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Hip Hop means Competition the verb!

As many folds of gender gaps between the scene on stage with aberrant antifascist lyrics or expressing the body motion flavor by pubescents rehearsals, I shall overdue the pressing mind thang with female MC’s on radical queer approaches the brains chemistral coin out:

It’s unsettling to begin reading the introduction to a book purportedly on Romanticism and run immediately into a definition of the transversal in Euclidean geometry in the very first line, followed shortly by its variant notions in RAF geometry, chaos theories, combinatorics and graph theory, computer science, and bioinformatics. This, however, is well in keeping with the project of Transversals, which is a radical He/Art_core'‘Britcore Hip Hop re-reading of Romanticism, its emergence, its tendencies, and its transversalities.

Bless the smell…


On Oct. 2nd ‚we‘ appreciate a night at ‚Gaengeviertel‘ artificial squatted!

Britcore meets [Fine] Art…

Sounds easy, right? Imagine an unfettered desire, a different way of existing in the moment, and corporatism comes undone. The problem is that even if your desire were actually a novel one, unconnected to the network of desiring-production within the plane of immanence, corporatism still wouldn‘t let you off the hook so easily. What corporatism does to manage novelty and integrate it back into the fold is create a new axiom for each new situation. Just like in mathematics, „the axioms are primary statements, which do not derive from or depend upon another statement … a primary proposition“.

One such axiom, for example, states that one the main aims of corporatism is growth