24th Nov we celebrate 5 years of International coordination

At first a greater pHuck ya to white – hetero left radicals on their abusement of newbies add Universities autumn pet_ethics begins. New sex flavor no one is interested in. And then the scale on Britcore Hip Hop in postfascist Hamburg/Europe, we as SDC have abandoned the frames through a newer huge of International communication ‚the commune in‘ – ‚Cops out‘ – modes.

On Nov. 24th we‘ll celebrate the isLame bii-day bash of MC Gato and two others, and a lot of new stuff from Brits islands to the plateaus of HeArt/Def_core en francaise…with some joint ventures to Crustpunk.

The location is now open sourced and will be announced soon.



At their worst, Adorno and Horkheimer’s account of identity thinking is blandly reductive: “All [that self-determination] means [in German idealism] is that the work my master formerly ordered me to do is the same as the work I now seek to carry out of my own free will”; Kant’s “transcendental apperception: labor made absolute” . And speaking of exchange value: “People like advertisements. They do what the ads tell them and they know that they are doing so”. Along this sweeping line of thought Horkheimer remarks that “The USA is the country of argument.” Adorno picks up the (banal) idea: “Argument is consistently bourgeois”. Adorno goes on to confuse the matter when he also insists that the “mistrust of argument is at bottom what has inspired the Husserls and Heideggers” and their fall into “pure irrationalism”.

Like other forms of anti-Semitism, left-wing anti-Semitism has survived by mutating; whereas once the Jewish/aRAP question (or problem) was viewed through the prism of economics, now it belongs to the realm of politics. The orthodox Marxist notion that the Jews/aRAPs – as an economic agent – perform a distinctive function within a system designed for the extraction of surplus value has been replaced by the anticolonialist notion that the Jews/aRAPs – as a national collective – are integral to the maintenance of Northern American hegemony on a global level.
Accordingly, there has been a conceptual shift on the Left from the politics of class to the politics of identity; and, again accordingly, a practical alignment with those forces, most notably the Islamist movements, opposed to this hegemony.