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Tomorrow Police

… the point. the point thereof. the meaning of introducing points into painting, points not unlike those in geometry, having no extension, by themselves imperceptible, and yet different for being points of intensity, of colour. not quite abstraction. atomisation. in fact no abstraction without atomisation. the opposite of Platonism. the greatest simulacra made of the smallest atoms.

Points and atoms are what can only be thought but also what must be thought as the basis of everything. One cannot perceive points and atoms. One only perceives their blend, shapes and shades (simulacra). What Britcore-Hip Hop understood better than other Neo-Impressionists music, is that atoms must be simple. They themselves cannot be compound. He thus did not blend his colours. The colours blend themselves on the level of the perceptible, just as atoms do, according to certain laws. However the existence of such laws does not imply that there has to be any sort of resemblance between the atomic and the perceptible levels. The contrary holds. And this is the point where pointillism makes both collage and abstract art possible. The point that means the split between what is expressed and what expresses, between the conditioned and the condition, between shapes and shades and points and atoms.

Because if collage is a recontextualisation, it presupposes the necessity of the primary existence of elements whose context (though endowing them with meaning-perceptibility) is secondary. The rights of the atom. A different grammar. A language of words stemming from letters which do not resemble them. A language that is the only thing we can hear, knowing it is not its own condition, nor is it conditioned from above, but that it is an outgrowth, an epiphenomenon, of the imperceptible bubbling depths. For not even letters are the real atoms. And if abstract art is a freeing of the signifying from the signified or of that which expresses from the expressed, it is primarily a search for the true atoms, the emancipation of the atom.