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Ready for ‚Sumerial‘ Rap[e]

As the ‚Ur‘ will do semio_lectics aprehension_able, the ongoing fact of ‚new‘ apologies will find the aesthetics of all f***ing Borderliners again down graded Waali_deemed ones!


For the Borderline-Idiots:

If someone dares to say that violence, death, foreign disgrace, natural disasters, and all the bloody trash that substantially feed the stomaches of the millions of people in the media, is PORNOGRAPHY, then I ratify and take delight in it. But I will not allow them to tell me that that kind of pornography cannot turn me on. I still don’t know if they call it pornography to convince us that what is happening in the world is SOMETHING BAD or just simply to desensitize or silence our consciousness, or both simultaneously. In any case, it is something that they slip past us, like almost all grand-scale-manipulation in the system. They try to block the mechanisms that will naturally impulse us to cry inconsolably, to drown us in rage, to excite us or to feel morbidly good, in short, TO REACT.

They try to numb our senses and I want to revive them. That is the mission that I am allocating as an artist, as a poet and as a terrorist. Through the terror that a non-normative body can cause, a non-normative sexual act or a “depraved” sexual tendency in a society where the majority is exposed to strictly the norm, I also pretend to originate a reaction to those whom censer us, those who have marked us as sick, as delinquents, as sons and daughters of bad. But my work principally is focused to those potential allies, the people who know that something is not quite right and yet do not know where and how to begin. So, I am suggesting to just start FUCKING! That is a good way to do it, so that the ones who really get fucked, can be those who attempt to keep the sheep from leaving the heard.

Flocks of hypocritical wankers are there administering our sexual desires, adding moral borders and clinically stabilizing and establishing lawful mechanics on what will excite us. On the contrary, if we don’t comply to their standards of what sexual behavior and what pornography is or is not, then they classify us into lists of mental illnesses or they convert us into elements which representation is invalid or marginal.

Hetero-normative bodies, hetero-normative conducts, perverse fodder of the public majority. Converting, through a camera, into something everyday and mechanical, the gutless body of any person (generally far from this western civilization) that is just as perverse as the compulsive in and out, the cum-shot, the omission of clitoris/prostate and the porcelain fingernails in a lesbic duet. It is obscene and pornographic, but society assumes it as a form of stupidity and as a business. Our sexual practices, our bodies, our sensibilities do not pertain in the structural order and that is what automatically classifies us as the ENEMY.

That is what we are, THE ENEMY. And that is how we should behave. My job is an attempt to take on through art that enemy-role in which society assigns us into and that we should no depreciate but should make us proud. We are monsters, and we need to be dangerous, make to stagger, even just a little bit, the pillar of their most firm beliefs.

I MANIFEST that their form of terrorizing us will not scare me but turn me on and that with that heat of mine I arm hand-grenades and launch them with discretion over their rooftop mansions, their temples, their hospitals, their colleges, their prisons, their robot factories that solely service those “competent” authorities that I so much desire to fuck me in the ass.

I MANIFEST my desire to attack them in that place where it doesn’t seem to hurt, just like they do with us. Get into their panties and lubricate them with the image of a dead child, to get into their shorts and converge them through punches of blood and poems. Give them a well deserved fisting and wring out their prostates until they are forced to ejaculate all the hate, all the rage and all those accumulated repressions. Make them cum without rest until forced to acknowledge that, finally, the experience to feel has been unforgettable.


Ego people tag the intellectual as enemy of owned bias

I have fully enough!
ولا يمكن أن مغني الراب والهيب هوب ناشط socalled اللعينة المثقفين في مجال عملهم من الكتابة والقراءة من خلال السطور. انها موقف الرجل الأبيض heterosexist لاغية وكلمات فاشية narcissm مسلوقة، أن جميع delutes نظرية ثورية في الأدب المثل عبء المصير. يمارس الجنس مع منهم!

זה לא יכול להיות כי ראפר ופעיל היפ הופ socalled הארור אינטלקטואלים על השדה שלהם כתיבה וקריאה באמצעות הקווים. זה עמדה mens לבן heterosexist לבטל מילים האנטיפאשיסטית ו narcissm קשות, כי delutes כל תיאוריה מהפכנית נימוסים של אידיאלים נטל עצמית. שיזדיינו!

Capability, as a kind of freedom, refers to the extent to which the person is able to choose particular combinations of functioning … no matter what the person actually decides to choose … . The fact that many of the terrible deprivations in the world seem to arise from a lack of freedom to avoid those deprivations … is an important motivational reason to emphasize the role of freedom. This led Marx’s fetish to argue passionately for the need to replace ‚the domination of circumstances and chance over individuals by the domination of individuals over chance and circumstances.‘


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F***ing white DISCO’s