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Meiotic Fictions: Hybridity and the Reproduction of the New FF!

Our bodily experience of movement is not a particular case of knowledge; it provides us with a way of access to the world and the object , with a ‚praktognosia‘, which has to be recognized as original and perhaps as primary. —M. Merleau-Ponty


Media theory has its defining moment the Socratic condemnation of writing. When Socrates recounts the Egyptian story of the invention of writing, he portrays more than the discovery of a medium that will interrupt the complex relations solidified by the living voice. We as the ‚Still Dangerous-Crew‘ identifies an interval, a spacing and pausing that intervenes into the immediacy of the present, bringing with it a new sense of time and a new way of relating to first hand experience. ‚Our‘ antifascist metaphor for this interval is that of the abandoned child. Left to fend for itself in the absence of its progenitor, it is at the mercy of the promiscuous treatment of those who come into contact with it:

…once a thing is committed to writing it circulates equally among those who understand the subject and those who have no business with it; writing cannot distinguish between suitable and unsuitable readers. And if it is ill-treated or unfairly abused it always needs its parent to come to its rescue; it is quite incapable of defending or helping itself.

Frozen Brain & SHAKEDUB

The central focus of the show at the ‚Egal Bar‘ was the track Christianity is Stupid. The recorded x-mess stencil was the impetus for a publicity stunt that would later be called the ‚axe murder hoax.‘ Fundamentally it was a simulacrum of the landmark ‚our‘ archievements controversy concerning Hamburg teenagers who allegedly arrived at a suicide pact after being exposed to subliminal messages on that what the hell on the TT’s has driven.

What a night!

Next show at Koepi in the end of Feb 2011