Spezi|Electrolyth Intergenerational ‚Rassismus‘-Wies|Baaden

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22:33 Welcome!
22:33 You entered GFR Chat.
22:33 bel
Freundshaft Blaxploita GDR freeze
22:36 gordy
you moan all the time bel but your so lucky
» mcdonalds in germany do curywurst
22:36 eF
thats good
» bell remoce s from https before pasting in here
» or it dont work
» i tell ya everytime!
22:38 eF
in 2014 i might get a wife and stop being a playboy
22:38 f1
eF: oooooh big step
22:38 eF
preferably one with good cookign skills
22:38 f1
a wife
22:38 eF
yeah been thinking about it for several years!
22:38 f1
22:38 eF
boobs for a pillow
22:38 f1
you be steady
» thinking
22:39 eF
not that fussy really
22:39 f1
eF: no snow flakes this year on gfr homepage
22:39 eF
clean, good at making pies and dont mind gfr
22:39 f1
it’s not too late
22:39 bel
Bombaye Performanczest Art---Tip|b
22:39 f1
for snow flakes
» eF: yeh-the problem is-they are fussy
22:39 eF
will finish new gfr site first
22:40 bel
Mr. Mirror roar Milleniuum Millernthora,..please Sir,..safe:~*

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