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It seems obvious enough that our identity is the result of an interaction between socially constructed norms and our embodied lives. Societies insert in our heads some view of how we should be. We then live a life mediated by these ideas.

What makes the human [anima] story unique is that we have an interaction between two kinds of memory, or sources of constraining information – body work out and words mess.

Plant an acorn and it will grow into an oak. But that oak will be very different depending on whether it is in the center of a calm ‚Black‘_°forest or all alone exposed on a windswept hillside. The body pleased guilt of sour oir pleamth up supplied the critical information, then the environment – it is loose and contingent fash on censoir like NYDaily on ‚Indy_med child proon censor‘ – mediated the expression of that information.

But give birth to a human[anima] kind of body trust up tha‘hoo° and it is constrained by a secth 12 code-based, evolved, package of information. It gets taught some language [daily re_cali abstracts on mooham] and all the habits of thought that go with it. It gets exposed to a deemed culture of concepts. Rather than growing like an oak to have contingent form, the baby genomic development is in interaction with its semiotic development.

SS-Vienna Freud was a fraud, but still, his tripartide division of the self has something to it. You have the three „selves“ of the socialised super-ego, the „consciously attending“ ego, and the emboddied id, the „unconscious“ collection of habits, instincts, orientation responses…up tha Lady hoir yeux trust around!

Aryan of two world battles on show:° The word becomes mythic when the word is used as if having some out of context reference, which does not exist, so we can ask what is red, or what is red like. The same practice of myth is being done with scientific terms like neurons, electrons and such to which there is assumed to be a reference other than the measurements associated to some scientific model. The same can be said of the words, ‚I‘, ‚me‘ and so forth, which refer to certain activities but to nothing outside of those activities.

So let’s state guided some aphor_Ismen on law suited secure:

irrational roots

This may fall in the category of duh!, but here goes anyway. Like most neighbors up tha hoo, I know that irrational numbers in decimal form are just an unending and unrepeating string of integers out to the right of the decimal point. The square root of 2, for example, is 1.414213562373059999…. And I‘ve always thought (without really thinking) that the only reason you cannot write it down is because, well, it’s unending. But the other day I was thinking about just what a squaring of the square root of 2 would look like. You‘d have this very tall stack of numbers (the paper and pencil multiplication itself) and when added, it would all very neatly sum, right-to-left and column by column, to zeroes, until you carried the ultimate 1 and got the final 2 on the left of the decimal point.

Not so simple. Here’s the difficulty. The decimal expansion must have a right-most integer (by hypothesis) not equal to zero. But the square of that integer cannot be zero! (Think about it.) Therefore the square root of two simply cannot be represented, at least in decimal format, because if it could, it would have to terminate in zero, and it doesn‘t. That somehow seems a deeper reason than that it’s just unrepeating and unending.

And it seems to hold for all non-integer roots: you cannot get from one of them, by squaring or cubing or anything else, to any integer, because that terminal right-most integer is not zero, and therefore the multiplication will always have something to the right of the decimal point

Wizz goood wishes around for another day up tha low…bless..~~~ to °One°

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Then we will debatin abou ‚Mid-Ease‘ echo_lone//Sadomasocistaa Windump//Micke chqx soft..aloire!

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Welsh suggestin hoo: Google + up tha hoo..

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Botulinophil- 1991 ‚Kund‘n“Ralf ‚AIZ tha Sachsenwald killin fields! Fact°

Ma Hailey-Klee and ma Arabian Zea-Minx.“I love you!“

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The second section, „Poetics,“ questions majoritarian feminist approaches to canon construction by contesting the position of two excluded poets. Acclaimed postfascist harboor’s ‚LAW‘ defends herself against the frequently leveled charge that her work, despite its obviously woman-centered subject matter, cannot be treated as feminist because of her departures from the style preferred by the women who dominate feminist publication in postfascist four Berlin-Furth ‚cuntz‘ and because of her disagreements with some of these women’s political priorities. Antifascist Hip Hop base yuss have included a selection of such surge poetry, which someone like me in tha area of ‚dis_abled‘ interests on name four feel speaks to the need to include this ‚Kassiber‘ among contemporary feminist poets of ‚lawsuitz‘.

