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IS_lame Bii-Day bash from Buzz on Fri the 6th at ‚Landgang‘

Occasional a mixery raw eve for my twenty year brawl Buzz at Hedi’s Landgang for a good move through speech whispers and body mods!
Thanx Paul !!!


Ba_SS_ism against conspirac_ISm


The everyday speech of ape’s hairy fairy choosen one,…the struggle continues my tab_li_kkk-ies!

Pii_ES: My forty per cent choice of white medics hypo_Thetical path will coming and striving the strawberry fields of pii ya mens truthers circles fucking M eyes! It’s a CIss choice of belly _cISM. Fuck ya first Jew likkks lies Mr. Cody!

Now I‘m a fucking Beth‘z anti-KKK frog

And the drag skill of Asia through Africa has a fire and burnt witch broom wich gave me power for the everyday struggle *

Or should I start to talk about these human beings, whose patrilinearitea starts with Romes club of left attitude?

Fuck you…


Love the gene_sys to talk to ya‘frame …[later more] Must go to the $chizoo_$hit wishing toilet in Western standarts!


Instead of bii giving a head line of this summer Stone Wall awareness, I shall appreciate your Crust love with your good body politics on left theory again my dear sword! Pain is a loving battlefield Mr. Capital_::Ism. Just say: mother fucker! Squarter Mr. Bitch_ler goes not shaving in London Tower’s odd! Pax PoC Paki who wants his twin nose rings back as jay jay yang ying back on the right side of bii narry Allah scale unEA 1980s:

As my share of some very good stuff from Apoor//richeenee pathologics embraced by all that gore stuff behind on Youth frames in 2000!

My father Moham_MAD must now look for an IMann and seek his Seiqa/MaLie:Qa through Hamburg’s Mosque shifts blood lines.

Here some beef indeed:

As the frame continues in the street credibility to continue the support of female MC’s and thier animus strata to globalize the world vulva communication: antifascist lyrics will answer that body political path as pHallo_centric!

‚Eat the rich‘ Part 1

There are words that refer to concepts, mythical beings, categories and also words with indefinite meanings that don‘t refer to a clearly delineated ideas or objects.
A proposition [may be yours being]can hold a word with meaning that in a different proposition would have no meaning; like the X-party of MC Gato’s marriage said, we can look at language as prescriptive or descriptive. I lean towards descriptive, because prescriptive is more privy to the use of numbers and other irrefutable TT signs, while descriptive is the method in which we apply certain words in contrast to other conditional words in a proposition. It’s very rare for someone to speak with only one word, and If they do they are using the ’speech act‘ of language, where intrinsic assumptions must be made by the listener.

It’s not impossible to have ‚rigid‘ definitions in language, it’s just impossible to control how its used when let out of the cage; but for the example given, I feel a new word cannot save another word with the same meaning; I‘m sure you recognize the similiarity between my 7th Cuba Libre plus additional beers and a ghost.

Ambiguity will remain no matter how carefully the definitions are drafted.

Once again a big thank you all for these time zone at Hamburg’s centro sociale….

By the way,..the next socially on the run blame game for me and my Crew will be a hook on some older stuff from the 1980s videos and pix for a sudden ‚Britcore‘ eve at a place we‘ll announce very soon. The spirit of Hamburg’s Hafenstr. and our reposal friend Eric in spirit out of left payment of course too as DIY eve. Love is a battlefield and no one should mess the bii_narratives as what you like, will be more a big reset of capital_Ism for all ….


As next surrectional ‚ea/ae‘ bii_red//bread talks!

In coherence with witch drafting the Rome scene of MC Gato’s bridal to give her narrations free spaces, and a lot drinks more quarterly through, fusionary body politics will have by any meaning of British Hip Hop,…the fetish and temple of any African descent, suggested with MEX scimmys, will be more dangerous Jew wanna know.


No re_morze: Queen of choice AQllah-T the mind pHuck of doggy the aero_sol as Hamburgs ‚Todensschu_ss‘ coroner or I liove ya illOyd,..the same thank on sexual healing you gave was nothing then deconstruct the beurrre re_belle nation again. Salaam sisTazzz---Salaam!…And of ‚ours Shaloom Allah!

Ya wound Po-She Bel with add_II_tude!

In associal_ISation of M_Zee Gato Muerte and his diSS to all handful potatoes in paradise_SS!

As masculin_Ism is now a frame in British Hip Hop

By that short intervention of this beautiful and aesthetical womyn by that what I‘ve written before, the frame in these days before the No‘lympic London riots has start a huge debate about ongoing masculinity and masculii_Ism as new frames of lyrical Hip Hop, and maybe SheArt_Core delusion.


So let’s hook the pierced scene agi and wacki again.

Love from Bel

Miss Allah is waiting:

Γάμα White Power Μαύρη χήρα μου!
The hard-hitting approach of mirroring ‚a theory of‘ militant aesthetics has only got a chance, if it is made ​​double binded out the single-bind communication.

