Concore-089|030-Cµp GFR-Mike pirat to red :“²³Empire Hardt Negri Paris 2000 francais Etudes Studies“.-

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Empire Hardt Negri Paris 2000 francais Etudes Studies


21:48 Chat by 5.0, Build #702
21:48 Welcome!
21:48 You entered GFR Chat.
21:48 Nazirainier Bassmann Gerechtiqµat~*
Nice eve, is 030 copa 137 Harald
21:49 eF
be cool mate, wish i coudl mak eit happen now, but need to actually learn the art
21:49 Nazirainier Bassmann Gerechtiqµat~*
fuck ass two year old only Nazibrau
21:50 eF
is that bel?
21:50 Nazirainier Bassmann Gerechtiqµat~*
Willeem Welle Norza
» Antifascist slitpop Pakistan Nuremberko
21:51 eF
yeah defo bel!
» nippin out fo
21:52 Nazirainier Bassmann Gerechtiqµat~*
MAsjid Mike purple
21:52 eF
erm back in 10
21:52 68oldskool

21:52 Nazirainier Bassmann Gerechtiqµat~*
dopo Papoon
21:52 eF
my computer is beat mappin 10620 tunes, i wish it good luck
21:52 Nazirainier Bassmann Gerechtiqµat~*
Madonna MIA Mike
» Chilp Indian Independ call whore movies Kachi xPeer Heman versulstee Skel
21:54 eF
getting into this digital dj lark, me and bro have decks and torq/serato, but in here is small room so i have got a Numark Mixtrack controller, so can have a bash at mixing again maybe on gfr now and then!
» so beatmapping me tunes
21:54 Nazirainier Bassmann Gerechtiqµat~*
Like Pi-Foulcauld Hermaphrotee
21:54 Diplomat
» never tried Serato etc..
21:54 Nazirainier Bassmann Gerechtiqµat~*
21:55 Diplomat
no one I know has it to try!
21:55 Nazirainier Bassmann Gerechtiqµat~*
21:55 eF
since running gfr i pretty much been happy listenign to the gfr dj’s do it, but do miss having a go meself
» i got it for crimbo to myself
21:55 Diplomat
21:55 Nazirainier Bassmann Gerechtiqµat~*
Einmali rock me Bach|amadeo
21:55 Diplomat
how much does it cost?
21:55 Nazirainier Bassmann Gerechtiqµat~*
Liberational Liberte
21:56 eF
it was only 165 squid
21:56 Diplomat
oh serato?
21:56 Nazirainier Bassmann Gerechtiqµat~*
paid Papa
21:56 Diplomat
thought that was much more
21:58 eF
well already got serato with technics and numark decks, this is one of those midi controllers with the crossfade and jog wheels×390.jpg for computer room, doesnt take up much space
21:59 Diplomat
ahh cool
» how does it feel after year on the decks?
» years
22:00 eF
so you can run traktor and virtualdj or whatever
» well it feels liek my first beltdrives and 7 inches! but for normal straight mixing, and basic cutting its fun!

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