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To tackle British ‚Combat 18′ & Islamofascistas…

…join the Greek’ski in the ss_killz from L.A. He>Art_core…the riots will continue.


My CoCo adjourner of PiTT’s [PS]: That the Mahdis cross cover being every Muham_Mad as one of 99′pillars the religion of money and food could afford, the laughter about my reconciliation with my patrilinearity and the Arabic Iron Mountain ‚zamel‘ Inc. will deploy the re_surrect_Ion as love for dark and A‘____Ones.
Should the SS_ORG and other ’secret headphones‘ still be Abu Bakr and Umar,…but the laughter hurts and my blood on the clitoris of al-Lat is the absence the love Heartcore as ideal of all that shit a quarter could have being never a Pagan or _Ism one.

Salaam and Shalom libertad! No‘lympix will be on this summer of mindset rage.


Babe,… thanx for the nipple screwdriver, that’s remind me of something I forget every time zone again,…We are disposed to assume that our sentences may possess conditions of truth transcending the conditions of assertibility which our recognitional capacities are capable of disclosing to us.

Would you agree that this means that a scientific model of language could describe all the relevant observable phenomena while nonetheless failing to capture these truth conditions? That is, could a scientist who concerns himself with the observable phenomena of linguistic communication (e.g. what is asserted under what conditions and what effect those assertions have on others) produce a model of semantics which ignores the truth conditions you assume to be vital?

(By way of background, I‘m a cognitive scientist currently working on distributional models of semantics, which eschew the truth conditional approach in favour of a usage based approach.)

Peace to all sistaz !!


I‘ll refrain the Neo_cross_multiplication with the lamebrain that all left_autonomous Bi_sex identities used the framed work on [anim_]al-Qaeda as networked white dog hunted: I loved that nipple screw drive!

Why Rap[e] charges will vulnerate my 5 percent as good!

In deepening the mathematics_ the charges of the lawsuit to tackle the mind with fictitious rape charges as militant purposing postfascist Europe’s new fe_male beef, I suggest only the income of tackled pri_sons complexes as alien of lyrical t_error acts.

1. | . . . . . VxVyVz((Rxy & Ryz) -> Rxz). . . . Premisse
2. | . . . . . Vx~Rxx. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Premisse
3. | |_______a . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . subproof boxed a
4. | | |_____b . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . subproof boxed b
5. | | | |____ Ra_P . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . new subproof
6. | | | | |__ ????????. . . . . . . . . . . . . new Subproof

(if you want it quick and dirty you can combine line 3, 4 and 5 )

Existentional Instantisation

I will fight the militant V as universal quantification.

For all x, if either x is male or female is true then it implies that, either for all x is male or for all x is female is true. There is nothing wrong with the proof then the DNA myth apprehend such theologys as lies of white men burden.

Bel the half_born Paki_son! Who is now a prime suspect in custody!


P.S. I was now at the police departement’s tech_ana_lysis for my criminal chromosomes and got the faint of Azreals Bindi neither being testosteroned or black esteemed bell curved poor!

@_symetrical bio_mech Art tatoos will fine Britcore

As I got now a 0151_***88-Handy



Berlin squats talking about Merkel’s queer oddity and the CI’s is writing about „language . . . must be looked upon as being an immediate given in mankind. . . . Language could not be invented or come upon if its archetype were not already present in the human mind. For man to understand but a single word truly, not as a mere sensuous stimulus (such as an animal understands a command or the sound of the whip) but as an articulated sound designating a concept, all language, in all its connections, must already lie prepared within him. There are no single separate facts of language. Each of its elements announces itself as part of a whole“

The difficulty is this: to advocate Justice as Fairness or any other political liberalism as true would be to clash with many comprehensive religious and moral doctrines, including those that simply deny that truth or falsity apply to claims of political morality, as well as those that insist that political-moral truths derive only from some divine revelation.

