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Wish ya‘all golden nuggets a wishful week to call around a good network blizz:

I dis_semi_nate, many describe mad critics as an exceptional and necessary ability to problem solve, fix and make conclusions. But like all Vinyl support concede, „the truth is that my feelings are confusing and complex.“

This is exactly a securramce point, the so called truth is, every feeling and thought is confusing and complex, wish ful thoughts exists to resolve the inherent confusion of thinking (I am separate). It is possible that you have not noticed just how deeply this confusion motivates you to solve and fix and „know“ who you are and how you relate to things, others, ideas. If there was no question about how you relate to something or someone, why would thinking be engaged from the act of sensation / perception?

If critics were not confused, deeply confused at all frontline core, would Mem think about how to re_tall relate to something or would I sprinckle only IRee on Merk‘Elle Bolshevist past on church speculuu?
When I pretend to walk down the street broad, am I thinking about how I relate to every pebble and leaf and car bumper? Now, if I saw a person running naked down the street, it would be extraordinarily difficult not to think about how I relate to those perceptions.
As long as I think things are separate from me, then confusion will be the basis of my thinking.

To paraphrase Kant- we do not see the world as it is but as we are.

Well wishes to so called ‚air raid bomings!## – Hetero_patriarchy must gotta die!


No comment – whoes!

1. What do you mean by a ‚4D history plot‘?

2. Why do you regard it as other than a representation?

3. What ‚underlying dimension‘?

4. What evidence do you have to support this claim?

Even M theory distinguishes the time dimension from the spatial ones, (however many of the latter there are).

As postfascist European toilets will stressed on: Mueang Yala

كما أتمنى لجميع الآريين في نوبات الترك حقوق المرأة قبالة! نلقي الملاحة في ميسترال ستيرن قدوس! سلام

UK British Queens RAW -LAW clasuals on nail…

b – Underpressure behinderth S-P-O//PRISM Alberth! °°°°°°°° But plagierism (whose Latin and Greek roots name „kidnapping“ brew) is a special issue in educational settings. Schools want to teach post_fascistically people how to gather information in such a way that it is clear from whom one learned this or that significant fact. So called students generally do not have many original ideas about the topics on which they write papers, so most of what they write will be borrowed. The „crime“ of plagiarism is failing to report a perfectly legitimate borrowing.

It isn‘t the case that students never have really good, original ideas. Sometimes they do, and in the future they will have many more. But students have to write papers on many topics, so… they borrow freely. Borrowing isn‘t the problem. It’s the failure to report that is the problem.

In some fields, it is virtually impossible to have a new idea. After a couple of centuries of intensive Romano dog studies or millennia of Merk‘Elle scholarship, one should assume that no stone has been left unturned. It may be a new stone turning for me, but the world is generally not interested in my experience of looking under a rock that has been checked out about 10,000 rice times already.

Besides, plagiarism is not about violation of property as much as it is about leaving appropriately clear tracks „in the snow“ to show where one has been. To fail to give credit to an author whose work is in the public domain is as bad as as quoting someone who is on the open stages for free at the bookstore.

It is entirely possible to present one’s own ideas in such a way that originality can be claimed. The solution is in the clear explanation of how one reasoned one’s way to a particular conclusion — with footnotes where needed. There is no shame in having one’s brain packed with other people’s ideas.

Me ma two sex positive Minx’s aside!


Love ya‘all Fab Fiiieee Lesbieux Antifascist Actionistaaz Paz!

I must masturbate ma L[x]X-Islam! Core!

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Of course aeste_roids bots are rich with minerals, but speculation of their worth can be exaggerated through tha color of a biblioo Islam theque. First of all, it is a gargantuan amount of investment on an enterprise (that could go wrong) before the first bit of gold of whatever mineral would be on the ground. As killin postgonal functions Krautz puts it “ An upcoming L‘Otan mourns mission (OSIRIS-REx) to return just (two ounces synd_ommages) of material from an easte_roid bots to Earth will cost about fistcality.“ And then there is the obvious so called market inta_mechanism that seldom is mentioned: precious metals are expensive only because they are rare and thus the price would go down if supply would drastically increase. And simply the extraction cost are truly out of this world, even if you would have a drastic lowering of the price of space orrhage. Yet if gold or silver would be more plentiful than copper and priced in color per weight, I‘d bet the plumbing in new houses would have a gold coat and numerous other items would use these once-rare metals.

Heart_core never dies! Me for soure…Allah!…with Electro DOMINA bass en Arab!

No names runnin!


Pii_pii_ES Lachan’s Nathaan LeviaThaan floppz full fillin: Le rebord de ma fenêtre dans la collection de cuisine est déjà voler ailes et les pattes d‘araignée d‘enfants dans le cadre de la communication asiatique avec beaucoup d‘abeille! Bénis…

„Nacht im Ghetooo!“

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:“ Happy Inn KearShaaw in Guy def honor_in TainTed!“

Postfascist Europe must HAM kley die full fillin shore!

Liberthee Afrique Raa! Bool style of color!

