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Where‘re you, my Urban Nu‘biian Uslim with the smell of Cis?

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Orange, White and Blue (Mayhem): Roots of SA Punk by Punk In Africa

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„Write a poem after Auschwitz is barbaric“
Cultural criticism finds itself the last stage of the dialectic of culture and barbarism against: to write a good Rap[e] song with stifled lyrics after Auschwitz is barbaric, and also eats the knowledge that speaks to why it has become impossible to write poetry today.

Stands in the current artistic situation, where there are literally all material conditions of art have become problematic and where the art nothing substantial is more defined, but in a sense every artist vis-à-vis de rien, is what we in physics would describe as basic research, also for the field of art something absolutely urgent matters. And I think it is better if such a theoretical consideration of art is done by people who fancy themselves a bit of art and understanding of theory, as such only by artists who have in truth about the conceptual apparatus is not so very and do so very often any apologetic support structures for their own practice, quite often rationalistic theories behind what exists now in the works of art actually stands with no_friends like SDC so far…..

SDC_Membrain SHAKE exhibits at the OZM as ‚Frei unter Freien‘

On Sat. Feb. 11th, our membrain SHAKE exhibits at the OZM ‚One Zero More‘ in the Bartelsstr. 65 under the surveillance of positive psycho_tics and visual body cohesion the view on his work of the spouse…with a definitely Mix of Mr. Seon on his TT’s ‚Old school // Britcore and American stuff‘…enjoy:


The key justification for this mode of analysis comes from my friend and code red narcotic SHAKE’s call for a „psychoanalysis of space“ in his groundbreaking work we‘ll see there at the ‚OZM‘.
SHAKE designates the category of space as a privileged, though underrepresented, site of materialist analysis. Yet space, for him as artist, is not merely composed of the architecture in which one lives and works, but necessarily involves the whole spectrum of one’s social activities. Inasmuch as SDC Pendulum and Rainbow participate in the realist tradition, they can be analyzed in terms of characters who move about in such spaces. But the exhibition themselve comprise textual spaces, verbal economies that participate in more general economies of late [deficit] capitalist, global culture. Ultimately, these two types of spaces cannot be separated, and so my analysis for my friend SHAKE will oscillate between these two areas. It is my hope that this exhibition will spur research into other contemporary visual communications and bodily artist and how their works address issues of space in relation to subjectivity and commodification.

SDC’s Pendulum begins and ends with, is framed by, scenes in an exhibition area, thereby suggesting the importance of ‚museum space‘ to the time window consciousness. Indeed, as ‚we‘ and others have suggested, the museum of old Turkish bakery arts may be the very emblem of postmodern culture. At the very least, one may see the exhibition ‚Frei unter Freien‘ as a three dimensional encyclopedia of postfascist EUrope, one whose organizational strategies are up for dispute: „Why should this cubicle, a thing so positivist-scientific, a thing out of the famous, stand beside the emblematic lion and serpent“.
SHAKE, the narrator of ‚our‘ novelity, finds his mind bombarded by such questions even though he has more important problems at hand. He must find a place to hide within his_tory itself so that he may witness the occult ritual to occur after hours of Mr.Seons mixery at TT’s, a task that will cause some discomfort. As the ritual is taking place underneath SDC’s Pendulum, which is housed in a place full of commerce and blind copies….persons…

[8.N.N.] The proliferation of surfaces matches the cynicism of the editors of this exhibition and so the filth of lyrics and visuals flows on…


Worth to read: The aesthetic theory of Adorno