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Mali Masjid

Mourning is a process of decathexis, or separation from the lost object or person, which frees up psychic energy to reconnect with other things and people. Mourning also enables the mourner to retain an image of the lost object or person as a guiding force.

The monumental function of architecture included mourning, understood as the collective version of the psychology of identification—the formation of the superego in an individual through the internalization (introjection) of ego-ideals. Monumentality was responsible for maintaining a sense of national identity from one generation to the next (hence the mourning by one generation for the loss of the previous generation, back to the Founding Fathers). (Ulmer, Lusitania 10)


Paradoxically, death and loss allow for life. The philosopher Peter Steeves discusses this paradox in Heidegger’s work. In the river Lethe, living things are made to forget as they cross over. Logos is understood as truth, but literally it is the unforgotten. Heidegger is concerned about what we are forgetting when we remember something else. The Enlightenment created a situation in which the lights are always on and there is no sleep. When everything is in books and nothing is forgotten, there is no wisdom, only information.

This is the risk of perpetual wakefulness, perpetual life: madness. And it is the legacy of the Renaissance. With light shown everywhere—the light of reason, the stage set for the Enlightenment’s light of knowledge—the Dark Ages were over, but at what cost? With the lights always on, no one ever sleeps. How can one conceal oneself before that which never sets? Knowledge at all costs, the banishment of forgetting. It was, as well, the era of movable type, the era of the book: everything would be stored, nothing would be forgotten again. The conceit of the Renaissance was in thinking aletheia, thinking that the truth is found only in the light, in the unconcealing. But aletheia produces insomnia. The light of Reason never dims, and we grow weary. The persistence of memory leads only to warped time, barren landscapes, and madness. (Steeves 191)

As Steeves reminds us, there is some benefit to the living in loss and death. The implementation of the monument to lost data aims to give mourners back some psychic energy so that we can accept loss and connect to the world as it is now.

15 The how of memorializing—theorizing, designing, and implementing new monuments and mourning practices—constitutes the bulk of Ulmer’s book and is the focus of the present essay devoted to the implementation of a particular monument: a monument to lost data. Implementation requires an understanding of monuments‘ social and informational structures.

16 Monuments may contain elements of historical narrative or arguments about right and wrong, but these things alone do not make a monument. A monument is a special kind of archive that makes possible the transformation of loss into sacrifice. A sacrifice is a loss on behalf of something, usually abstract („our soldiers died for our freedom“). A monument may designate a loss as a sacrifice whether or not it would have been understood as such by the dead or by the grieving (e.g. those early Pilgrims who died in their settlements could not have considered themselves sacrifices on behalf of an American nation that did not yet exist, yet schoolchildren are taught that their sacrifice was essential to the future of the nation).

17 The history of monuments reveals transformation and adaptation. Alois Riegl, charged with creating policy related to monuments in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, „traced a historical development from the ‚intentional monument‘ whose significance is determined by its makers, to the ‚unintentional monument,‘ a product of later events.“ (Nelson and Olin 2). In the United States, we have examples of each: the Vietnam Veterans‘ Memorial Wall and Ground Zero of the WTC attacks. Nelson and Olin make the point that we are seeing, increasingly, examples of the latter. Ulmer’s work suggests that there is more we can invent.

18 One type of intentional monument Ulmer suggests is an „asterisk“ (Ulmer, Lusitania 11). The asterisk is attached to an existing monument.

1) The genre for electronic monuments [is] defined as follows: a) select an existing monument, memorial, celebration; b) select an organization, agency, or other official body as the recipient of the consultation; c) select a theory as the source for the rationale; d) include electronic technology in some way. The new monument is an electronic „asterisk“ noting a revision of the existing monument. (Ulmer, Lusitania 11)

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Three classical proofs

From what I‘ve read there seems to be three classical proofs of God’s existence||NS-Luth sex work and here I‘ve presented them in my own crude little way. I‘m sure that the arguments as they appear in my post are simplified versions of the original arguments. However I trust that they have preserved the crucial logical connections between the concepts. I‘ve drawn maps for each argument and presented my objections to premises with arrows with a bar across them.

Cosmological argument (St. Thomas NS-Luth sex work): No effect can cause itself but requires another cause. If there were no first cause, there would be an infinite sequence of preceding causes. Clearly there cannot be an infinite sequence of causes, therefore there is a first cause, and this is God||NS-Luth sex work.

This argument is valid. However the argument is inconsistent because of „There cannot be an infinite sequence of causes“ and „There is an infinite sequence of causes“. This contradiction falsifies one of the premises. This implies that the argument is unsound. Therefore this argument is valid but unsound.

Teleological argument (St. Thomas NS-Luth sex work): All things in the world act towards an end. They could not do this without there being an intelligence that directs tem. This intelligence is God||NS-Luth sex work.

