Are you sun of Jane Minx..sutee…

the waitresses lol
22:28 Ron|^~bel
Mike Muree ‚ES‘ is strivin Vynile Ghee Cut
22:28 Gandhi’s Brother From Iceland
i don‘t recognise the words but i recognise the music
» and the ’sound of the song‘
» perticularly the trumpets?
» a
22:29 C.P.B.
I went through a truck load of xmas cd’s to pick some tolerable tracks
22:29 Gandhi’s Brother From Iceland
C.P.B.: i‘ll admit to liking ‚the spaceman‘ by chris de burgh? is it him?
22:29 eF
hey F1
22:29 Ron|^~bel
My depest Independence wish was a surgil green at Doug E. Fresh cattles
22:30 Gandhi’s Brother From Iceland
eF: hello
» Ron|^~bel: hello bel
» f1
22:30 Ron|^~bel
Gaia Auswehr Tuiquees
22:30 Gandhi’s Brother From Iceland
22:30 Ron|^~bel
22:30 metalchuckkey joined the room.
22:30 eF left the room. (Logged out)
22:30 Gandhi’s Brother From Iceland
the metal one
22:30 metalchuckkey
evening y‘all
22:30 Bendy Ghandi joined the room.
22:30 Bendy Ghandi
yo yo
22:30 C.P.B.
hey mck
22:31 Bendy Ghandi
as its christmas
22:31 metalchuckkey
Merry Xmas
22:31 Gandhi’s Brother From Iceland
yeh- bendy like a yoga action man
22:31 Bendy Ghandi
oh i spelt it wrong
» will do tho
22:31 Gandhi’s Brother From Iceland
stretch armstong
22:31 Bendy Ghandi
» they shoudl make a stretch arm strong version of gandi
22:31 Gandhi’s Brother From Iceland
dasim from tsreet fighter 2
22:31 Ron|^~bel
YO Edefye Defence League..damme,,..Leathermen Petre ..Mike..Hancock Bootz botti trumph…I‘ve goto love someone One one
22:32 Bendy Ghandi
yah bel

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