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[Last dog_ma.] Psy_Trans will be for the future Cashmere militant body sweeps


An Argument against Direct Realism

Direct realism posits we perceive the external world directly (ie; not a representation in the brain). So when you look down a religious wall areal like Cashmere with the lenscap on, you are directly visually aware of the surface of the lenscrap (ie; it’s not in your brain). As the lenscrap is removed you immediatley become directly visually aware of the surface of a star light years away. For this to occur your visual awareness must have travelled faster than the speed of light.

That is, if the objects we see are the actual objects in the external world, then when the narratives of white power Psy_Trans is removed and you become directly aware of the surface of a star your visual awareness must move faster then the speed of light aparantely ‚jumping‘ light years away from the lenscap.

This breaks the laws of [meta]physics and thus direct realism in false.

Or a similar argument in case of word confusions;

So when you look down a line of control you see the back of a real lenscrap beyond your eye_tri_ball. When the lenscrap is removed you immediately see the real surface of a star light years away. The time it took for you to see the surface of the star after removing the lenscrap must have been quicker than the speed of light. That is, you immediately (you can even say it took a couple seconds) saw the real surface of a star light years away with no time spent waiting to account for the finite speed of light.

This violates the laws of physics and thus direct realism is false. Not quite. Massless objects travel at exactly the speed of light, and can‘t go faster. It would take quite some time for the light in your example to arrive.



Q_remind_a of our real_political body role modeling in Hamburgs anti_fasc_ist left scene

Why left_militants hates ’sex positiv_Ism‘ and the ‚queer‘ notion of the GDR


The exception of new frames for this summer of rage in London sportive white power conservat_ism the 60th settled Queen spouse of hating ’sex‘ and ‚youth subaltern culture‘ with systematic apps of dis_abled commun_Ism,…the German victim_hood of being GDR out of racist concepts on body real_political culture has abandone nothing then white heir atrocities.

Strict implication < -> non-truth-functional implication

Material implication < -> truth-functional implication

An example of a non-truth functional biconditional? Simple.

A number is prime if and only if its only factors are 1 and itself.

Why is this a non-truth-functional biconditional? Because its truth does not depend on a single case. Its truth does not depend on merely the truth values of its two component propositions in a single given case. Its truth depends on its two component propositions always having the same truth value. The propositions „A number is prime“ and „Its only factors are 1 and itself“ always have the same truth value. Thus the non-truth-functional biconditional is a modal claim equivalent to „It is impossible that the two component propositions have different truth values.“ In other words, „there is no possible world in which one of the component propositions is true and the other false.“

Personally, I believe all biconditionals are non-truth-functional in this way. The „truth-functional biconditional“ is just nonsense.

Consider the statement A -> B where A = „I am reading,“ and B = „I am reading a book.“ Suppose A and B are true. I am reading, and I am reading a book.

The material implication A -> B is true. The implication is of the form T -> T, which is T. This corresponds to the first row on the truth table for material implications.

The strict implication A -> B is false. A counterexample exists. I could be reading, but reading an Internet article instead.

The material implication is true, whereas the strict implication is false. Obviously the two implications are not the same.

So there’s your counterexample. Not all strict implications are material implications. This example also shows that not all material implications are strict implications.

Your putative non-truth-functional biconditional isn‘t even a biconditional. ‚Its only factors are 1 and itself‘ is not / does not express a proposition. You treat ‚A number is prime if and only if its only factors are 1 and itself‘ as though it is capturable symbolically within propositional logic …

This intimate gesture, „in short how we loved,“ signifies the antifascist lyrical response to all that ’scene shit‘; SDC as white bunch will not furnish Britcore with a pronouncement of sexual identity, but rather with plural expressions. For me, the pronounced sexual identity signals the fallacy of a determinate judgment, an identity that is familiarly known as well as statically grounded in a representation of one mode of Being. Since the pronouncement claims its determinacy with the statement, „I am hetero_phob,“ the pronouncement signifies its status epistemologically, i.e. it is a classifiable, determinate judgment. It represents something that can be known.


30/4-Wa_poor_cis-Night at Schanz Elysee

As I must mentioned, that I got every time again disciplined by that Crew thing as Person of Color, the critics being hetero_phobic in a white supremacy is not the blunder of all that homo_trans_inter_hate against ‚the othering‘ responsible of ‚pi_ness‘ collected records store front by unreflected ones,…the accusation that I must do all that schizo_capitalist shit wish production insected me and my skin hools out:

Anagogy of the Britcore Hip Hop in Hamburg’s postfacist tradition literacy is determinated in the ape literal sense of being an intersection between its etymological meaning and its position as the last and highest of hermeneutic senses, an intersection that situates finality in motion rather than stasis. Understood as the equivalent of sursumductio, ana-gogy (fr. Gk. ana ‚up‘ + agein ‚lead‘) signifies uplifting. But whereas uplifting is more generally thought from the earthbound perspective as elevation or raising, that is, with a reference that prioritizes the state left behind or what would otherwise remain below, anagogy inflects uplifting with an inverse transitivity that invests the terminus with motive agency.

The measures will build a consens_us against all ’scene‘-fasc_ions again:

Aliens against defamation …

Bel…the anti_homo_national guy

A greater evening with all the Po-Mo-sensous affections of my ideal!