‚Einlink‘ 1992 Earth First Frontline ‚beer‘


22:02 B|bel N°1 Pakistan-Pesa
Globello Ottoooooooo
22:02 gordy
had your babs yet mike?
22:03 B|bel N°1 Pakistan-Pesa
Grassrootz Telefernsehen homo
22:06 DJ Deckstrous
Yoyo Bel
22:06 B|bel N°1 Pakistan-Pesa
Sindabad Queen Elizabeth OneTwo secondary
» Ole ole ole Compton Mc Queen Allah barbwire Deckstrous DeeBee Jay
» B.A.S.E. schoenee Maed Elle Elle
22:10 DJ Deckstrous
will do
» just take with it Bel this is us global fun++++++++++++k
22:14 B|bel N°1 Pakistan-Pesa
Living my whole 37 years under 300,-€roses and less then 500,-DdemoMArkt Bolle xbugh bourrough
» Hutspeelee
22:15 eF
Gordy ordering the Babs about half 10
22:15 DJ Deckstrous
just keep it real my man
22:15 eF
until then having some cider
22:15 B|bel N°1 Pakistan-Pesa
Ole van Bast arte Strassbourgh rouge
22:15 eF
are you live decks
22:16 gordy
cool mate, korma tonight, although im in the dog house, forgot to get nanny breads, my names mud
22:16 1-shaf!! joined the room.
22:16 eF
ohhh dear, nowher open you can get some
» hey Shaf
22:16 1-shaf!!
22:16 B|bel N°1 Pakistan-Pesa
Yo Miss Fundamenta Iiilll Lee BX Joe
22:17 1-shaf!!
here Paki boy
22:17 eF
loads tuned but chat is a bit empty tonight, must be a footy match on
22:18 gordy
im tying the netflicks for free for a month, well impressed so far
» i like a film
22:18 eF
22:18 gordy
works good in the van
» on 3g
22:19 B|bel N°1 Pakistan-Pesa
Kampfcats St.Paul Lile Heartz rotten rough Esso Pantheone Jacksun Underground Cameo Maooo



<strong/>h“ /></p>
<p><strong>Why Blackfellows Never Travel Alone</strong><br />
<em>A Legend of the Wallaroo and Willy-Wagtail</em></p>
<p>Alone, on a rocky ridge high in the mountains, a wallaroo made his camping-ground beneath the shady boughs of a mountain ash. He was very old and infirm, and too weak to hunt for food, so he sat by his camp fire all the day and lashed the ground with his strong tail. The low, rhythmic thud-thud-thud of its beating could be heard above the song of the birds. One day a paddymelon was passing close by the camp when he heard the beating of the wallaroo’s tail. After following the direction of the sound, he came to the camp, and asked the wallaroo if he was in trouble. „I am very sick,“ the wallaroo replied. „Many times have I seen the snow on the mountains, and I am growing too old to hunt. My brothers have gone to the river beyond the hills to spear fish for me, but they have not returned, and I am very hungry.“ The paddymelon was sorry for the old wallaroo, and offered to go to the river in search of the fishermen. He walked a short distance from the camp when the wallaroo, called after him: „You had better take my boomerang with you, as you may meet some game on your way.“ The paddymelon turned around and said: „All right, I shall take it. Throw it to me!“ The crafty wallaroo picked up the boomerang, and, taking careful aim, threw it with all his strength. It struck the unfortunate paddymelon a terrible blow and killed him. The wallaroo took the fur from the dead animal and prepared the body for cooking. He dug a hole in the ground, lined it with stones, placed the meat in it, and covered it with flat stones. He then built a fire over it, and in a short time had cooked a tasty meal.</p>
<p>When the paddymelon did not return home, his relatives became very anxious about him. At last an iguana offered to go in search of the missing member of the tribe. He followed the tracks of the paddymelon through the bush, and they led to the camp of the wallaroo. When the iguana approached the camp the wallaroo was beating his tail on the ground. The iguana asked him if he needed any assistance, and, in a plaintive voice, the wallaroo told him the same tale that had been told to the unlucky paddymelon. The iguana was sorry for the old wallaroo, and offered to seek his relatives for him and tell them of his plight. When he turned to go, the wallaroo asked him if he would take a spear with him in case he met with any game on his way. The iguana said, „I will take it; throw it to me.“ The wallaroo had been waiting for this opportunity, and he hurled the spear so swiftly that it transfixed the iguana before he could jump aside. The wallaroo then prepared another meal as before.</p>
<p>One day passed, and yet another, but the iguana did not return to the hunting ground of his tribe. They sent a bandicoot in search of the iguana, but he met the same fate at the hands of the wallaroo. After waiting anxiously for the return of the bandicoot, the head-men of the tribe called a great council. When all the members were assembled together a headman said: „Many moons ago our brother the paddymelon left the camp before the sun was over the hills, and when night came he did not return, and his shadow has not darkened the ground for many days. The iguana went in search of him. He is a great hunter, but he has not returned. Yesterday the bandicoot followed in their tracks, but I fear the shadow of death has fallen over them. We must find them.“ Many suggestions were placed before the council, but none of them seemed practical. Then the willy-wagtail, who was a clever medicine man, spoke: ….	22:34 Chat by BummerHosting.com 5.0, Build #702<br />
	22:34 Welcome!<br />
	22:34 You entered GFR Chat.<br />
	22:35 Avon Livni|bel*<br />
Mike D.-cos MI Pumuckl suss 16°.- Sal|ææ|m.ness<a href= Petrolstation Women Masjid al-Saud sial..-kuum.-

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