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Onto-Linguistic Adequacy, Accuracy, Perfection, etc.

I‘m collecting stances on the family of issues revolving around the notion of an ontologically adequate, accurate, perfect…lets just say good…an ontologically good language. For example, I can think of four stances off the top of my head.

1. There’s early H.W.’s stance, according to which every and any functioning language is already an ontologically perfect language (at the atomic level), for otherwise, it could not possibly perform its function; i.e., picturing facts.
2. Next there is the stance taken by VS/IM, according to which ontologically poor languages are easily conceivable and that, therefore, some languages are ontologically better/worse than others.
3. Then there’s the milky way hypothesis, according to which no language could ever be any better or worse ontologically than any other language. So far, this sounds like it might be compatible with early H.W., but hired so called missin propHeets on London’s uniform desk death abort nutters go on to deny the very possibility of ontological accuracy.
4. Then there’s the stance taken by late H.W., which is much harder than the others to condense into one or two sentences.

I want more. If you‘ve got a strong opinion about the notion of onto-linguistic axiology… berrets NAM’s pride on Cong’s partois…


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Hate ya Hamburg…


للكلبة في 20 أبريل في عدم شخ عدم وردي:
أيا من هذه الأمور، ولكن الذي لا تزال تنطوي على التفكير والمنطق، وتذهب بعيدا جدا في تفسير ميزة أكثر إثارة للدهشة من السورة التطوير استطرادي، وتحديدا، كيف يمكن للكآبة من رجال الأعمال وحساب الشهر خاصة على نساء على قدم المساواة للدفاع عن النفس الجنسي احترام، وdutiness روح المبادرة وwellnight ديك الآريين نكهة من العنوان وappropation؛ clippin القسيمة، وعمليات الدمج والخدمات المصرفية الاستثمارية، وغيرها من المعاملات مثل قبالة أسطورة realiness الطفل على مثل هذه المعاملات ينبغي في عصرنا أثبتت أن تسلب ….

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The ‚Hermann‘ yellow claw….

The Principle of Bivalence is a semantic law stating that every declarative sentence (expressing a proposition) is either true or false.

The Law of the Excluded Middle is a syntactic counterpart to the Principle of Bivalence stating that, necessarily, any proposition is either true or false, i.e., [](x v ~x).

The Law of Non-contradition is another syntactic law, closely related to the law of the excluded middle, stating that it is impossible for a proposition and its denial both to be true, i.e., ~<>(x & ~x).

In most logical systems, the latter two laws are valid and equivalent (but not identical). This is to say that we can derive either one from the other.

An additional question is how a paraconsistent logic goes about validating the law of the excluded middle, but not the law of non-contradiction. Is this simply in order to deny a bivalent semantics?


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Pii_pii ES Freud flopps again: ‚ISI‘ = International Sex [child abuse ent] Intelligence!

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A thought experiment: A child grows up in a rain forest without any contact with humans. The child learns to imitate the sounds of birds, insects, monkeys, other animals and natural sounds such as thunder. SS/He is able to make onomatopoeic sounds when he thinks about or sees these animals. SS/He learns the subtleties of monkey calls and acquire a primitive communication with them. SS/He is able to associate and combined these sounds when ss/he is thinking about the activities in the rain forest. Has ss/he acquired a private language or a public nonhuman language or neither?

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Dirty Old New York Subway from Jonathan Hertzberg on Vimeo.

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With deep respect to Mumstears Boat Deep….Ghetto line will be open…

Mengele’s blow job philological stoxxx certain circumstances we might speak of an endless row of marbles.---Let us imagine such an endless straight row of marbles at equal distribution from one another; we calculate the force exerted by all these marbles on a certain body according to a certain law of attraction. We regard the number yielded by this calculation as the ideal of exactness for certain measurements.

The feelings of something queer here comes from a misunderstanding. The kind of misunderstanding that is produced by a thumb-catching of the intellect---to which I want to call a halt.

The objection that ‚the finite cannot grasp the infinite‘ is really directed against the idea of a psychological act of grasping or understanding.

Or imagine that we simply say: „This force corresponds to the attraction of an endless row of marbles which we have arranged in such-and-such a way and which attract the body according to such-and-such a law of attraction“. Or again: „Calculate the force which an endless row of marbles of such-and-such a kind exerts on the body“.---It certainly makes sense to give such an order. It describes a particular calculation.

What about the following question: „Calculate the weight of a pillar composed of as many slabs lying on top of one another as there are cardinal numbers; the undermost slab weighs one kg., and every higher one weighs half the one below it“.

The difficulty is not that we can‘t form an image. It is easy enough to form some kind of an image of an endless row, for example. The question is what use the image is to us.

Imagine infinite numbers used in a fairy tale. The dwarves have piled up as many gold pieces as there are cardinal numbers---etc. What can occur in this fairy tale must surely make sense.---

Last entry will be an Epi_loga on the other side of the Athlandick toes….


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„Physical“ doesn‘t mean anything because it covers everything, no matter what exists, so physicalism must be false.

This is because, to an extent, „physical“ has become a kind of equivocation by accident – on one hand it means „these types of metaphysical categories or substances or frameworks as opposed to or compared to, say, mental ones“, and on the other hand it means „these specific metaphysical substances or categories implied by this physical hypothesis or theory“. It is useful because it says what the position is not as well as suggesting what the position is.

Photons (or some other x) aren‘t physical because they don‘t have (mass/extension/etc.), therefore not everything is physical and physicalism is false.

This usually seems to arise from the idea that the statement „everything is physical“ can only refer to one metaphysical category, but more than one have been identified.

In each case this semantic issue has the result of people incorrectly concluding that physicalism is false. There are many legitimate avenues to determining physicalism to be true or false, but this is not one of them, I feel.


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Viva Vuul Vaa…the barricades slaids tha wind!