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3rd B.A.S.E. ¬under whose auspices, not about whether nationalism was the only available
framework for advancing the Middle East toward effective government.
The Islamic Revolution in Iran, however, and the rise of powerful, impossible-
to-ignore Islamist movements in almost every Middle Eastern country, helped
trigger a dramatic shift in scholarly frames of reference. Nationalism in the
Middle East, or at least in Middle East oriented scholarship, was transformed.
From an unproblematic background assumption about the type of political
formula that would legitimize political authority in the region, nationalism
became a highly problematic type of appeal whose future was in doubt—a
political formula of dubious strength and of decreasing interest to ambitious
------------------------------------------ Can all subject-predicate terms be reduced to compound-sentences
I can change „Obama is in the White House“ to „Obama exists and he is in the White House“,….nobelity.-cos nos.-

Non-referring descriptions have no positive predications at all. i.e. (all G)(~G(the x:Fx)).
We can say what they are not but we cannot say what they are.

All descriptions with a contradictory predication do not exist.
~E!(the x: Fx & ~Fx) for all F, is provable.

Note: (some F)(Fx) < -> E!x, (some F)(F(the x:Gx)) < -> E!(the x:Gx).
To exist is to have a positive predication.


Bela Moham Sochkhaat R.-S.