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Chaos – Krieg – Kommunismus (Etudes asiatiques suisses. Monographies)


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An Ethico-Aesthetic Paradigm
Felix Guattari
Translated by Paul Bains and Julian Pefanis Washington DC of color,…manmade world….


Dominx wool practice is informed by a concern with the in-between space. By activating marginal objects, materials, sites and signs, her work animates the interstitial to explore, test and question the hierarchies inscribed in space and the mechanisms at work in its construction. By adopting tools of repetition, multiplication and re-contextualisation as a means of undoing and fragmenting she is able to create a discontinuous space where multifarious connections and readings may be formed and established definitions and systems of knowledge are questioned.

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5. Are there any arguments against the validity of LEM? If so, what are they? I tried to read some stuff by Dummett a few years ago, but I was too young and could not understand his arguments.

Any answers to the above would be awesome! Forgive me if many of the questions sound stupid.

1. No. Truth ≠ proof, and this thesis identifies the two.

2. LEM holds in intuitionistic logic for formally decidable statements.

3. I don‘t know; however, the same issue of n-valence can come up. One can be a constructivist or a classicist with respect to an n-valued logic, rather than just a 2-valued logic.

4. I don‘t know enough group theory to say.

5. The basic thrust of anti-LEM arguments--at least the ones I‘ve come across--is that the correct semantics for natural language is not classical semantics and is instead a semantics for which the LEM fails. One way to do this is to try to show that truth is intelligible only in terms of a more basic semantic notion: for instance, warrant that obtains from observation (i.e. verificationism). I don‘t want to say that this is the only way to argue this. But the main point is to argue that a semantics in which LEM fails is correct. Illustrative counterexamples seem particularly useful here.

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