After the Taleban founding 1994 – my first poem about Arabic One att 1996

السلام عليكم


Grant me the strength to look at you, to bear the radiance
of the sun;
the strength to alert far away ships by my drumbeats,
to be a pearl diver,
to drive a toy-train,
to survive a famine
to extract the magic portion from the tresses
of the enfant femme.

Grant me, once more, an illusion.

And thought I am no Socrates,
grant me the vision to hear, to swim
in currents of the landscapes of French poets…

I have declined

I have hoisted my sail
To triumph over the tempest
And to content with unpredictable gades

My destiny is the quest for the unknown I will never again fear ghost or ghoul
For I am empowered with a zeal to explore the

I press forward
With the fresh power of tenacity and

I will not fear those gory thorns
I will not shrink from the battle
Though teaming with phobia and death
So long as the battle will restore me to life
These are my oars.

I begin to row in the midst of the sea
And to find my direction
There beyond the unfathom_able depths
The inner voice is calling me
„Why be afrai?“
You have a compass in your confidence


Written at the first Arabic course Oct.1996 at the Oriental Institute on Islamic Science by Prof. Abdulghafour Sabuni…

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