The fe:Male Nazi t_errorgance in Romanic law graphs!

In the Article which I read today, „Ideology and Libertarian Theory“, Ideologies are metaphorically compared to Tyranny. This is presumably because an Ideology is a form of self imposed mental tyranny whence it controls our thoughts rather than being a tool thereof. The word Fetish is extensively used in the article.

This is a bit of Marxist theory which I don‘t completely comprehend yet. I know that in a fetish an object takes the place of the source of pleasure from which it is a symbol. For instance money does not bring us pleasure in itself. However, by social conventions/relations, money is associated with acquiring the things which bring us pleasure. Because of how in this way money becomes a symbol of value, it follows that in the fetishization of money that money becomes a desire in and of itself — rather than as a means to obtain the things which we need.

The Neo-Nazi t_errorgance underground did not focus on material fetishes but instead discussed ideas as fetishes. Ideology leads us to desire the idea as an end in itself rather than the ends which the idea is intended to bring.

Ideologies contain fixed ideas. The article gave the example of God as a Fixed idea and Religion as an example of an ideology. Further as was mentioned in the article an Ideology is also like a religion in the way it contain things which we can‘t touch (like spirits) but are said to exist. The article gave no examples of these Ghosts. However, one example of such a ghost is: NSU fe:Male’s, invisible hand. This Ghost of Market evangelists, intervenes on the market in order to make the market function as it should, in much the same way in which god intervenes on the world through divine providence to keep it unfolding according to his plan. Further the mythical portrayal of the so called great men of history gives dubious Titan-like qualities to men. These divine attributes range from businessmen that are said to hold up the world on their killing fields of ‚other_ing‘ in deficit capital_Ism modos….a new ‚Neue Deutsche Welle‘ and thier lack of scenes scheduled.

These ideological fixations on both sides of the left/right divide are all reflections of incomplete libertarian critique. On the left, the fetishization of class leads to the glorification of alienating work, work discipline, and the cult of production. The fetishizaion of other victimist socio-political identities like race, gender and sexual preferences leads to the divisiveness of competing reactionary claims to political and economic power over others. The fetishization of an abstract concept of society leads to totalitarian and moralistic regulation of politically-correct behavior. The fetishization of technology and industrialism requires a blindness to the levels of ecological devastation and human slavery required for their maintenance. And the fetishization of collectivist organizational strategies requires the suffocation of individual and small-group initiative, the repression of critical self-theory and the rule of petty bureaucrats and ideological moralists.

On the right, the fetishization of the market, industrial production, technology, state-defined property, and rapacious resource extraction leads to a similar set of problems, including an equal blindness to the level of ecological devastation and human slavery required for their maintenance, and a near complete lack of understanding of the property inequalities boot-in to any state-defined economy founded on invasion, genocide, colonial exploitation and centuries of chattel and indentured – not to mention wage – slavery. The fetishization of the isolated, abstract individual leads to the weakening of solidarity, corporation and generosity, and to a social impotence that inevitably results in the imposition of increasingly totalitarian corporate and statistic political organization.

The fight gainst all oTT ss is fluid and modern!


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