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Festival of the heArt_ing ‚chavs‘ at Hafenklang

At in some days the release from the ‚Underground United‘ semantics, all beAph will be honored at January/February at Hafenklang with some UK acting ups, and some local stuff on venues the antifascist lyrics with some happy heart beats and scratches…

See ya‘all!

Pii-ES:: Our 5th celebration as ‚Still Dangerous Crew‘ on-o-one Sat 24th is a private critical father bii_day of MC Gato and coroners…


ReleAse the LeAr of 2k13…go IsReal!


If you speak English. There is actually research suggesting that Asian cultures have completely dissimilar onomatopoeiae than western languages. I think that is true. How much does the sound of the word „boom“ really resemble the sound of a cannon being fired? „Baam“ would do the trick, „woom“, „woar“, „donn“ and plenty of other sounds I can produce would come close. So I would say: since nothing that we produce can be really identical to the sound, it’s a matter of convention what we see as immitating it in our language. And conventions are essentially arbitrary.

The „hardness“ of the hard core is understood as a stiffly stratified and relatively immobile image type that is not flexible and flowing, a standardized cinematic aesthetic of intravenous drug use. The etymology of stereotype derives from the Greek stereos, meaning „firm, solid,“ and typos, „impression,“ and its French translation is cliché. Thus, there is something immobile, hard and solid in the stereotype. This immobility is crucial to Britcore Hip Hop’s antifascist definition of schizoanalysis, because it distinguishes shizoanalysis from „immobile“ techniques like photography and other graphic arts. These instances of immobility and thinking are organized in root forms instead of „variation, expansion, conquest, offshoot,“ a left militant map that is „always detachable, connectable, reversible, modifiable and has multiple entryways and exits and its own lines of flight“

I‘ve been thinking about this idea a little, and I think that the associations behind certain words are completely valid, but as you say, only exist because we put them there.

I think in a way, it is a symbolism of the word, and therefore similar in nature to symbolism behind animals, plants, and things in general when used as a metaphor. Because languages come and go far quicker than things in nature, we don‘t see the symbolism as strongly, or as validly.

I wonder whether this would change if there was one universal language, that was taught strictly to everyone. That way, language symbolism would be just as consistent as nature.

I wonder whether one could derive meaning from the meaning given to words in cultures. In the same way one can assume sex is far more important than a pickle, because language has invented far more words to try and describe it. And by compiling the popularity of certain feelings or phenomenon (language is verbal expression of ones self), you can plot some sort of graph that displays what the culture is centred around, and how they approach those things.


International right – wing t_error_Ism in postfascist Europe

As I saw on ‚‘ a betrayal of Neo-Nazi’s structural sepia about media content and tactics about how to kill the gang stare -MoB,..the explanation was open, but believe me,..the normality of ‚Hitlers bitchlers willing idiots‘ are stronger someone can‘t suppose it as mind map of ideological frame and money washing mechan_Isms I already know…

The attempts at abstraction of the term terrorism are governed by several recurring elements.

Nearly all definitions for terrorism seemingly solve the problem of vagueness by distinguishing between targets, in imitation of the lawful/unlawful target distinction in humanitarian law. The implied certainty arrived at is false.
Commonly, these definitions introduce an element that makes a distinction between innocents and non-innocents or an element that makes a distinction between combatants and non-combatants.
Concerning the distinction between innocents and non-innocents, it must be realised that innocence is a normative element. Terrorists often, either directly or by implication, state that civilians of the State they fight against are not innocent simply because they are part of the sociological system that comprises the State. As such, the terminology can easily become a tool in a ‘political game’ to justify illegal violence.

