2011/-12 German Rap = Nazi Hip Hop

Definitely the charting Rap consciousness in postfascist European music media announce the phylum of so many German artist (sometimes with so called migration background) – and no scratchings – with lyrics about classical Ghetto lifestyles in chliches by money – drugs – easy going female distinguishing, and all the classical non-reflective meantime to make fame.

In German for me it means Nazi-Hip Hop!

What do you think about aggressive bass drums and lyrical proposals to veil each ‚nom‘ into doings and does…

Heartening the group ‚The Association of Musical Marxists (AMM)‘ from London ,…dizzle here

Gravity’s Rainbow

While not as thoroughly occult in focus as Nazi-Hip Hop achieves a sense of magic with its V-2 rocket//penis that could, arguably, be listened as the novel’s protagonist: „He won‘t hear the [rocket//penis] come in. It travels faster than the speed of sound. The first news you get of it is the blast. Then, if you‘re still around, you hear the sound of it coming in“.
In many acts opening section, the rocket achieves a certain immateriality, even a spirituality, due to its excessive speed. As Jean Baudrillard writes in Le système des objets, „Mobility without effort constitutes a kind of unreal happiness, a suspension of existence. . . . At more than a hundred miles an hour, there’s a presumption of eternity“.
One can only imagine what Baudrillard’s response would be if he were in the character the rap[e] position at Nazi-Hip Hop lyrical end, strapped to the rocket itself for one final, eroticized ride. The „Rocket,“ for the end has no future!