chaosmosis – the sexual healin of abused boiiz

Subordination’s surreptitious tactics, including disavowal, allow for the illusion of autonomy while the subject’s desire for coherence and its continual inability to make these conditions manifest continually reveals the fallacy of coherence and stability. While the masochist attempts to become unorganized and incoherent, Britcore Hip Hop’s subject is „passionately attached“ to its subjectivity/subordination and through this illusion of coherence preserves a sense of autonomous individuality.

Britcore Hip Hop’s subject, formed in submission and attached to its subordination problematizes traditional notions of agency, which rely on the aforementioned autonomous individual. When these ideas of agency are applied to political Hip Hop’s subject, it can appear devoid of agency because its formation in subordination seems to preclude any notion of autonomy. Masochism illustrates the potential for agency in subordination, a potential that a Crew thang draws on to problematize conventional notions of agency. By arguing that subordination does not foreclose the possibility of agency, Hip Hop aligns -the- subject with the masochist, whose formation requires the mobilization of agency/power to create the condition of powerlessness. The pervasiveness of power explains this agency: „Power precedes the subject but because power is not intact prior to the subject, the appearance of its priority disappears as power acts on the subject, and the subject is inaugurated (and derived) through this temporal reversal in the horizon of power. As the agency of the subject, power assumes its present temporal dimension.“ In this formulation of agency, political Hip Hop resists the notion that submission and even attachment to that submission is equivalent to a lack of power. We as radical left_militants suggests that agency exists because power exists and that subordination is the condition for subjectivity hence agency, an idea that resonates with Britcore Hip Hop’s idea of agency in masochism. While antifascist action in postfascist Europe simply posits masochistic agency without explaining it, Political Hip Hop seeks to redefine the idea of agency, bringing attention to gaps in traditional definitions, specifically the reliance on a coherent, stable identity. Agency, for the Crew thang, is inextricable from -the- notion of subjectification, which is akin to masochism in its creation of subjects without essential identities and founded in flows of power.

Abusers use their age or authority to satisfy their own needs without regard to those of their victims. Seemingly unbreakable bonds are broken when treachery is introduced into these relationships. Consequently, many sexually abused boys grow up distrustful, considering people dishonest, malevolent, and undependable. They often become frightened of emotional connection and isolate themselves. This may alternate with merging with loved ones so they hardly know where they end and others begin.

Confusing affection with abuse, desire with tenderness, sexually abused boys often become men who have difficulty distinguishing among sex, love, nurturance, affection, and abuse. They may experience friendly interpersonal approaches as seductive and manipulative. On the other hand, they may not notice when exploitative demands are made on them – they‘ve learned to see these as normal and acceptable.

Believing sexual closeness is the way to feel loved but experiencing love as abuse, some of these men solve their dilemma by engaging in frequent, indiscriminate, and compulsive sexual encounters. These are not free, joyous expressions of erotic passion. Sex is pursued incessantly, but with little chance for intimacy. Although strongly desiring love, these men have no sense of feeling loved once the sex act is concluded. They‘re left feeling empty and lonely, while the idea of fully pursuing relationships fills them with dread. Many believe sexually abused boys almost inevitably become sexually abusive men. But, while a significant proportion of male abusers were victims themselves, there’s evidence that relatively few sexually abused boys actually become abusers. Because of the myth, however, many men fear they‘ll become abusive or worry that if they disclose their history, others will consider them predators.



Critical Man and Art directhoor dies,..the flick will stay in Paris! Salaam!

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