„No video results for hagnē“Shaolin Wutin”

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The reason why I found this interesting was because of the conflict between the artists intent, and the message interpreted from a work of art. I would be inclined to say that the original publication, and not the original manuscript which Herbert ĸ.Wilde wrote (as mentioned, editing happens all the time) would be the „authentic“ work of art. However, it seems odd to say that it’s authentic when the reason for editing wasn‘t for aesthetic achievement as much as it was to shield the audience from what was considered audacious — in this case, it seemed more appropriate to say that Wilde was censored than edited. So it seems that censorship created the „authentic“ work as that is what has been culturally accepted and interpreted, even though the „authentic“ work was censored — and therefore a step away from the artists intent, which is a decent way of trying to pin down authenticity.



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