Crustpunk-Zine-Floo اضطراب نفسي

Ghetto Kid Knock out Jeans -PS 3rd.- 13:33 Chat by 5.0, Build #702
13:33 Welcome!
13:33 You entered GFR Chat.
13:33 TThe Fly|zoo Warsaw Treaty|*bela
13:41 Captain D Funk Fest joined the room.
13:45 eF joined the room.
13:45 eF
hey Captain
» hello Zoo
13:46 Captain D Funk Fest
13:46 eF
13:47 Captain D Funk Fest
we can start when every you are ready Ef and i might go past 9 am if thats ok with you ?
13:47 eF
ok sure, hold on
» 1 secd
» go go go
13:47 Captain D Funk Fest
whats up Zoo
» you got me
» ef
13:48 eF
got you Captain
13:48 Captain D Funk Fest
let them ef we be jamming the funk
13:53 eF
» done, right coffee time! and funk
13:54 TThe Fly|zoo Warsaw Treaty|*bela
Ae dæ -oo- whale wars London dependa end last term grit ‚Un|io‘-double beef

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