunction: „learn to live“.