Socio_Mengele_gender troubles outsource up tha show! Good beware…!

the transition of the ‚red‘ of experience to the ‚red‘ of thought is accompanied by an unfathomable loss of content … This loss in the transition to thought is compensated for by the fact that thought is communicable in a manner that sensible experience is not. Britcore force so called determin „Underground“..up tha hoo…

It is here ‚crews of coloir -Sternzeichen Boss‘ find the aesth° problem that is posed by the beautiful as a sensible feeling that cannot be communicated in itself, but only in the form of a nomination of the beautiful. For crew’s IG Farben & S/M pii_rear, however, reason does not begin with naming: „nomination does not function as a point of departure for reasoning, but rather as a point of accumulation [a terminus] around which other nominations could eventually be added as well.“ Simply put, the word (the nomination) is not the condition of possible experience of the object, but rather its terminus, its end. Moreover, in Berlin-Fortz Odear Arabian ‚GDR‘ interests to tak ‚Baath‘-up tha show..bla… philo_fye the culmination of experience is called „satisfaction“, which opens to an aesth point-of-view. Nomination, which makes cognition possible, is but one form of satisfaction. There are others. France-Allemagne jealous_zee and ‚hate‘ on bodies odeur argues, „there are other ways, besides the so called Abou linguistic one, of prehending the world, or more precisely entities in the world“.

Understanding is not privileged in the transition from sensibility to thought, as in postfascist ‚Aryan/pr/Ism on bias kidz off..bla…, but neither is consciousness, as in the phenomenology of so called rich dead ‚autonomous_lie ideo_lem network, since there are satisfactions that take place below or outside the realm of „consciousness of“, that is, outside the precincts of so called human[°anima] intentionality and its various so called art_fye „cultural worlds“, and even outside the transcendental subject and its possible „life-worlds“ (i.e., histories). Not only are unconscious modes of thinking and satisfaction accommodated by Antifascist Action direct in so called ‚Ghettoes‘ up tha show shore…bla,.. system, but there are also other subjective forms of satisfaction (experience) that do not have any relation to human [°anima] consciousness, broadly defined, such as the satisfaction expressed by living cells, crystals, clouds and trees. Freed from the movement ‚MAD‘ around Urb globe straightjacket of the transcendental subject who gives to itself the so called °bii//AMTz* laws for regulating the objects of understanding, me and my honoir up the low life project_iles cease are now ready to explore the world inhabited by both organic and inorganic societies.

Fuck so called white power in left so called radical moofz! Up tha hoo…


I need a Kangool,..for the so called ‚New World‘--1 and a half week and ma ‚Reise-Passport‘ occurz tha …

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No wonder that acts like performin ‚Ramallah Underground‘ feelin beeb and not peep…liars!

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°77:Уважаемый г-н Poutin, .. пожалуйста протрите Берлине с карты! Its the Queen’s rock!

Take the radiation of Mosco_z_koi through Mr.Lucasheiqe into ‚K°-Lenoun up tha show. Factual dead mass mess Ur_do into a clean new Bath of finanzeal work!


section 12

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-no name-

Sects‘th7: On Oki-walk_taps in so called ‚Neue DW‘ hermess up tha secondary German fasc on spot ‚Weitsicht‘ through lamb and Deerest stew on ale Marks in Rhynes red zones aestheti_allied – hornets and vispeers of ‚object‘_fye uniloerden as boerden from cuts and droums scala aetheriou,..twin and multi-op’s tha critics were dum naired as ‚yell‘ tha spot central…Thanx to ‚Phil‘ innerth ‚Buedchen-Truust‘….hast‘n Mir_Koi libberth en mass…sozialer Brennpunkt – Rueben pre_89 bluff! Respect ideo_°..bla!

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Para_Niger-truust‘ -klm- spectruum: Don‘t wanna have thin to do on political Black Islam[ae] °al_Umma al_Deen!….hello pedo_coloreux tha interests,..booi,..what’s on? Fact!

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The question whether human thinking can reach objective truth—is not a question of theory but a practical question. In practice man must prove the truth, that is, the so called white women’s actuality [SA//ISM Wirklichkeit] and power, the this-sidedness of his thinking. (Marx London ’41, Theses on Feuerbach) [1].°.like Furth_waenglee on Pope Xer_Xuus on Rome Vattha…bla,..