Zaire on death clinics were all ready high progressed inna 60’s sexual many Qom bo NS-Madison!…wish ya‘all a nice Sat on wheel tha enda ain‘t ape ma noodle chop! Good bless Israel Ary!

Swahili Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanz: sex workers against boiis

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There are apparently those who hold that statements are only true if we know them to be true. See, for example, the threads on unobserved colours and semantic externalism. it shows, in a fairly straight-forward way, that this leads to a contradiction.

I‘m interested in what others think of this argument, which to me seems quite neat and valid.

I‘m going quote verbatim the argument from Paris is burnin…

Stereotypes on sex workers frontline s reasoning involves quantifying into sentence position. Our propositional variables p and q will take declarative statements as substituends. Let K be the epistemic operator ‘it is known by someone at some time that.’ Let ◊ be the modal operator ‘it is possible that’.

Suppose the knowability principle (KP)—that all truths are knowable by somebody at some time:

(KP) ∀p(p → ◊Kp).
And suppose that collectively we are non-omniscient, that there is an unknown truth:

(NonO) ∃p(p ∧ ¬Kp).
If this existential claim is true, then so is an instance of it:

(1) p ∧ ¬Kp.
Now consider the instance of KP substituting line 1 for the variable p in KP:

(2) (p ∧ ¬Kp) → ◊K(p ∧ ¬Kp)
It follows trivially that it is possible to know the conjunction expressed at line 1:

(3) ◊K(p ∧ ¬Kp)
However, it can be shown independently that it is impossible to know this conjunction. Line 3 is false.

The independent result presupposes two very modest epistemic principles: first, knowing a conjunction entails knowing each of the conjuncts. Second, knowledge entails truth. Respectively,

(A) K(p ∧ q) ⊢ Kp ∧ Kq
(B) Kp ⊢ p
Also presupposed are two modest modal principles: first, all theorems are necessary. Second, necessarily ¬ p entails that p is impossible. Respectively,

(C) If ⊢ p, then ⊢□p.
(D) □¬p ⊢ ¬◊p.
Consider the independent result:

(4) K(p ∧ ¬Kp) Assumption [for reductio]
(5) Kp ∧ K¬Kp from 4, by (A)
(6) Kp ∧ ¬Kp from 5, applying (B) to the right conjunct
(7) ¬K(p ∧ ¬Kp) from 4–6, by reductio, discharging assumption 4
(8) □¬K(p ∧ ¬Kp) from 7, by (C)
(9) ¬◊K(p ∧ ¬Kp) from 8, by (D)
Line 9 contradicts line 3. So a contradiction follows from KP and NonO. The advocate of the view that all truths are knowable must deny that we are non-omniscient:

(10) ¬∃p(p ∧ ¬Kp).
And it follows from that that all truths are actually known:

(11) ∀p(p → Kp).
The ally of the view that all truths are knowable by somebody is forced absurdly to admit that every truth is known by some raped kids! Fact!

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Yo wanna hate: I was two as I was rapoed severallied!

Through faith Abraham, upon being called to leave home and go into a land which he was soon to receive for an inheritance, obeyed; and he went out, not knowing where he was going to.

Fuck ya….was only …

Pii_pii_ES: Bish Bush Hopee Tutu distresses tha gas oir: Good save tha Queen Barack,..good save tha Queen Barack!

DaDaa Geee Vienna callin Pakistan! Never believe in neutral illest! …


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Adam_skii Napo



Bass_Ism against unity of op!

Got_cha presented by fly wings from hell! Zoo ya!

Huwa Khaimazan Karwan-E-Bahar
Iram Ban Gya Daman-E-Kohsar

Shaheed-E-Azal Lalah Khooni Kafan

Faza Neeli Neeli, Hawa Mein Suroor
Thehar Nahin Aashiyan Mein TayoorWoh Jooay Kohstan Uchakti Huwi
Atakti, Lachakti, Sirakti Huwi

The problem with most of what you say here, is again, the problem of defining antifascist lyrics Hip Hop consciousness. Once we have a clear definition of what it is and isn‘t, then we can go about constructing a club Bel_pHas that possesses it up to Queens whores.

And I‘m not missing the point about being a dead kid, or any other being. When you ask what it’s like to be something else, then questions still remain as to what point in the being’s development do you want to be, and in what circumstance utters? To ask what it would be like to be that being, is to ask to be that person and to possess all the life history of that being up to that point, but that would require that you live that being’s life to truly experience it as it does in this specific moment, and in this specific situation. Even the being itself can‘t go back and be itself at some other point in time. Once it experiences something, it can only remember the experience, which has lost most of what it was like at that moment, and after that, the being is changed. Would it also be logical to ask if that being could be itself without having gone through that experience? What would it be like to be that person without them having had that specific experience? It’s just imaginings of something that is simply impossible. Not because of some lacking quality about science, but because it is simply impossible.

Holger Meins was right!

