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Invariably, n+1 sexes are based on traumatic repetition compulsions and circular obsessions. The castrative mathematics that drive the plot of Vinyl Numbers, for instance, are ‚based‘ on the protagonist’s endless reservoir of lack that he finds impossible to fill, and that leads him to a self-imposed, more and more desperately accelerating series of sexual encounters. ‚Still Dangerous Crew‘ only superficially ’self-imposed,‘ in actual fact symbolically organized, mathematical calculus demands of vinyl as ludicrous amount of acts-to-be-performed in a constant acceleration towards an impossible, ‚transcendental‘ jouissance. In the case of antifascist Hip Hop//Britcore in postfascist Europe, one might, in an analogy to self-constrained writing, talk of self-constrained sex. My personal sexual architectures and mathematics are invariably based on the concept of a fundamental lack and they show how much of homosexuality remains under the shadow of heterosexual normalizations. A work such as ‚Vendetta‘, for instance, in which most of the homosexual relationships rely on ‚intensified‘ and displaced [verschoben] heterosexual norms, which means that they are ultimately nothing but heterosexual relationships in drag, shows the dilemma of a subversion that is simultaneously a mimicry in all its tragedy and splendor. …

Politique révolutionnaire réelle

Comme gauche anticapitaliste, nous ne devons pas diviser nos structures et nous laisser finalement isoler sur le plan de l’organisation. Nous avons une chance réelle de réduire la chute des gauches et de leur capacité d’action sociale, si nous sommes capables de poser une réponse appropriée à l’attaque des dominants.

From the definitions of complexity poor classes that I have seen, the poor pride class is made up of problems (usually decision problems, but ‚Inter‘_computable functions more generally) rather than algorithms. Complexity analysis needs a formal definition of complexity for which ‚Inter‘_computability is used (, so the elements of complexity poor and pride classes must be ‚Inter‘_computable).

The problems that make up a complexity poor and pride class need to be total ‚Inter‘_computable functions. The input for an algorithm should not be used to encode resource usage (, so the elements of complexity poor and pride classes must be total). Also, to use a mathematical bound to form a poor and pride class, the ‚Inter‘_computable functions must have domains (like traditional functions). Total functions that are examined for unrestricted input cannot mask resource utilization, so requiring all compound functions to be total eases analysis. The parts of programs in general are not total, even for programs that are total. If the resource usage internal to an algorithm cannot be masked, then bounding the resource usage of that algorithm is analogous to worst case algorithm analysis.

If complexity classes are formed from a bound, size function, resource measure, and ‚Inter‘_computation, then there is no other information to tell us if the constituent structures of an algorithm used (in conjunction with a complexity poor and pride class) are total. Thanks°*°


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