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Yes the mess on ‚mass hysteria‘ was blatantly a huge impact of post_fascist European finest on ‚antifascist‘ scapegoath the critical whiteness He/Artcore and net building the roots of compassion to Miamis soft wall against Cocaine and NYC community ‚five‘ percentages.
Yes – we- the ‚Still Dangerous-Crew‘ have abundantly roof for newest tights and sound clouds the wisdom of all gender tender in_sufficiency……………..In pointing to this postmodern sense of an ending, of living after the future or suspended in a perpetual present, I don‘t mean to suggest the fundamental illegitimacy of any of the positions characterized above. Postmodern critiques have been vitally necessary and, arguably, socially trans formative (at least in their intentions). But I do want to suggest why it has become so difficult for contemporary progressive thinkers to posit the new — in exact inversion of their modernist counterparts and in absolute contradiction to a self-identity as progressive — and, perhaps more importantly, to speculate on some of the consequences arising from this refusal.

In the face of the abstraction of time, its transformation into the discrete, the measurable, the locus of value, chance and the contingent are assigned an important ideological role — they become the highly cathected sites of both pleasure and anxiety. Contingency appears to offer a vast reservoir of freedom and free play, irreducible to the systematic structuring of „leisure time.“ What is critical is the production of contingency and ephemerality as graspable, representable, but nevertheless antisystematic. It is the argument of this book that the rationalization of time characterizing industrialization and the expansion of capitalism was accompanied by a structuring of contingency and temporality through emerging technologies of representation — a structuring that attempted to ensure their residence outside structure, to make tolerable an incessant rationalization.

The seemingly disparate relationship between avant-garde aesthetics and increased rationalization is understood as an attempt to find aesthetic pleasures in the impartial epistemologies of modernism. Where rationalization produces a system of order that is unconcerned with subjective relationships, representation attempts to incorporate the experience of industrial life into subjectivity.

Antifascist lyrics still moves on

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  1. 1 Drag Queen Street Hustle 14. August 2010 um 8:38 Uhr

    Damn Pink Floyd Shit!

    Main article: Pornography in Turkey

    Turkey, which is a secular state with a Muslim majority, was the first country to legally produce pornographic materials in the Muslim world. After a long period of producing Italian-inspired softcore comedies in the 1970s, the hardcore film Öyle Bir Kadın Ki was distributed in 1979.

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