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Kianoush Ayari (b. 1951)

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Tazeh Nafas-ha (The Newborns) (1979)

Duration: 45 min

Kianoush Ayari’s documentary captures rare scenes of everyday life on the streets of Tehran in the months following the revolution of 1979 — that somewhat utopian period between revolutionary violence and the formation of a full fledged Islamic Republic when a bright future seemed possible, if not probable.

In this Tehran, we witness books carrying conflicting ideologies sold openly on the streets, laborers debating as to the wages they have been promised, and young men donning Arab garb to have their portrait taken with a Yasser Arafat backdrop. We also witness extended scenes from three different political plays, along with street theatre in a park where a performer imitates various iconic pop singers, political figures, and even the Shah himself.

Still, images from slums in the south of the city remind us of lurking problems in the background, and while the film ends on an optimistic note—with footage of youth energetically campaigning for upcoming elections—33 years later and in light of current events, that optimism seems misplaced, if not bittersweet.


What is Tertiarization?
Perspectives on social change

A market-governed consciousness perceives only cyclical phenomena in all areas of life. Tomorrow the lie of today can be “truth,” but content is in any case irrelevant, since the fastest possible “sale” is what matters. This applies just as much to ideas and theories as cars or neckties. At this level the term “social change” has no more meaning. For it to mean anything it has to relate to an analytically determined development of a certain time period, to a history of social structures. The postmodern consciousness, in its market-conformity, no longer recognizes historical development—it knows only the arbitrariness of incoherent Trends. In place of critical social theory we increasingly encounter “Trend Research.”

If the difference between objective structures and subjective perception can no longer be represented, the ability to even reflect upon our own social relations is extinguished. Not even an apologetic ideology, in the narrowest sense, is possible because this too requires terms of objective development, even false ones used solely for legitimization. However, since a society torn by self-contradiction cannot sustain itself without a legitimating ideology, postmodern thought is forced to take up older economic and social theories that still contain a traditional claim to objectivity. That such an approach is inconsistent makes no difference; in postmodern thought inconsistency has been raised to a virtue.

Although postmodern theory rejects any structural determinism, these conceptually truncated trend-analyses still move in the background of sociological and structurally deterministic theories of “social change.” Explicitly or implicitly, postmodern ideological cycles set forth certain assumptions of objective social development with regard to the three fundamental sectors of social reproduction (agriculture, industry, services). This is the phantasm of the once celebrated “Tertiarization,” which continues to define sociological discourse, even though the methodological prerequisites of classical sociology that produced this theorem have been negated. The method may be criticized, but the results are pocketed and used all the same.

Society, according to this now-classical theory, advances in a series of historical transformations from primary agricultural sector, to the secondary industrial sector to the tertiary service sector. The “employment” of labour is gradually shifted accordingly. This is associated in the beginning with painful structural breaks, but in the end a new period of “full employment” and secular prosperity is the result. The socio-economic theory of tertiarization is now a few decades old and it is high time that an evaluation be carried out, an impossible task given the means provided by postmodern thought. Superficially, the thesis of tertiarization has been empirically confirmed, although in disparate and entirely different fashion than foreseen by the original, optimistic assumptions. What has not been empirically proven is the secular rise in employment and prosperity predicted by tertiarization. On the contrary; it appears that real tertiarization has been bound up with a global economic process of contraction and crisis.

The problem is also obscured by the fact that the tertiary sector, in contrast to the agricultural and industrial sectors, cannot be clearly defined. Under the category “Services” fall a variety of unrelated occupations, two large groups of which catch the eye. One comprises the especially highly-qualified fields like medicine, education, science, culture, etc. The other is made up of the especially unqualified fields of domestic servants and unskilled workers in service companies (food service, cleaning, personal services, etc.). Flipping hamburgers, bagging groceries, selling knick-knacks on the street or washing windows at stoplights belong just as much to the tertiary sector as training managers, raising children or organizing study trips. Nannies and parking lot security fall in the same category as doctors and artists.


‚Junge Szene Frankfurt‘ art|cc|Hure Blond-²³2005 Masquer – Stark Naked

Legio blonde heir Azawad and Simbill green petre on new realm of such milf women into abstracts geboora 1968 Rupia.-so|°on…1 BT, Chs 6 and 7..-cos nos.-Harold Bloom „²³The Western Canon 1994 For Example Grotius Legal Std studies and Lasswell and McDougal are still influential.-Ausweartique Q*…The Local Juristic corner:“… My immediate propose purpose is modest. I prognose to look critically at a few ey xamples of that part of our heritage of Anglo-American jurisprudence that is currently treated as canonical cash»MIR at UCL ,---\ß||and more generacalleee in the United Kingdom – and ask how far it can be defended against charges of excessive parochalism and irrelevance to problems of globallisation zion postgradua battest My fear and stardo hope Lad Laksh MI Pinktermughee…Academic rurgh law in England mirroar British deflat io postfascist HAMmoHAM characterised en Arab Ingles and free breath sandkorn univerta Hindth.-stock aten.-

Thora Bora mountain Salæm Ariel…

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No Pasaran
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EF this came out in 1980, Jimmy Ross.. First True Love Affair .This is some of that Under Groud Funk i Djed at the Skating rinks back in the 80s.
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amazing track!

