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„Anti-Statists“ vs „Small Governmentalists“

A major troubling trend that I have noticed is that the arguments against governments seem to revolve around the connotation of the word. I do agree that not everyone pertains to this frivolous fallacy, but since many of them do, I feel the desire to touch on this issue first.
As a comparison, let us reference the current gun control debates happening all over the country. Some people believe that guns should be regulated, while others do not. But then you have the third crowd suffers from the knee-jerk argument of, „ban all guns!“
The perfunctorily problem with this argument is people refer to the connotation of guns rather than the dictation. In their minds, they see guns as an inherently bad thing because, at a point, they were used inappropriately, so they wish for them all to be removed.
But they ignore the fact that they can also be used for good, and to some people, maintain a good connotation.

What I am trying to bring up here is the connotation of government. Many people look at our current political system and are deeply disgusted in government, and it then sets up a negative connotation for them.
I completely understand why, because our current government systems are surprisingly scandalous and prey on the prejudices of the People in order to gain power.

But since we have a bad government, does that make government inherently bad?

Think of our government as a violently ill patient and the populace as the doctors. In the case of the United States, the doctors are lamentably lethargic and refuse to provide any care for the patient. They only let the patient continue to gradually become more violent and endangering more people.
On the other hand, you have the non-average American. The free thinkers. Some of them, being the anti-statists, believe that the solution to this problem is to put the patient down. Euthanize the problem.

If the judge thinks the jury will be unduly swayed by media coverage, he or she can sequester the jury.

On some level, we just have to be adults about the process, and hope the jury follows the instructions to let the evidence produced in court be a guide. The possible alternative of having a panel of judges pass judgment has its pluses and minuses. Pluses are they could have techniques to be more impartial and immune to press; the minus is that it means the citizens are less involved, and expresses a fundamental distrust and infantilization of the polity.

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