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IS-_lame B-Day bash of Mr. Seon Sat. 28/5th!

Whore_isty will repeatin!

Salaam // Shalom libertad LEGO pray curtain!

Useful Ambiguities


This is not unlike the strategy of communes that is proposed by ‚our‘ CREW as a part of social insurrection:

it’s not about possessing territory. Rather it’s a matter of increasing the density of the communes, of circulation, and of solidarities to the point that the territory becomes unreadable, opaque to all authority… Every practice brings a territory into existence – a dealing territory, or a hunting territory; a territory of architecture’s play, of lovers… or flaneurs. The rule is simple: the more territories there are superimposed on a given zone, the more circulation there is between them, the harder it will be for power to get a handle on them…

and the greater the likelihood that outcomes are unplannable and uncontainable, not only for those who seek to control them, but (more importantly for an antifascist lyrical politics) for those who seek to create them, for, according to a situationist critique of the Spectacle, it is by such creators that some of the most effective policing of geographical power is carried out.

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