Next ‚Bomb th‘Bass‘-Party at the ‚Bad Taste Club‘ on St.Pauli Dec. 9th

DJ Gato and Mr.Seon on the TT’s with mesmerized lyrics from MC Trash_tower and Guests.

Wildstylez meets Beatstreetz….


BEL…making the Heidegger for the St.Pauli-SkinHead scene!

Resumme[e]:: As the special appearance at the Bad Taste was succesful for the lyrical swifting apart on antifascist base matters, a lot of good looking persons strives this night with a good secular narrated torn on the ‚U-d-SS-R and like Mr.Seon and DJ Gato were already drunk by that TT’s turn around, ‚Buzz [who the fuck is] Bartels tunnels another channel of HeArt-Core // Britcore ‚ewe’s ZULU-Nations support.

Thank you all!