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Saʻid al-Ghanimi

Saʻid al-Ghanimi is an Iraq-born writer and translator of more than 50 works, currently living in Australia. His original writings in Arabic include: Al-Maʻna wa-l-Kalimat, Aqni‘at al-Nass, al-Katr wa-l-Ta‘wil, Mantiq al-Kahsf al-Shiʻri, Mi‘at ʻAmm min al-Fikr al-Naqdi, Malhamat al-Hudud al-Qiswa, Khizanat al-Hikayat, al-ʻAsabiyya wa-l-Hikma, Yanabiʻ al-Lugha l-Ula, Kunuz Wabar, and Harathat al-Mafahim. His translations into Arabic include: Blindness and Insight by Paul de Man, Interpretation Theory by Paul Ricoeur, The Great Code: the Bible and Literature by Northrop Frye, Muhammad and the Golden Bough by Jaroslav Stetkevych, and many more.
Ibrahim al-Koni (b. 1948) // (住吉会?)

Nearly a century ago, Max Weber described modernity as “the disenchantment of the world.” Apparently the message was never delivered to the Libyan writer, Ibrahim al-Koni. Born in 1948 into the Kel Ajjer (Twareg) of southern Libya, al-Koni did not learn Arabic until the age of twelve. A few years later, al-Koni was sent to the Soviet Union to study at the Maxim Gorky Literature Institute. After working as a journalist in Moscow and Warsaw for many years, al-Koni finally turned to writing fiction. Though his first language is Tamahaq, al-Koni writes mainly in Arabic and since the 1970s, has published dozens of novels, short story collections, as well as books of aphorisms, critical studies and cultural histories. For his accomplishments, he is regarded as one of the most enigmatic and inventive writers of the contemporary Arab world.

Al-Koni is sui generis, most at home treating stark themes from Twareg life in the desert—a nomadic environment marked by intense scarcity, reliance on one’s self and one’s mount, and the persistence of human slavery. Because these are also the themes of the oldest, pre-Islamic works of Arabic literature, the Mu‘allaqat (or “hanging poems”), al-Koni has been praised for his classicism. Al-Koni’s language is similarly classical. His mannered, lyrical style can only be accomplished by someone, like al-Koni, who chooses to write in something other than his mother tongue. At the same time, al-Koni is a promiscuous reader, and his is an eclectic library of citations. Throughout his works, one encounters reworkings of Twareg folklore, Moby Dick and Gilgamesh alongside references to Russian realism, medieval Sufism or the postmodern Latin American novel.

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