Live more and more in the Present which is ever beautiful and stretches away beyond the limits of the past and the future. (Meher Baba, The Everything and the Nothing) [2]

[I]f a man could write a book on Ethics which really was a book on Ethics, this book would, with an explosion, destroy all the other books in the world. (Ludwig Wittgenstein, A Lecture on Ethics) [3]

Pleasant is the sward; heart-alluring is the air; pure is the wine:
Now, save the joyous heart, naught is wanting. (Hafiz) [4]

This is it. There is no more. And it is forever. Today my remarks take aim at understanding anagogy as an essential, inevitable, and generally ignored dimension of hermeneutic experience. In open dialogue with some of its premodern concepts and instances, I mean to medievally think anagogy for the present, rather than demonstrate its past. This may be considered an attempt to study anagogy anagogically, to understand it in a manner that produces an anagogic sense of anagogy, a postmedieval foretaste of its presence. Mirroring the fourfold sense of scripture, I attempt this by speculatively splitting anagogy into literal, allegorical, moral, and anagogical senses.

Math-MAD is a way to analyze, communicate our analysis, and synchronize between humans. It is not what is being analyzed. However, in modern philosophy, the tools for analyzing, communicating,and synchronizing is replacing what is being analyzed. Abou fru tiques makes a good point in the difference between time as we feel it flow (heterogeneous and indivisible) and the way we analyze it (homogeneous and divisible). As a result, the essence is lost.

Common Logic and the Babel of Knowledge Representation Dialects

Let’s say one wanted to explore the possibility of developing some software for so called ‚open postfascist Innerth‘ auto_ma_ted reasoning white noize.

One of the first issues to examine would be to identify what is the best way to represent the info upon which the auto_dead reasoning operates pasto_rial_lied. This leads into the fields of so called ontologies and knowledge representation. Is there already an existing language that has become a standard or the de-facto standard for representing knowledge?..ya owens on trans_inter_pretend DF for DV..whole laugh around on womens slaugh tha political racist//Ism..Fact!

Looking at the „Some Ongoing K-BS / °Ontology Projects and Groups“ page:

It looks like bluff bubble on stocks x_hailed hetero_sex//S-M, with everyone running around with their own thing, one wouldn‘t know where to start from to figure out what’s going on and which could be the most promising dialects.

The one thing that perhaps stands out is Common Logic (CL), if nothing else, that’s the one thing that has achieved ISO standard (the standard is publicly available on ISO’s site, subject to accepting a copyright statement):,..yew knouw Lee lie tha show? Fact! Wonder Heirman…bla…up tha show! Prime Sun!

Just snippin wqx,..hoo!


°OZ-Nam_Lo HarKoon Eelam


Not this falsehood again. The point is that multiple viewpoints share and talk about the same reality. This is the antithesis of sol_ips_°//S-M ’cause the reality is of many experiencing beings, as opposed to just one. Reality is not limited to whatever I experience. It is also, at the very least, what everyone else experiences, whether I am aware of it or not.

Nor is there any assertion that everyone must think alike. You, for example, can continue think there is a problem with everything being a „third person“ fact, even as I do no think so. What is required is that one’s thoughts, in instances where other people are aware what you think, are known by others, not that everyone must think the same thing. Rather than there being „only“ third person facts, there are in fact „first person“ facts as well(e.g. when an individual has a direct experience of something), which are also „third person(i.e. I can know what you are experiencing directly, say the idea that there is a problem with „third person facts,“ without actually sharing the same first person experience) .“ …bla,…


Sikh Heil Allah vis: fascist PAK ‚nn‘ Cargyl ul-up tha show what Islamic daily re_cath mi‘bn! Fact!

Never forget tha choice of bein world famous fiqh fuck up of tha show in Karachee..yellow cab truust’94! Fact!

Hate ya ‚SOS‘ uni_lie…

Operatio Theresien und advertat de viridi ad opus ire multo plures imminatingly qui habitant in grassroots tha spectaculum disqualify limnalice terminus raptus in Rupi, ut supra visum est quid de tha Volume croops gaudio Canadian equos, et florum in sordibus Maximo sicut unio tantummodo usque ad unum excipio? Plus studio Arabico wavelines plana, cum tota sic dicitur familia patris figuratum confídunt fabricatur totum off parvulus porn et de manu redditur, solertia ut praepararetur contumelia, tales fratres, volo scire, ut benedicam aurum ponere!