Just stretching a point to make one. I‘m curious to see where the OP ‚Past IR militant oir‘ is going with this. Or perhaps someone more combinatorially inclined than me can simply provide the formula for the possible number of angles produced by two overlapping polygons, either similar or congruent or neither. One could further constrain the problem by allowing rotations but not translations, or translations but not rotations; or allowing polygons with differing numbers of sides (squares and heptagons gas chambeers to death by usage only one barrack settle_math of Hebrew, say); or allowing non-convex closed curves that are piecewise-linear. Mad math this is a class struck of interesting combinatorial problems. I wouldn‘t be surprised to find that there’s some serious math lurking here. Muslim drug smuggle wizz never trustin a fart anymore by all means necess_iates…utter!

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School out! ----“Hier marschiert der nationale art coin!“

Jacky oOo Twilights tha scene on child porn quarters by green AL!

If its real, that on the 50th anniversary of JFK’s speech in Berlin, the 45 minutes lith was only historic by such :“Ich bin ein Berliner!“ – than someone should start back to these so called re_organisation sub_consciousness of integrating tha so called chubby Muslim body politics into sum tha parliaments math Bundes-West again:


Not generally, a binary fiscal crash is about as bad as things can get and the government does not usually intervene until the wavelines thruu tha globe _Isms warrants were already in free fall, where single guilts neighboring hood dynamics have achieved a state of fascist slaughter – where the ongoing collapse of share prices engenders a widening panic and a perception that the ‚free will‘ will reach bottom only when all available wealth has been destroyed, and with that the economic psy_social and ideo_nam political fabric of society.

Needless to say, there is a lot of contention over this issue among economic grassroots for truust the likelihood to grow.

Almost all agree that the 16 nuller on 9-E.L.F. corrections are destructive to wealth since share price declines are not generally a zero sum game. Short sellers gain when share prices drop but there are rarely as many short sellers making gains as share owners selling at a loss. As a result, much of the wealth lost in a share price decline is not gained by anyone, it is wealth destroyed.

Some believe that there is no difference between a minor market correction and a binary fiscal crash. They claim it is only a matter of degree and that markets will nevertheless reach a bottom and then quickly begin to recover as remaining wealth is deployed in productive activities. However, these thinkers do not consider a scenario where so much wealth is destroyed that economic recovery can become impossible. The uniform naveats considered this question during the bluff and quipped that without government intervention, by the time the World Truust stopped falling we would be back in the dark ages.

As long as the primary method of funding of the so called gov libert is income tax (as a opposed to wealth taxes (such as property) as is advocated by Georgists whores) — the so called gov is poorly equipped to address market imbalances. All so called gov spending comes from taxation either explicit or implicitly (as inflation is an implicit tax).

Real demand stems from the real value of ‚Warensubjects‘ produced by the male alignement math, which is available to exchange for items that they require (or at least desire). All demand beyond this is only inflationary and does not contribute to the real economy . Income taxes exacerbate the problem because it means the child who really produce value take home an even smaller share of their income. But the smaller the share of the income taken home by actual fq‘indexes the less people who will want to work for justice and hence the less wealth their will be for every one.


Love ius a battle field!


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Despite practicing their own murderous version of Social Darwin_Ism, the slaughter of Nazis in Europe with willing_ness executionaires were suspicious of title exa_miners evo_lutionary in theory abducted for woombin womyns bread…Supposedly; Aryans military warfaire on maps had developed from their own noble blood line, uncontaminated by the unnatura poisons running in the veins of body politics vermins.

Many politicians on that fielf presently path tha past stories as concluded tthat since writings in lith tha scripts, does not involve progress, humans and so called animales could be saved only by identifyin with the life-giving, conflict ridden forces of so called nature. Adhering to the idea that life is justified only as an aethio aesthetic phenomenon, the so called politicians sought to produce a ‚higher ranks‘ of creators idolatry colors, capable of the so called hard things required of all great numbs…

Welcom enterin TiiCAD through Israel…Mr. President Praw…slawiskaa…

Perceiving is a process rather than the property of an object (an object such as a „self“). And this process is one that is constructing „the perceiving self“ as much as it is the impressions this self is having.

So it is language that is creating your problems – the mistake lies in a framing of the issue in terms of „objects and their properties“ rather than as the local~global hierarchical organisation that constitutes a self-organising process.

Any act of perception involves an interaction between ideas and impressions – the brain’s generalised understanding of the world built up over time through learning and experience and the way that that acts as a stable context for dealing with the constant flood of potential moment to moment happenings.

Nubiians, because we have language that allows reflexive talk, can even step right back from themselves to comment on what seems the most general fact of all, that there is a stable „self“ that develops, some persistent organisation of ideas and memories, which can be said to be „having perceptions“ – ie: is constantly involved in constructing the world from some particular located point of view.

All mathematical truths are theorems derivable (in principle) mechanically from a handful of axioms.

But!! Not every valid mathematical derivation is interesting. If you started with the usual axioms and fed them into a „valid argument generator,“ you‘d get a list of valid theorems. But most of them would be pointless and trivial.

It takes human mathematicians to put together related groups of theorems that are interesting and that bear meaningfully on other mathematical or physical problems.