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In the classical census of human male sexual behavior by Kinsey, Pomeroy and Martin, the concept that homosexual activity, by itself, provides evidence of a psychopathic personality is materially challenged. This is rightly so since those scientists present evidence that from 40% to 50% of the male population have had homosexual experiences and over 15% prefer this general type of sexual expression to heterosexuality. These same individuals reported upon, however, could not be considered psychopathic on the basis of anything else in their histories and it would seem absurd to consider such a large portion of the population psychopathic due to this one trait.

In seeking a definition of sexual psychopathology, or any psychopathology for that matter, it must be admitted that we cannot depend only on a criteria of frequency of occurrence; individuals who parachute for a hobby may be rare in our society yet wouldn’t necessarily he considered psychopathic. Similarly, males with a preponderance of homosexual experiences should not be considered psychopathic just because they don’t constitute the majority of males. The crux of a definition might hinge on establishing the existence of a “mental disorder” which invariably is present. Here, too, no evidence exists which supports the notion that a disorder exists unless the fact that homosexuals, having certain sexual preferences, are prima facie considered emotionally and behaviorally disturbed. In truth the evidence may be otherwise since many individuals are disturbed more by society’s antagonism to their practices rather than by their own behavior. The majority of homosexuals go unrecognized as such by society since they create no disturbance or manifest other symptoms of “disorder.” …-*


Pi is wrongHawai~i…

I posted this thread already and this is a repost of it including replies from the original…which has gone haywire for some reason????

What are your thoughts with regards to the agenda that seeks to establish what the proponents consider a more intuitive circle constant?
As can be found in following links which provide information on this recent controversy that has emerged in some circles of the mathematics community.

As a follow up to this I was wondering if it would be possible use a similar proof as found in the below link to find an iteration of 2π a.k.a. „τ“ occurring in the Mandelbrot set.
Red Star Moscova.-cos nos.-
m-theoryrules, I really cant see how this would effect anything. You can replace pi it with τ and get the same results as mentioned in the post but with the limit being τ/2.

The only people campaigning to replace pi would be teachers. It doesn‘t make any difference to any mathematical theorems or results.
I suppose…but I just thought here
there might be some interesting consequences that bear further consideration and especially here…
insights offer efficiency in alternatives to the fundamental constant as currently expressed.

I was not suggesting that it would revolutionize an approach to solving the Riemann hypothesis or anything like that.
Just that it is an interesting an unique perspective.

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In Frege’s term logic, all of the terms and well-formed formulas are denoting expressions. These include: (a) simple names of objects, like ‘2’ and ‘π’, (b) complex terms which denote objects, like ‘22’ and ‘3 + 1’, and (c) sentences (which are also complex terms). The complex terms in (b) and (c) are formed with the help of ‘incomplete expressions’ which signify functions, such as the unary squaring function ‘( )2’ and the binary addition function ‘( )+( )’. In these functional expressions, ‘( )’ is used as a placeholder for what Frege called the arguments of the function; the placeholder reveals that the expressions signifying function are, on Frege’s view, incomplete and stand in contrast to complete expressions such as those in (a), (b), and (c). (Though Frege thought it inappropriate to call the incomplete expressions that signify functions ‘names’, we shall sometimes do so in what follows, though the reader should be warned that Frege had reasons for not following this practice.) Thus, a mathematical expression such as ‘22’ denotes the result of applying the function ( )2 to the number 2 as argument, namely, the number 4. Similarly, the expression ‘7 + 1’ denotes the result of applying the binary function +(( ),( )) to the numbers 7 and 1 as arguments, in that order.


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