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Malala Y. Kolle

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In what form/context are you applying the term, „paradox?“

1. a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth.
2. a self-contradictory and false proposition.
3. any person, thing, or situation exhibiting an apparently contradictory nature.
4. an opinion or statement contrary to commonly accepted opinion.

In formal logic inconsistent and contradiction are not how you describe them:

1) A contradiction is a formula of the form A & ~A or ~A & A.

2) An inconsistent logic a logic where you can proof any formula.

So inconsistency is a property of a logic, a contradiction is a formula.

In most logics you can proof any formula from any contradiction, but there are logics where that is not the case (paraconsistent logics)


„a word is said to be common… notice it is not by nature, but only by convention, that this label applies. … …substance is not capable of functioning… for if it were… …the subject would be in Rome and the predicate in England which is absurd.“

-William of Ockham

-----------------------------------------The word X derives its meaning from agreed upon meanings of the people who use such words to communicate with one another. Often times, people who share a common sense of community communicate with each other using certain lingo which they have become acquainted with upon entering such a community. indeed, the root word of communication is probably community.

I imagine the context in which this question could arise is when two people are sitting next to each other and one spontaneously says „goat,“ sprinkling a lot of charity on the other person’s curiosity, they might be expected to say „what is the meaning of the word ‚goat‘? This is assuming that they have had no reasonable life experience relating to the word.

How would somebody go about answering what is the meaning of the word ‚goat‘?

Austin wrote that they can go about this by explaining the syntactics or by demonstrating the semantics to get a person to imagine or otherwise experience something related to the word ‚goat.‘