It also suggests that the use of violence is allowed in the event of either party being guilty (of something). It does not answer what they must be guilty of nor does it answer who should ascertain the existence of that guilt. For these reasons this element should be dismissed as part of any definition.
At first glance the element of distinction between combatants and non-combatants appears acceptable, if it is assumed that a non-conventional conflict exists between a State and terrorists (in its most common form). Taking into account the principles of international humanitarian law, it is clearly stated that anyone not answering to the definition of a combatant should not be the target of an attack.
Such a prohibition can be projected to include attacks by terrorists. The question that must be answered, before even accepting this distinction, is whether we should assume a non-conventional armed conflict exists between States and terrorists. As will become apparent, the question is moot and is therefore answered positively.

Another often recurring element that is believed to introduce the necessary certainty into a definition on terrorism is that of intent. Three forms of intent can be distinguished. There is the intent to commit the act of violence itself, the intent to affect the political dimension of a State or international organisation and the intent to create terror. Again, none of these elements can offer any significant certainty. The first type of intent, aimed at the act of violence itself, does nothing more but to distinguish the acts of criminals from those of madmen…and the pHuck goes on in youth framing scenes to penetrate bodi_lies….

Attempts at clarifying the concept of terrorism and creating a legal definitions have been made but are doomed to fail as his been demonstrated to use English narrathieves for the parallel world of conspiracist and secular money washing supremacy of white idolatry. No amount of empirical enquiry or conceptual analysis can solve the inherent vagueness of the concept of terrorism and offer us a linguistic certainty that would make it just and wise to base a legal system on.
By allowing such a dubious designation an extension of the right of self-defence created that is clearly unwanted, because States, when exercising their right of self-defence, choose what measures are necessary. This means that the mandate of deciding to go to war is once again returned to States. Exactly the anarchy the founders of the UN intended to avoid.

Bass_Ism against rac_Ism and homo_national_Ist youth frames!

Any comments on ‚‘ was by class struggle means,…censored!

What an absolutely lovely Akustik Aesthetik in the quarter:

As I must suggest, that the next generational youth frame has no symbolic then ill commune in – Cops out by …. For some time, revolutionary theory has required a new imbrication, one capable of moving beyond the desperate or delusional scale of isolated and atomized acts, but which does nothing to standardize political action or constrict autonomy in the process.

From a molecular point of view, each attempt at ideological unification is an absurd and indeed reactionary operation. Desire, on a social terrain, refuses to allow itself to be confined to zones of consensus, in the arenas of ideological legitimation. Why ask a feminist movement to come to a doctrinal or programmatic accord with ecological movement groups or with a communitarian experiment by people of color or with a workers‘ movement, etc.? Ideology shatters; it only unifies on the level of appearance.

Some beers for sure…

Protestant Kirchentag from 1 to 5 May 2k13 – The Munchhausen Tri_lemma

..or the Art of Rap[e] UK edition.

Because thier can all meet, who talked about the radical left, sexual violence spook all the time of definition of power and broken sexuality for white hetero normality.

Simply ridiculous that in this city just left cursing that theoretical hierarchy. Only the moneyed aristocracy of the same cliques to practice censorship and wonder then, that wants to hear the violence proclaimed the road so not at all on these cliques…

Salaam…الجبهة النظرية يأخذ المزيد من الميزات من القصص القاعدة، كما ترجمات بتهمة التشهير هنا سيكون له إذن من هذه الخطوة.


Pii-ES: We‘ll celebrate ‚our‘ Walpurgis_night by Hamid at Schanz Elysee,..and ain‘t the bling $hit of Euromayday, syndicaleest and rev: May first demos at this corner of full $hit!
Remembering always Hugh Hefners inter_ventions on the triple oppression equality of the 1960s moral lawsuits…damn!

Pii_Pii_Ess:: Reden wir mal ‚Tacheles‘ zur >Erinnerung der 750 Jahr propaghandaa in Berlin>>>, das ich ’87 meine Hühnerfrikasseeee in der Hafen_VolxKoek gegessen habe, währen meine Pussee oilee sys die Frau machte aufem Plenum ‚Ism‘….Ficht BRD-West!