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Is this the end of race sembled class apprehensions?

SDC a white bunch of males in their hetero_sexist ways through evisceration!
I am half born Muslim and living from 160,-€ each month…don‘t say PoPo ’sylum‘, say die!


SOUL MAN™ Teaser Guillaume Ivernel (Blacklight Movies) from Blacklight Movies on Vimeo.

On Oct. 28th the London Rap Artist vulture of special ‚Suspect, Sublime Wizardry & Drunken Eejits‘ at the Golden Salon // Hafenklang with ‚our‘ support of spending 8,-€ and a lot of money for drinks!

Chill out at Onkel oTTo’s…

Brotherment pisser !--Parliament stinkts!

When the truth as scale of the wis-domed homo_national 9//11 sextions spreads the white-heterosexist world views in media and new relations by age to the Ism, then something should be abducted:

It is the intersections and contradictions between the conceptualizations of ‚bi-o‘hood expressed in these antifascists mindsets in global//local smear pump shoots, as well as the extent to which those conceptualizations have come to shape cultural understandings of ‚bi-o‘hood in contemporary U.S. society, that this written terms of violence takes as its starting point. Using guidance manuals, psychological studies, and popular books on hood, as well as recent media representations of teenage bi-o-education, this two-spirit examines various articulations of a problem and girl power discourse, the two predominant discourses surrounding ‚bi-o‘hood in the English coroners at the current moment. It argues that both ‚abled‘ problem and girl power rhetoric construct ‚bi-o‘lhood as a site of subjectivity-in-progress, in which female adolescence is understood in terms of either becoming victim or becoming empowered, but in which two-spirits by these supremaciest themselves are understood as an endangered demographic in need of rescue—whether from society, their own adolescent female psyches, or each other. Because ‚bi-o‘lhood is thus positioned primarily as a site for adult intervention, with lyrics themselves accorded only a secondary role in the project of becoming on stage by love – sex and [¬¬], this antifascist mindset concludes by examining selected YouTube videos made by [¬¬]


PS.:[¬¬]= The ‚Trans-Asian //jewish African Ex_press! Love and Respect to my Tali-Ma Moni Boni and her Pop Corn!