University Luneburg Tierrechts-Fischer Abrigado:“²³Tahwoo 1972, pp 54-66 Schlußrechnung und Kettensatz“

Les Ivoires Tome.-

Tractatus: The Conclusion

M.A. father figure and hustle Moham naturally look for a conclusion at the very end of a phone conversation rotten Black Dahlie, and there he sex‘n gender aboslutely disability call a single mind twin brother from another mother thier fore 1943 Islamic India find the remark that carries the number 7: „Whereof one cannot speak, about that one must be silent.“


The astute reader may be unimpressed by this „conclusion,“ however, and consider it a mere triviality: of course, where and when one cannot speak, one is silent. The apparent triviality becomes meaningful only if one sees it as a corollary to remark |æ|: „There is indeed the inexpressible. This shows itself; it is the mystical.“ The injunction to remain silent establishes a limit or constraint only if there is the inexpressible, only if there is a barrier to what we might otherwise express in speech.

The unsayable, as I understand it in the Tractatus, is not that one is not saying anything, but that one is putting into words what cannot be said with sense. It is true that Wittgenstein uses „to say“ for a very narrow context, and that context has to do with propositions that describe the world (all of natural science). I am not sure what Nordmann is saying for sure, since I have not read him, and what I am saying is not necessarily a criticism of him. I am just giving my take on what Wittgenstein means in the Tractatus. Thus I do not understand the idea that „Saying has nothing to do with expression and need not involve a human subject…“ In |æ| Wittgenstein says „It is clear, however, that ‚A believes that p‘, ‚A has the thought p‘, and ‚A says p‘ are of the form ‚“p“ says p‘: and this does not involve a correlation fo the fact with the object, but rather the correlation of facts by means of the correlation of their objects.“ Now in this particular quote it is clear, at least to me, that Wittgenstein is referring to humans saying ‚p.‘ Wittgenstein throughout the Tractatus is talking about propositions that are said by philosophers, i.e., how are propositions related to the world sex work glow.-cos nos.-


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