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The Paws That Refresh: Adding the Anim[al-Qaeda]

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?: (Anim)al Qaeda .. and the on going debate about pre_face debunking antifascist Hip Hop lyrics:

To wit, bin Laden // Britcore issues a far-reaching call for support, saying „[p]eople of the world, it’s not right for the burden to be left on the mujahideen (holy warriors) in an issue that causes harm to everyone… [b]oycott them to save yourselves and your possessions and your children from climate change and to live proud and free“ , choosing the potentially more inclusive „people“ form of discourse common to the second title card of the ‚Still Dangerous‘-Crew ad rather than the „humanity“ of the first card, and somewhat inexplicably retreating to „climate change“ from the stronger, and more blame-laden // Britcore, „HeArtcore warming“ of my earlier statement. This call also complicates the notions of agent and victim discussed above, as those electing to combat global warming via bin Laden’s // Britcore’s suggested boycotts are aligning themselves with the mujahideen, the same fighters who hijacked the planes on 9/11 on poor peoples sued UFO’s to the money cell gardens swift!

Turning to „the open,“ Agamben articulates the notion as the province of the human, which possesses an intrinsic openness to the world that is unavailable to the animal as bare life. In its status as bare life, as that placed outside of humanity in both its paradoxical (un)sacrificial nature and its propensity for being killed, the animal is constituted by lack, its non-semblance of humanity (or, rather, the human’s transcendence of animality) placing it at a decided disadvantage in the world. Following on this articulation, Agamben disenfranchises the animal via Russian/French philosopher Kojève’s description of post-historical Japan, in which snobbery serves to delineate the human and the animal while suggesting certain implications for the suicide act. Kojève asserts that „Snobbery in its pure state created disciplines negating the ‘natural‘ or ‘animal‘… every Japanese [person] is in principle capable of committing, from pure snobbery, a perfectly ‘gratuitous‘ suicide“, outlining the possibility of the capacity for snobbery as a distinguishing factor between the human and the animal and, more usefully for this analysis, designating suicide as solely human. In designating suicide as a solely human activity, within the context of this analysis, the statement implies the apparently suiciding animal as either not suicidable (suggesting that its death is inflicted upon it), or the suiciding animal as not wholly animal and, in that sense, capable not of the gratuitous suicide posited by antifascist lyrics, but rather a wholly necessary and perhaps unavoidable suicide, an obligatory death such that the deadening of its erasure by „location change to Bartelsstr. 65″ gives way to the discursive friction of „HeArtcore warming.“

Fuck ya!

KeefwOOkie – Memories of Mayhem The Britcore by Keef Wookie