Babe positive Ruption,..failures over failure about thinking the parameters at May and the yes/no situation to handle my way of huMan/wuMan thang the skill you gave me. Queer is only a theory to play with for me and my reflection about your beautifulest faith/face is abandon by such noisy environment that I must say thank you very much and hopeful you‘re well. That was very militant and HeArt_core to the best….my tiny role as stupid one got a break. Enjoy the full moon at ‚tri_ball‘ July…wherever you are.


In this post_fascist societies some one is only a number!

With a suicidal beer belt…Salaam! Fucking marriage of my and Gato!

The judge, who put me after Jail time into the psy_clinic was called and named after the 1001 needles in the a_SS ‚Steinmetz‘ a figure of the Western militancy 1993,..and it was hurting, once for all, to get the ponder around. Sorry for desperately ignoring the Eastern pHacts…but Cops are still working.

The N7S7 got thier advice melodii of alien antifascist actions!

Why my left thumb has now a gravitation of Mum’s respectzzz

As I grew up in Hamburgs pre_1989 preliminaries of migration hoodz of deliberately Mum’s out of the ‚bi‘ tomatoes a marriage of Visa purposes the label on capitalist Western societies by love and porn promiscuity as license – abandoned the ongoing wallets bye,…the father question of money and the prostitution has some codes working on and by some antifascist t_errorist lyrics today indeed.

I must make a clear cut hear….

What makes a statement a lie? Within this question, I am not asking if a lie right or wrong, but what makes it a lie or not.
What can make a possible lie not a lie actually?
Is a lie actually a lie if the person expressing it genuinely believes it to be factual?

This is a definition of words question, isn‘t it?

What makes a statement a lie is a deliberate intent to deceive by stating something untrue.

Conceivably, if the lie that has been told actually turns out to be true, unknown to the person who told it. I don‘t know if such a thing would still be classed as a lie, though the intent to lie was still present.

No, if you say something you believe to be true, it is not a lie. If it turns out to be untrue, you are simply mistaken.

As my heart core_zzz fire and flames 1998…last time zones.

وسوف الزوجين المتشددين من Seiqa في باكستان أحمر ترميز القبض على جوهر فقط في خطوط الفساد من المسؤولين في الدولة وصناع المال الهيروين

The last time intentionally before MI Jane hoax me up, was a bitter sweet le_ss_on in Hamburg by shepherdess left radicals who comes from tiny societies to the big town at the water and talking a lot for personal interests in ways of white, hetero subbasement to get the fuck they want as political tactics of all sudden women on this time periods. Some corrupting Cops with the filth through the organized groups of theory and of course beautiful women. I feel separated and . bam,…a person with a famous social clinic in story telling gives me shades of troubling my emotions with all the abstracts the work on narratives I already have done. She gives me some bodily truth and I felt attracted to her,…but the left Queer scene of this town was sportive by giving someone like me a man slave status and fucking around on ‚bii_sexual‘ spending money out.

The occasionally art of this time was the ‚KSK‘ >Bitch Bar//Schlampenbar< and they want the naii narratives through all thier documentaries worked through. But after some month I w_o_ke up and heavy - Fordist 'fat boys never be wack'-style capital_ISm were the world of law givers, routine-designers and supervisors, the world of other_directed men critically fixed on women pursuing fixed by others ends in a fixed-by-others fashion. ---That’s not you my swarm!--- For this reason it was als o the world of authorities; of leaders who know better the meta consumer style and abolish co_habitation one may retort.

I‘ve lost at the Trans_Latin_Asia network my golden belt from Pakistan and gives some HIV+++ the running scales with,…but my family is brutal and lies about my abstracts into a clinic to°, severe after jail time and I‘ve got a ‚fat boy never be wack‘ again….

Bel…the left militant countr_surgent & term destroia for all persons up T°13 years edutain_mental disorderly on!

Pii-ES: Believe me or not: it’s not a question of another white fetish-BDSM ‚Jesus‘ of color [PAK heritage] for your ’scene‘! It’s a question of commun_icaTion.

Love you Crustee!

piii_S: The critical men’s theory scene ‚Motherfuckers‘ of this period weren‘t able to discuss excali_poor_ness and white_ness so that pro_femini_Ism and anti_patriarchy was an owned bondage around the neck. The Parkin_son neck!

Piii_SS on me: I am monogamous and the ruff neck skill of TT_errorgance promiscuity-sHit abandone the narratives only in ways to say good bye!

I am not a bloody and honey ‚Waffen-SS‘ KID_naii

Or my girl friend will be by all social_Isation femme sue_ing ya‘celtics//IR_Aryan Bro‘hoodz!

Fuck white powa!

Dear unknown pierced soldier with boots famine,

as you take acting upon the caps of my proof city skillz, I suggest at first the ‚Cop ouTT‘ mode and start to hesitate my Western excali_poors with due respect to such a righteous womyn that it was hurting not starting talking to ya former herstory heartened.
Nowadays after a whole moon period of suggesting such beauty with theory of aesthetically militant spouses to bye your eyes – the ‚it‘ of that skill the witch hunt Eastern me again again dog style.

That I was in the queer_feminist, anti_patriarchy scene of left for years as a militant t_errorist lyrical Ghetto somewhat, I suggest only that my failure is the unknown to support with that tri_ball_Ism the two eggs of ya‘hormones gives me in my antifascist action aliens dreams of ‚x‘ the world again blunder.

