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Men who had sex with women when they were still young boys are often told that they were
lucky to be initiated so young. It is sometimes viewed as a rite of passage that makes him a
man. In reality, there is no better way to cripple a boy/man emotionally.
A situation with a 15-year-old girl having sex with a 30-year-old man would be recognized
pretty clearly as sexual abuse. There is the belief that girls mature faster than boys. Why
then, would we assume that a 15-year-old boy would be more emotional ready to handle sex
than a 15-year-old girl?
The movie Summer of ’42 is often seen as a picture glorifying sex between an older woman
and a teenage boy. Upon closer examination, he is overwhelmed and confused by the
experience. It was not a good or ‘man making’ experience.
We have only begun talking about and acknowledging female perpetrators in the past few
years. They were thought to be the rare event, the exception to the rule. As the cloak of
secrecy has been peeled back, we are discovering that female perpetrators are not
uncommon. For several years, I cut stories out of the newspaper about female perpetrators.
In a majority of the cases, it was the husband and wife, dad and mom, acting in concert, to
molest their children. The most recent statistics that I have seen support this sampling as
being representative of the overall population.
There are four basic ways that women sexually abuse boys: overt, covert, a sexual violation,
or boundary crossing. Abuse can easily include more than one type.
Overt abuse is similar to what we think of as typical sexual abuse. With a female as the
perpetrator, this might involve oral sex, intercourse, masturbation, fondling, or sexual
Covert abuse is more difficult to observe. It can include voyeurism, exposure, seductive
touching, sexualized hugs, kissing on the mouth in a sexual way, extended nursing that
satisfies a sexual need of the mother, or flirting with a male child, possibly to shame or make
the woman’s husband/partner jealous.

Conversation as Attention
(this thread should really be called „Language and Vision“ – I essentially changed tack after naming the thread)

There is much talk – everywhere, all the time – of the gaze; the gaze objectifies the object, and objectifies the relation between the subject and the object. Of course, there is the problem of the „returned gaze“ – which is probably lexically problematic because the idea of „gaze“ implies a freedom, a relaxation, a uni-directional desire, which is problematized by it being returned.

In general, however, gazing isn‘t returned. We look at things which don‘t look at us, much more than we look at things which do look at us. Equally, we are gazed upon more often then we are gievn opportunities to return gazes; note, simply, the way in which, when we talk to someone, our gaze meets theirs only on occasion. Of course there are extreme cases when – lovers? – gaze into each other’s eyes, but this is usually not a „returning“ of a gaze – which is ultimately confrontational, challenging – but a situation in which a double, cross-hatching objectification goes on; I objectify you, you objectify, though of course the implied exchange (If I… then you…) means there is an underhand acknowledgement of subjectivity – to the extent that this kind of exchange (gift exchange?) contributes to the structure of subjectivity.

My aim in this thread is to compare that structure with the ideal structure of conversation; in „good“ conversations, an exchange is literally enacted – our words are always directed at a target, as our gaze is, but our words are directed in such a way as to equalize the self and the other; e.g., to avoid the subject / object binary. But also, I think, conversation is like sight – and this is underrecognized, I think? – similar to sight in that it is a locus of recognition, though not in the same sudden way. When someone talks to us, we are being recognized, and not merely recognized, but recognized as subjects – recognized as beings which are capable of recognizing others as subjects – e.g., of being partners in conversation.

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