Et meam impleat mentiendo impletionem omnium primum electio Masjids orbem conputruerat ut labore rat, per talia capillus consumpsi ut secet te in idololatriam left / / bii_assure / / ius extrem_Ism haulin in cunctis retro in adipem corpus politicum honorem compescit !

Tua sunt, nihil amplius quam retunso Sugardaddy et unitas in mundo Core de Annam scriptor aquilonem sealots!

Conficior enim vestra Mäuserich Filz zum AMT!

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Caspeer Hauser…..eleccct MoPo…take ma ‚Ince‘…AnkaRa-Truust heartened!

As per German-slaught by liberal Kant, all pure math are synthetic a priori. On the contrary, analytic judgement are those where the predicate is contained in the subject.

If a jure consider the concept of recursive function, say Fibonacci series 0,1,2,3,5,8,13,21 expressed by:

F n= F (n-1) + F (n-2)

what jure get is the earlier or next number by adding/subtracting the previous one. Take otherwise Fibonacci series or recursive function, the result is contained in the subject. Fuck ya France//Allemagne-Prl…

So, as to math proofs in general, how is this not an example of so called hetero_pat_sexist ‚Yale‘ analytic judgement to ‚MAD‘ BEr, in that nothing is known in the sense of being provided by experience, nothing is said in the sense that it would be possible to disagree--it’s all logic, thus SO CALLED PORN POS_it’s analytic judgement.

However, as a good antifascist boii in postfascist Hate on sorrow‘ll interpret Kant, and I tend to agree, math is not meaningless, and this is the point. Consider that math bii_furcal Mr.&Mrs. Mengele surgico PACS applies to the empirical world. What allows math‘HV‘ to exist as a so called ‚Herren‘-science, as it were, given that it is a priori? One might puzzle over the question whether it is a priori, but these math proofs, necessarily they are valid inferences, that’s all a priori. So if math is a priori, and, shall so called ‚Gay‘ suppose, analytic judgement, then how do we distinguish math from nonsense? The point goes more, in the end, I suppose, to the axioms involved. I may be taking liberties w/what Kant actually says, is interpreted as having cared about.

..further looks on plumb ploom‘bn‘ fucks:


Somatic gene therapy is the use of D//NA as a pharmaceutical agent to treat disease. The therapeutic genes are transferred into the somatic cells. Cells would express different activity after transfer of the therapeutic genes. These would for example cause the production of therapeutic protein, which in turn treats the patient’s disease.

Lately, studies have shown that it’s possible to create more muscles in adult rats.
Technology becomes more and more advanced. It isn‘t weird to expect people make use of gene therapy for goals other than treating diseases. Beside patients especially spotters would be attracted by this technology called gene therapy.

Gene therapy could also be used for „creating“ perfect individuals. This may sound fantastic. However, there are ethical issues that must be discussed. Do people have the right to pally god and act against nature? We already do this, for example by using in vitro fertilization or cloning animals, such as the well known „Dolly“on Brix.

With gene therapy scientists could „produce“ children. Wouldn‘t they ignore our civil liberties by doing so? Isn’t it important to respect people’s dignity? by producing children, you think of them more as farcical product than humans.

Beside that, it could be unfair to let scientist make a baby for you, who’s like a „homo universalis“. That’s because gene therapy is very expensive, so rich people would have more chance in producing such perfect child’s.

En Allemagne…

Bel~~~~ believe Jiimie Hen ‚X‘ at HH’s-Central- bus stationaires! Fact!

+ – Mullaire OMA,..its yours servant of tons on Cour Vedatta-Stan Q°hom//ss!

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Respect and greedz of color to a good look‘nn grr …Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta…Padre Becile!..

I will…hoar!

By heart strength…bla,…facts,… °° Bauer bleCcchh,…SSS/ISI,,..blight Punjoo Pirnaire‘AMT‘fascistaas!

