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My Lloyd will be the radical miss_ing of porn t_error in Art

The suggestion of No‘lym_pix as body political new beginn_ing the ‚Warensubject‘ coul_d afford as white skin o_range_thetics!


By the way, the ‚third generation-Theory‘ of Germany’s ‚Todesschuss‘ assemblages by corrupt left RAF dog_math_matics during the defamation raids in post-911 Hamburg, will ease the line at first through a body accomplishment.

lieDis_abled commun_Ism

Hooligan_Ism as abstract of radical left militancy the former GDR

White skin, black masks!or ‚Black Bloc, white riots!

Why I don‘t want further comment the Hooli_gan_Ism in post-socialist East-Europe this summer, is the fact about the post-fascist media concerns about GDR and its implementation of authoritarian prison and security system the West by media never have.

What a bad luck, that Turkey has not qualified yet these games about the struggles through esoteric mannerisms.

Why the story of secret_ss has an ability chore in neighboring Hamburg by all the suffer, these person from GDR have by means necessary, is so laughable, that all white patriarchy in Germany abandon the fact of such ‚bread and butter‘-Games $€_ex_change will be down.

The materialities of those interconnections function in other ways too. Many of us from more secure backgrounds, who travel to less economically privileged parts of the world – and indeed to less privileged parts of our own cities – wonder in good liberal ways how we should respond to those who beg, many of whom are disabled in one mind or another. The limits to such lives, their relative immobility, stand in stark contrast to the tourist style wanderings that may bring us face to face. GDR an antifascist state union of backlashed anti_semit_Ism in honor to void these secret_ss lies of hierarchical mass speech – those same companies that provide me with travel sickness medication; my arthritic Joints the result of years of labour in a garment fight that produces logo-Streets in Art and Fasc_ion. It is all too easy to think no further than the figure of oppressor and victim, but although SDC is never unaware that globalization may be just another aspect of control society, so we must also note:

It’s not a question of asking whether the old or new system is harsher or more bearable, because there’s a conflict in each between the ways they free and enslave us

[o]ur [capitalist] societies exhibit a marked taste for all codes ­­ codes foreign and nego_ti_ape_able…this taste is destructive and morbid. While decoding doubtless means understanding and translating a code, it also means destroying the code as such, assigning it an archaic, lyrical, or residual function…

Bel°°°°°c°rpse directe


Queer cinema – sex/porn t_error joyeuse = GrapHitty

Just reading ‚Queer Zones‘ – Politique Des Identitaires Sexuelles‘ from Marie-Helene Bourcier, and find myself in preparation of the anti_nominal ‚Gang-World‘ through the organization of No‘lympix in LonDone this summer 2012, buried after ten years cemetery of Queen Mum and the 60th inthrill of the British coroner,..the suggestion is not, will the white riot be left by a Black Bloc like it is, it is more to organize the selfish polymorphous belief of Greater LonDone and its poor as abstract of the global in fame communication as eco_nomical ‚baise moi‘???

Let us come together on Hamburgs ‚Walpurgis‘ on April 30th at Schanz Elysee and have a body accomplishment by me as Taleban :)

The Avant Garde Doesn‘t Give Up

By the early twenty-first century, it seems not unreasonable to see the production of signs and images as having broken free from a subordinate role in relation to the production of things. It’s the latest stage in the abstraction of the commodity form. Property evolves from landed property to the joint stock company to the credit default swap and the mortgage backed security, not to mention so-called ‚intellectual property‘, which seeks to recapture the spirit of collaborative reappropriation of the whole of human culture.

With hindsight, the culture industry thesis seems rather undialectical. Art could no longer function as the negation of the culture industry, even in Adorno’s own time, let alone when art had ceased the pretense even to be modern and had become merely contemporary. But the missing term is not the popular, or ‚participation‘ as SDC refibes the su´ingular preparation of Co_Caine sniffing of money would have it.

The missing term is the negation of the property form in culture, what good tacticians called détournement. It’s only by asking the property question – again – that one steers the drunken boat of the avant garde away from the rocky shoals of relational aesthetics and ‚prosumer‘ culture.

Which is not to say that the hacker culture of rip and remix can‘t also be recuperated. In place of the culture industries, we now have the vulture industries. These are not really interested in financing the production of cultural artifacts, as the old culture industries were. The vulture industries expect the ‚user‘ to make her or his own content. They just want to collect the rent. The vulture industries no longer particularly care about the détournement of other people’s intellectual property – but they hold tight to their own patents, their own algorithms, their brand image.

Fuck you!


PS: Why the Rap[e] artist of the northern territories of America never sudden their lyrics against ‚Aryan [homo]_Nationalist[s} ?

The beef_core and di_versity allah_che[m]ical will be strong: STOP ACTA!