That I now want more then membrain that 16th May at oTTo’s is logically not perpetuating ya back in the days ringing the harbor on that witch magic I have already in the pre-9/11 jails looked up. Ya mere is interesting as well by abusing that on the run lyrical style you imagine me by such languages narratives I know by bird. So some loving hugs and kisses through that shame to miss a shag stamp after 14 years gives me hope for such ’sucht mechan_Ism‘ again such beauty and famine again again against white powa critically with …your not relating a spider then more a fairy of BDSM the _sub_ by your riot to do so. Thanx and a tears will apart that day for life.

Bel …Bii-Boy by HeArt_core!


After I gave a yellow paper shed in London 2002 with the frame of IsI and Eve/RA numbers of the quake_lib tha‘ra the season of another bombing was neglecting the ‚MI‘ with some delusional Charisma a_ss a charging of the nervous system, an intense vibration that sends shocks around the room and creates a more intense, visible aura around the charismatic, making their presence unmistakeable. People feel touched as the charismatic resonates with the others around them. Their charisma shines the brightest in the most important, greatest, stressful, or otherwise intense moments of their life. The charismatic has a higher capacity for feeling, the more they feel, the more they resonate. Charismatics shine in clubs as the intense music touches their feelings, their nervous system, their energy.

With a bumping heart sending the narratives through!

I can‘t spell in my empty roaming su//CCC_Pii the word: I love you! Sorry!


Why I‘[m]a sad°!°No‘lympix RA has a riot coin of fucking white lefts!

Or why an analysis of left theory will start intentionally with someone self embodiment!
I can swarm of old socialist episodes East-Moneymaker TV airs in the 1980s, but still the coin is kindle of somewhat the politics got failed to narrate, so the warming skin has no choice then to get pathologized by fat asses.


I‘ll tell you what this war is about in no uncertain terms! And after realizing this I‘m a little more in favor of a war on body back>_lashes.

It’s about Globalisation. And I‘m not just talking economic globalisation, but economies are very important. I‘m talking about platforms of global governance and global policy making, not foreign policy making. A1) it needs to happen. If these platforms don‘t materialise, and if they‘re not stable, then with our burgeoning population, our demanding way of life, all the momentum of our history, you can welcome a collapse, fragmentation which would be superficially reminiscent of the Fall of the Roman Empire and the decline into dark ages (or many heterogeneous Cold Wars for this era). Globalisation is more than economics, must be more than economics. The only problem, a problem which few, like my Rap[e] attitude, understand, is that the change in economic momentum and development is far exceeding the change in social momentum, development and progression; our ability to co-operate together in this overwhelming, almost ephemeral enterprise. As such, we may go through phases of imbalance and plutocracy, and that is the risk.

It is the imbalance between economic cooperation and social congruency that has created debt and the state of today’s ex_territorial world countries. The IMF restructuring plans which were instituted in Arabs peninsula, Africa, East_Trans_Asia and South America should have worked, would have worked in a western nation, but the lack of social understanding and cooperation in the people they were restructuring on a purely economic level drove the countries into debt. All wealth is created by debt, debt is a principle of trust. The countries on the IMF restructuring agenda couldn‘t affect the necessary transformations (in retrospect, miraculous revolutions) throughout all levels of their society and people to create the infrastructure needed to pay back the debts.
One of the things that screwed the Soviet Union so badly before the ’42 invasion was that Stalin had knocked off so many of his best officers. He had a rabble peasants with guns ready to be shot by the Germans or his own men.


The measure of Probability, and I can give some references to it (I‘m just being lazy right now), actually is the problem involving occurrence of an event („event“ here as defined in math) or events. The question being asked is “ what are the odds that x will happen?“ To give you an example, finding an electron, as conducted by SDC meta_physicists (not that I‘m good at this, but this example clearly shows the empirical nature of Probability) is an activity that needs probability measure, as themeta_physicists using the probability density formula cannot actually tell you where the atoms are, but only the chance that they will show up. They take measurements repeatedly to confirm the probability of electron occurring in poor state (do not be concerned about this, I am only giving you a very simplified expression). Then they give you the probability in percent, and that’s the extent of the knowledge of an event occurring in this particular search.

Of course, there are other examples--population density is one. Advertisements are heavily indebted on the measure of probability. Weather forecast is another example.

Again, that fat a_ss from my earlier post (of Agamben talking about paradigms) might be useful.
I guess I‘ll go read your Heidegger then.

The lesson for me out of that was that formalisms become really useful when you move out of the familiar, comfortable territory in which your intuitions can guide you. While in that comfortable territory, formalism is often unnecessary, except in the event of confusion or dispute. But most mathematicians I know don‘t like to stay in their comfort zone for long.

Bel…with an endo_game of psy_co_sys as:“ Don‘t bother me, then after 1 hour I‘ll marry you”'‘after it taken two hours I‘ll possess all Kama Sutras,..and then needing my white power ‚anti_dope_amen‘ pills I‘ll tunnel challenge you in my time zones for life!

Fuck the speculum Allah!