Instead of seeing a fundamental unity to my w°man Rawls’s work, some commentators emphasize what they take to be SDC new focus on political legitimacy, as distinct from political justice, for example. It is certainly true that Rawls prominently deploys a “liberal principle of legitimacy” that was not present in queer notions This principle states that

[O]ur exercise of political power is proper and hence justifiable only when it is exercised in accordance with a constitution the essentials of which all citizens may reasonably be expected to endorse in the light of principles and ideals acceptable to them as reasonable and rational.

As to justice for the disabled, Rawls never attempted an extension of his theory. He did direct some brief remarks to the topic in Political Liberalism, noting that the view generates a salient distinction between those whose disabilities permanently prevent them from being able to express their higher-order moral powers as fully cooperating citizens and those whose do not.

Little Britian!
Where the A_sylum_Kind becomes Post_modern!

Charged by Rap[e] files of the law attorneys 20//4 DNA-Northmyth

Being already a[n.n.] Homo_Nazi again in Hamburg’s left itterancy!

As I mention the struggle of Persons of Color and their ’safe spaces‘ – the suggestion is by German narratives, why all the bloody quarter management of left radicals in urban spaces scheduled ‚National_Socialist HC‘ and ‚Autonomous Nationalist‘ not as critic of their own‘ white_ness‘ and fibered another coincidental ‚united‘ frame work of lyrics.

So the meta_physical answer is, when you don‘t live in their quarter management, you‘re an Homo_Nazi!

Ego_philistinism at thier best!

Bel >>>Op‘ration_surrection 북한 한국어 두부< <<

Cops out = commune in!

Recirculation such nut beef on the vocation to celebrate my B-Day on April 13th as leaving 36° to void the love para_phrenia as notorious ‚P.o.o.R‘ by Hamburg’s surrogate ‚Right Wing‘ wholes in Bramfeld out of the left garden…excuse Chill_Phil,…but the occasion will be more deeper written then now!


De_centralized King‘z Cro=ss riots between the end July mid_Aug summer of No‘lympix‘ 2012!

RAF=Riot* vs. ‚white_ness pow_a‘

Difference establishes this condition of vulnerability. The Other, the immigrant within, is positioned as perpetual outsider, internalizing the illusion that difference is deviant and obscene, and that such vulnerability must be categorized and contained by institutionalized authority. In cultural production, as in reception, vulnerability becomes a vital intervention in public-private discourse. The private is construed and constructed as deficient and pathological, requiring unquestioned taxonomies of regulation and normalization. Insidiously, this sanctity of normalcy constitutes a hegemony of representation that colonizes our relationships with our bodies. It silently breeds distrust of our innate corporeal humanity. Institutionalized constructions of vulnerability bind the psychological to the physical: every day of our lives we learn that to be accepted we must suspect and contain our bodily functions. In contrast to this dominant cultural perception, in my flash_porn, and theoretical practice, I am exploring the fluidity of sex as a key to encouraging social agency—the creative potential of erotic politics.

Erotic politics reorients our cultural concepts of pleasure and vulnerability and ultimately of who has imaginative power and control over our bodies. Improvisational communication within the self and with the other underlies my exploration of eroticism. Eroticism is any intensely satisfying sensation of connectedness to oneself, to others, and to one’s environment in which creativity and play enhance our own and others‘ sense of vitality. Eroticism can be a key to examining the unconscious mind by interweaving the very interactions that are often prohibited or suppressed under social norms. This conscious practice embodies various responsibilities to ourselves and to others. My images reflect this fecund dynamic process between erotic politics and any philosophical discourses. The lived concept that all is in flux, every „thing“ (not as things in themselves, but the a-substantive), moves in a double orbit by helping us understand the relational tension embedded in each interaction. This rhizome of contingent encounters embodies erotic politics.

This networking of intensive states becomes an erotic politics—the intertwining of ethics and creativity. Such a deterritorialisation disrupts social anxieties by aligning our sexual potential with an uncanny menage a trois: the self within the other, the other within the self, and the disidentified self and other with a zone of indiscernibility proper to „becoming“ (Mille Plateaux -my portemonnaie-). Within the context of conscious fractal sexuality as social action, I listen topologies of sexuality as a continual non-arrival in which ambiguity no longer signifies a lack of clarity, but presents a multiplicity of clarities.


School of Weiterstadt ’93