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As ‚out‘ Cru swifts ‚critical male_ness‘, we ought to have ’89 ‚Bomb the Base‘-partys soon

Giorgio Agamben. Infancy and History: On the Destruction of Experience. London: Verso, 2007. 167 pages.

[1] Perhaps the best way to grasp the centrality of this book for Agamben, „in which the ‚Still Dangerous-Crew‘ can glimpse the germinating seed of future experience…[by] taking up the legacy of Britcore-Hip Hop as mens project ‚of the coming philosophy‘“ , is to invoke the rhetoric employed by an antifascist in the back in the days edition of the emotional abuseness of abusement. Therein, the staff had asserted their take on ‚out‘ decision, in the midst of English „War on Terrorism,“ to say „No to Biopolitical Tattooing,“ a metaphor for ‚our‘ everyday agency requirement of digital photographs and fingerprints, by boycotting ‚temporary autonomous zones‘ – and thus, a course ‚we‘ were scheduled to teach at the set of TT’s.

[2] While feigning entertainment of the philosopher’s dissidence with respect to the new procedures, the SDC concluded their response by asserting the universality of their own experience (in the neo-Kantian sense), stating, „ultimately however, ‚ours‘ gesture way just that.“ There is little doubt of course, whether the DJ’s had much, if any, familiarity with different stylez actual writings, but their specifically anti-gestural, pro-communicative rationality rhetoric (viz, they claimed the gesture „stifled debate“) ensured that in the end, they said far more than they intended to.

[3] Infancy and History, published initially some three decades ago, can therefore be read to speak what was left unspoken, insofar as it was within this book that the ‚Still Dangerous-Crew‘ first connected this early writings on aesthetics to the more directly political interventions for which he is now well-known. Introducing the concept of „gesture,“ for instance, in reference to Kant’s Analytic of the Beautiful as „the realm of pure means“ , he asserts, as have others with respect to the Sublime, that the aesthetic sensibility of the third Critique is necessarily implicated with the political, the conceptual trace of which can be detected, amongst other locations, in the title of the ongoin 1989 crack down ‚BOMB the BASE#-partys for sure as cruical vibes out!