Airfield al tomorrows Bash

22:29 Adie
finally got my quad core runing
22:31 eF
» is it a beast
22:31 |*)bel
Judiciary sexchat ‚unknown‘ Dame beard shoe wizz stock up Gerwanne
22:32 eF
i`m kickin it Intel I5 at mo, first Intel processor i ever had!
» 4 x virtual cores
22:33 |*)bel
166 Mhz and 1 20 Zollfloppy disquefish on She menstru apes
22:33 eF
fair cool tho
» bels kickin it 90’s zip drive
» always wanted one of those
» they were like 120mb lol but massive at the time
22:34 |*)bel
Same like all tha DAT special victimidietz Union smell Onions Bolognia chests
22:34 eF
just bvefore cd burners
» yah DAT was the grandaddy
22:35 |*)bel
ringering … kiss
22:35 eF
aye kiss me ring lol
» rather you than me
22:35 |*)bel
And an idea of Kimjim Spockpartys in Californi|…..
» Who mast tha Hammond or Barbwire heir sil
» hairy bodybacks on tha nooszeeee
» MI you R
22:37 |*)bel
» Planeta Erda moon…guiseline Brook

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