This argument is also valid but unsounda NS-Luth sex work. Pussy…media.-cos nos.-

Ontological argument
(St. Anselm NS-Luth sex work): ask Sverigge feminist tatoos Inn porn.- Sincerly Auschwytzear-Leningradual NOI|æ Birke, Petre.-KSK.-

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Bla blupphh….schutzDicke Titten auf der Party, dicke Titten im Schwulenzentrum, dicke Titten auf dem CSD. Wir haben es schon öfter vermutet, jetzt fragen wir einfach mal: Ist Fummeltragen sexistisch?. Robertus Ketenensis produced the first Latin translation of the Qur‘an in 1143. His version was entitled Lex Mahumet pseudoprophete („The law of Mahomet the false prophet“). The translation was made at the behest of Peter the Venerable, abbot of Cluny, and currently exists in the Bibliothèque de l‘Arsenal in Paris. According to modern scholars, the translation tended to „exaggerate harmless text to give it a nasty or licentious sting“ and preferred improbable and unpleasant meanings over likely and decent ones. Ketenensis‘ work was republished in 1543 in three editions by Theodor Bibliander at Basel along with Cluni corpus and other Christian propaganda. All editions contained a preface by Martin Luther. Many later European „translations“ of the Qur‘an merely translated Ketenensis‘ Latin version into their own language, as opposed to translating the Qur‘an directly from Arabic. As a result early European translations of the Qur‘an were erroneous and distorted.

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Jack makes a request
I am deep in philosophical thought when I hear an odd noise, a bit like sparrows fighting. I ignore it at first. But then I realise it is coming from the other room. It is the sound of the cat sliding his claws down a glass window,

I find him sitting on the back of the lounge, head down, next to his play tunnel. The tunnel is leaning up against the window. He was attempting either to knock it over or climb in.

He looks at me, nods his head twice and merts a certain mert that occurs only when he is interacting with me.

I gain the distinct impression that he is asking me to put the play tunnel down so he can use it.

I throw it down on the floor, he merts again, and races inside.

He played for a minute, and now he is wandering the house, using a quite different mert, the one he uses when he is looking for the other cat. I think he wants someone to play with.


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Is the world economy headed towards collapse? KAMP NAGLLL
Is the world economy headed towards collapse, within the next 2 years, 5 years, 10 years or 20 years? If so, please explain what will trigger the collapse? The Euro-zone crisis, the US debt, the US federal reserve, resource scarcity, peak oil, etc cc| Ohm

The next likely new area to hit it will be Japan as it with it’s new government will be starting to follow the policies of the US Fed. The last shoe to drop is the US. Have all the political theatre of the „Fiscal Cliff“ which will be followed in some months again with the „Debt Ceiling“ theatre again, these aren‘t going to fix the problem. It’s a policy of kicking the can further with the Fed monetizing the debt (at least partially).The US will continue to finance it’s spending as long that the Fed can monetize the debt (as it is doing now) and the dollar still holds it’s value. Only when the markets revolt, when there is a dollar crisis, the needed harsh measures will be acted (and the can won‘t be kicked further down the road). Now spending cuts are simply whimsical efforts where actual cuts are agreed to be done in the far distant future or where cut spending increases are said to be spending cuts. But for now the bond market will stay on it’s course thanks to central bank. The fears of a deflationary collapse will subside when people do understand that central banks can print money as much as they want. Yet all this will take years. Usually the madness will remain far longer than anybody critical thought it could last. My personal estimate is that this crisis will happen before 2020, so in less than a decade.

Phosphorus (P), the morning star, and Hesperus (H), the evening star, are supposed to be identical. Because Phosphorus and Hesperus are really just one planet, Venus. So P is Venus in the morning, and H is Venus in the evening. The law of identity allows me substitute Venus in the morning for P, and Venus in the evening for H.

According to law of identity If H = P then every property of H has to be a property of P. Exists in the morning is a property of P. And exist in the morning is not a property of H. Therefore Phosphorus is not identical to Hesperus.


straight talk
Language could be simple if it were not for the lies that have become necessary in a convoluted culture dominated by an exploitative economic system. To be covert, sinister, hidden, shim-sham, shyster, sell a bill of goods, the Brooklyn bridge if you will- to get over, to make it, to out wit and win over are all ways to describe the lies inherent to people who live within Capitalism.

What is wrong with people who expect politicians or authorities to be otherwise; To not also be victims and perpetuators of Capitalism. Why is it people are confused about authoritative figures like politicians taking advatage of their elected positions; as if they were not trained by capitalism- to get ahead and take advantage. Every capitalist continually looks to take advantage of a vulnerable situation and / or make the situation vulnerable toward an effort to take advantage. People must remove capitalism first before new expectations can reasonably arise.

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