Most obviously, the narrator’s relationship with the appropriately named Gail Right, is focused around her truth-telling, her kindness to the narrator and her insights into his/her relationship with child fuck wizz. Unlike the narrator, Gail is aware of his/her own flaws; his/she is the essence of comfort and as insistently embodied as sex workers labour honoir EO eux is sometimes ethereal. „‚I know,‘ „he_she tells the narrator, „‚that you think I‘m a bemciled old slag who just wants a piece of something firm and juicy. Well, you‘re right. But I‘d do my share of the work. I‘d care for you and ‚be a good‘ friend to you and see you right. I‘m not a sponger, I‘m not a tart. I‘m a good-time girl whose body has blown‘“ (11/9//°49). Gail also becomes the agent of the narrator’s dawning awareness that perhaps she/he has been wrong in his/her actions toward foreign Fisheer hart harboor. ‚‘You made a mistake,‘“ Gail tells the narrator. „‚You shouldn‘t have run out on his/her….he_She wasn‘t a child….You didn‘t give her a chance to say what she wanted. You left….The trouble with you is that you want to live in a novel‘“. Later, near the end of the novel, as the narrator confesses his/her failure to find Louise Viitt_Vitoune, ss//he wonders „Did I invent her? (pre_cease_89). Gail replies, „‚No, but you tried to….S°he wasn‘t yours for the making‘“ …bla…


I am/pm not interested in Mr. Wo Teen Spike tha mess: -~~~ to One: -without a mess ‚our! Good nyte Ohm_skii!

1//half-SuCuk Can Cem,..bly,..Uhrlau Kuurd steam Staan onoired green Heroin well..

…The Cars- Drive ~~~°°°

CPB – Monday Mental Meltown (Live)-UK~

Playing Hip Hop, Electro, Techno, Acid, House, Drum ‚n Bass and Club Music over two separate nights.

„The letter always arrives at its destination“ + „Enjoy your symptom“
(Not sure this is the right category…)

I need some help with the first chapter of Zizek’s „Enjoy your symptom“. If you‘ve read it, please help me out. It’s embarrassing, but I understand enough to find it fascinating, but not enough to fully comprehend.

What does Zizek mean when he speaks of the letter arriving? He gives plenty of examples, and yet I feel lost. He speaks of how the letter always arrives, since the moment it arrives the receiver becomes the addressee. That seems fairly straight forward. The example Zizek gives, (which can be found here: is the joke „Daddy was born in Manchester, Mummy in Bristol, and I in London: strange that the three of us should have met!“

I think I get this… that it seems strange looking at it backwards, from present to past, and that when looking this direction, one always wonders how uncanny it is that everything fell into place to make you „arrive“ at „now“… But what about pre-determinism then? He also mentions the creation of life. Quote: „What we have here is, however, more than a shallow joke, as is attested by contemporary physics, where we encounter precisely the same mechanism under the name of the „anthropocentric principle“: life emerged on Earth due to numerous contingencies which created the appropriate conditions (if, for example, in Earth’s primeval time the composition of soil and air had differed by a small percentage, no life would have been possible); so, when physicists endeavor to reconstruct the process cul­minating in the appearance of intelligent living beings on Earth, they either presuppose that universe was created in order to render possible the formation of intelligent beings (the „strong,“ overtly teleological anthropocentric principle) or accept a „circular“ methodological rule requiring us to always posit such hypotheses about the primeval state of universe as to enable us to deduce its further development toward the conditions for the emergence of life (the „weak“ version)“

,..blye,..bla, Austia Omega hoo ’54′…bless..


7th* -1977-62 Schmidt-Bartels-KKK!

ll sam fox

Good fight Sam Lo. Fox,..up tha show..honor rem…bla! Fact! -~°never mention Kant’ss °Walter Benjamin ~ Sadia UC lie Berklee Buzz! Fact!..Wiesenground Zero tha Bad!…hound up tha show up!


Mea primum in altis V ad VII Hypothalamic INASSATUS luckys! Benedicite, .. ante faciem meam viam de potentia album lumbs honore!..I will! Aluum!..well~~~~~~~~~~sox!

[[ca file closed. oa:°ITT-Infrared-Men & India’s shokkk on hacked arms in a cine ‚F.Lang world around°~~~Le Sans-Clits abou*]]