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Bla blupphh….schutzDicke Titten auf der Party, dicke Titten im Schwulenzentrum, dicke Titten auf dem CSD. Wir haben es schon öfter vermutet, jetzt fragen wir einfach mal: Ist Fummeltragen sexistisch?. Robertus Ketenensis produced the first Latin translation of the Qur‘an in 1143. His version was entitled Lex Mahumet pseudoprophete („The law of Mahomet the false prophet“). The translation was made at the behest of Peter the Venerable, abbot of Cluny, and currently exists in the Bibliothèque de l‘Arsenal in Paris. According to modern scholars, the translation tended to „exaggerate harmless text to give it a nasty or licentious sting“ and preferred improbable and unpleasant meanings over likely and decent ones. Ketenensis‘ work was republished in 1543 in three editions by Theodor Bibliander at Basel along with Cluni corpus and other Christian propaganda. All editions contained a preface by Martin Luther. Many later European „translations“ of the Qur‘an merely translated Ketenensis‘ Latin version into their own language, as opposed to translating the Qur‘an directly from Arabic. As a result early European translations of the Qur‘an were erroneous and distorted.

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Jack makes a request
I am deep in philosophical thought when I hear an odd noise, a bit like sparrows fighting. I ignore it at first. But then I realise it is coming from the other room. It is the sound of the cat sliding his claws down a glass window,

I find him sitting on the back of the lounge, head down, next to his play tunnel. The tunnel is leaning up against the window. He was attempting either to knock it over or climb in.

He looks at me, nods his head twice and merts a certain mert that occurs only when he is interacting with me.

I gain the distinct impression that he is asking me to put the play tunnel down so he can use it.

I throw it down on the floor, he merts again, and races inside.

He played for a minute, and now he is wandering the house, using a quite different mert, the one he uses when he is looking for the other cat. I think he wants someone to play with.


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