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easy kidTouchy subject this, but interesting.
I think it was Camus who said that suicide is the only interesting philosophical problem, but it doesn‘t bear thinking about too much.
1) Just because you have the right to something doesn‘t mean you can just go ahead and take it.
You have a right to listen to loud music but your neighbor has the right to some peace and quiet. There always has to be compromise between conflicting rights.
2) Rights are a convenient way of thinking about ethics – you‘re not born with rights, or rather, you are, but only because people agree on the fact that you have rights. In other words, we only have rights because we agree we have rights.
3) If someone has a right to commit suicide, then other people have aright to prevent the person committing suicide if they want to and by extension society has this right if it wants it.
If you‘re standing on a railway platform and you see someone walking too close to the edge as the train is coming in, you have the right to pull them back to save their life if you want to.
4)A doctor has not just the right, but the obligation as duty, to attempt to save life and also to prevent suffering. So society should have due regard to the doctor-patient relationship and should seek to avoid forcing the doctor to do something they regard as morally wrong.
Note, I would tend to agree with the comment made in one of the posts above about being up to the discretion of the doctor. But a)we shouldn‘t try to force the doctor’s hand and b) it’s difficult to legislate for this.
5)Just to expand on the difficulty of legislating for this
- what if a terminally ill child wanted to die – do they still have the right to decide for themselves?
-what if a child was terminally ill and its prents decided that they wanted it dead rather than watch it suffer more?
-what if someone who was terminally ill decided that they wanted to die and they wanted their priest, who was willing, to assist?
-what if a child was terminally ill and wanted to die and its parents agreed and approved and all three decided they wanted the priest of their church, who was agreeable, to assist?
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Duration: 65 minutes

„Spielberg’s List“ is a two channel video work constructed around the experiences of Polish extras that participated in Steven Spielberg’s shooting of „Schindler’s List“. Spielberg shot his film on location in Krakow and its vicinity and used hundreds of local extras for the scenes involving the deportation, the camp, etc. An elaborate concentration camp set was built and never completely dismantled. It has since become a tourist attraction (there are numerous „Schindler’s List Tours of Krakow“ available and the movie has played a significant part in the revitalization of Kazimierz, the former Jewish Ghetto in Krakow). Fast traveled to Krakow where he located and interviewed Œ’survivors‘ of „Schindler’s List“ – both young and old – and asked them to describe their experience and the scenes they were in, often without elaborating on the fact that they‘re describing a movie. Fast here also uses the standard documentary device of an interview in order to construct a narrative that has as its center a paradox stemming from the passage of memory from private to public trust.

s.o.k.o. Fami|lie


1982 Koranschule St.Georg Tausend Toepfe whore Stolzeasta Rust“..



This is Ingleland…Motherfuck Hanse


Bela Sochkat…

Komando Spiegel|drag verlaqx Rissen

Concore-089|030-Cµp GFR-Mike pirat to red :“²³Empire Hardt Negri Paris 2000 francais Etudes Studies“.-

Rape culture and Vergewaltingungs|\wehr-Frontlin I.D. 1989 Karl.-No Tweet results for Oakland Azalea cablephone Tele please °Shear Lord.

Empire Hardt Negri Paris 2000 francais Etudes Studies


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» Antifascist slitpop Pakistan Nuremberko
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dopo Papoon
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my computer is beat mappin 10620 tunes, i wish it good luck
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Madonna MIA Mike
» Chilp Indian Independ call whore movies Kachi xPeer Heman versulstee Skel
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getting into this digital dj lark, me and bro have decks and torq/serato, but in here is small room so i have got a Numark Mixtrack controller, so can have a bash at mixing again maybe on gfr now and then!
» so beatmapping me tunes
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Like Pi-Foulcauld Hermaphrotee
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» never tried Serato etc..
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no one I know has it to try!
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since running gfr i pretty much been happy listenign to the gfr dj’s do it, but do miss having a go meself
» i got it for crimbo to myself
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Einmali rock me Bach|amadeo
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how much does it cost?
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Liberational Liberte
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it was only 165 squid
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oh serato?
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paid Papa
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thought that was much more
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well already got serato with technics and numark decks, this is one of those midi controllers with the crossfade and jog wheels×390.jpg for computer room, doesnt take up much space
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ahh cool
» how does it feel after year on the decks?
» years
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so you can run traktor and virtualdj or whatever
» well it feels liek my first beltdrives and 7 inches! but for normal straight mixing, and basic cutting its fun!

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Notes from the Fortune-Telling Parrot: Islam and the Struggle for Religious Pluralism in Pakistan




Explores the richness of Pakistan’s religious landscape, giving attention to a number of topics: Shia flagellation processions, Urdu-language pulp fiction, streetside rituals involving animals (pariah-kites and fortune-telling parrots), and the use of sorcery to contend with the jinns that are believed to infest cities such as Lahore.


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