~fin d* siecleem~~

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21:39 Welcome!
21:39 You entered GFR Chat.
21:39 Dolphin ancient regim|bel
Yo ho BX BX …
21:39 eF
he was on when i got here
» alright bel
21:40 Dolphin ancient regim|bel
Yeroraroar I Khaan
21:40 eF
it defo disconnected got a popup on the screen that said so!
21:40 C.P.B.
was playing electro/bass music
21:40 Dolphin ancient regim|bel
grime social Lebbe
21:42 eF
sexual chocolate
21:42 Dolphin ancient regim|bel
Alastair Crumblalo taken aupstore
» wao waoooo
» Bass Bass Bass Northick by Nature timeless affronted DJ
» Yo Propeller Mike,..everything crues
21:46 Dolphin ancient regim|bel
» delicious
» Alpha bumi Bauchnabelfussel Serikat melawan Jerman af 1973
21:49 eF
s from https bel remove
» 17 times i told yo unow!
21:50 Dolphin ancient regim|bel
Bundeswiesnbad racist on chord, I can‘t deny will be killed too,..fromme Arbeitslager Neuengamme to Kriegsrente Gedaensk Sir Cap
» will take a shower…
21:51 C.P.B.
all pages have that https now
21:54 eF
no they dont
» only if your logged into the site
» via secure connection
21:55 C.P.B.
I see
21:55 eF
its the chatrooms faul it shoudl reconise https as a link
» so i recommend people remove the s after they pasdted it before they press enter
» it will still work
» Motherboard i have passed info on to our Aidan he knows more about motherboards than me now
21:59 C.P.B.
okies.. thanks
21:59 eF

» is the motherbaord you got broke?
22:01 C.P.B.
aye. there is a fault somewhere just not sure where. problem is he gets internet connection, then on next reboot he doesn‘t
» very intermittent so it must be a port fault
22:02 eF
» oh just checked email he answered http://www.scan.co.uk/products/msi-g41m-p33-combo-intel-g41-s-775-ddr2-ddr3-d-sub-(vga)-micro-atx
22:03 C.P.B.
no good.. he wants to use his ddr2 memory
22:03 eF
22:03 C.P.B.
aye.. just saw thanks
22:04 eF

22:06 Dolphin ancient regim|bel
Whats up Boston Bledel