An eve with post-Boy George…

den ollen BuBen core through the ‚xXx‘…

The soul cannot be conscious without the body. It is independent of the body in the sense that it is immortal, though not completely functional. It is dependent on the body in the sense that it requires the body to continue to be conscious in the physical world. Are emotions really caused by brain chemistry? If that were true, would there by any sense in the meaning of human? When I am emotionally moved, I feel something more than physical within me. How do you know that things such as love, joy, and sadness exist? Human expressions are said to be signs of it, but if these concepts were truly physical, we would be able to fully distinguish them from mere smiles and chemicals.

Ani[male] Qaeda! – soDomee blind of the _Ism of post_men’ss_Thrual femmes history!

B.E.L. – the whore of carneval work! Any patronas out for sure Q bii Eye beAph!

Salaam Capichee! Respect to all fathers in the global commune in – Cops out MoD!

EDL was a rose debate!

One love B.E.L. with FeuilleTones! [censored by Psy_gans in Rome}}

Gypseal Gyptee Antifascist

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