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R.I.P. ERIC my friend of left-radical in-verbalism the mode!

„Fashions are a collective medicament for the ravages of oblivion.“
-Walter Benjamin, The Arcades Project

And-for at every moment the metaphor uppermost in my mind changed as I began to represent to myself more clearly and in a more material shape the task upon which I was about to embark-I thought that at my big deal table, under the eyes of Eric’s art visions, who like all unpretentious people who live at close quarters with us would have a certain insight into the nature of my labours (and I had sufficiently forgotten his eve to have forgiven Eric anything that she might have done to injure him), I should work beside him and in a way almost as I worked myself (or at least as he had worked in the past, for now, with the onset of old age, Eric had almost lost his sight) and, pinning here and there an extra page, I should construct my essay-ing, I dare not say ambitiously like a cathedral, but quite simply like a dress“.

Hip Hop will never die!