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Planet ‚Beine breit‘ Abou Modart Magazin Nicolas Thom|mas [.,..-]NL

‚Rap to Hip Hop Word 1up Sunday 60 years BBC buckminth‘-West.-cosa nostra.-

O|SS-Annenstraat kraak 1993 Dirkules Dunkel Kiel.-Rosedda Guido.-Ole vanTer

Amiga 5th $47th Chinatown soup 8mm Central groe Huhnfrikasee Lemming

20:27 Chat by 5.0, Build #702
20:27 Welcome!
20:27 You entered GFR Chat.
20:27 Hazrat Haji Phool|Bel Ra|æf kHz
Yo Avenue Louis Stadiuum next
20:27 Klise
nice mark.. yep have to play all the time
20:27 Markdjos
some nice tunes on there andrew. defo not as good as their 1st though
20:29 C.P.B.
first album they sounded unique.. follow up was same ole random rap formula imo
20:29 Hazrat Haji Phool|Bel Ra|æf kHz
20:30 Markdjos
I agree andrew-Give it another spin though
20:32 Hazrat Haji Phool|Bel Ra|æf kHz
20:32 C.P.B.
re-ripping my vinyl so all at same levels.. will get to it eventually unless I find a cd rip
20:32 Markdjos
Good idea
20:32 metalchuckkey
yeah andrew cheers for a couple of those rips
20:32 Markdjos
What do you play off Kris?
20:34 Klise
what do you mean mark?
20:34 C.P.B.
my clubs are in the attic.. I spend more time on ps3 golf these days
20:34 Klise
20:34 Markdjos
handicap mate
20:34 C.P.B.
golf clubs
20:35 Klise
oh.. right now im probably a 10.. have been down to 3-5 in the past when i was 19 or so
» my dad and both grandfathers were scratch golfers.. so i had some decent teachers
20:36 metalchuckkey went away.
20:36 Hazrat Haji Phool|Bel Ra|æf kHz
Naina two brain hell shadow dansk warriors,..main characterroar Farzain medical lie a Kurdish rosso mali eat Inn desert grey, hindth public Tirami Zoo Sheikh via vilains droughh and sum ops on DD|Jµnah..but at all fine on suggest daugther dottiir thier Squatz Iceland electro singles kiss spoon beans aequathora allied ..dogs undeground three toilet papers August 2000 ya
20:36 Markdjos
defo mate very lucky learning off them
20:37 Klise
yeh mark i go play with people.. and then they dont want to play with me anymore!! lol.. happens all the time.. i hit the ball pretty good most of the time so people get discouraged.. i just play for fun though.. not serious about it
20:37 Hazrat Haji Phool|Bel Ra|æf kHz
Robo FSV Salmoro ‚Einheit India‘ ..prrzz Elle
20:37 Klise
i teach golf though.. i enjoy helping people learn the game
20:38 Hazrat Haji Phool|Bel Ra|æf kHz
Friends, how many Martians have theme
20:38 C.P.B.
is next week your anniversary show mros?

Public Enemy ‚Bride|agfa Album‘….so much George Money Baham

20:32 Markdjos
zrat Haji Phool|Bel Ra|æf kHz
Naina two brain hell shadow dansk warriors,..main characterroar Farzain medical lie a Kurdish rosso mali eat Inn desert grey, hindth public Tirami Zoo Sheikh via vilains droughh and sum ops on DD|Jµnah..but at all fine on suggest daugther dottiir thier Squatz Iceland electro singles kiss spoon beans aequathora allied ..dogs undeground three toilet papers August 2000 ya
20:36 Markdjos
defo ma
20:40 C.P.B.
20:43 Markdjos
8 years on the 8th sounds cool
20:44 C.P.B.

» this guy sounds wacker the more I hear him
» I used to like his 1st album
20:46 DJ Deckstrous
» Yoyo C.P.B
20:46 C.P.B.
hi decks
20:49 Markdjos
Fluff on the bloody needle again
20:49 DJ Deckstrous

20:51 C.P.B.
you‘ve had that problem for years mate
20:51 metalchuckkey came back.

20:55 Markdjos
Romeo & Rhyme
» That was Together we Chill
20:56 gordy left the room. (Logged out)
20:56 Markdjos
their other one is I‘m The Master
20:59 DJ Deckstrous
ok ready
» and thanks Mark some nice choon tonight
21:00 Markdjos
Np Steve
21:00 Hazrat Haji Phool|Bel Ra|æf kHz
21:00 Markdjos
all your mate
21:00 Hazrat Haji Phool|Bel Ra|æf kHz
Antenna Londonistan NS|Seiqaa roaarrr Trafalgoto die for
21:01 metalchuckkey
cheers Mark

Jeru Nqb Cnb Qtb° | Antefa Square ‚Hamburga born Schuu|Lee“

Bla blupphh….schutzDicke Titten auf der Party, dicke Titten im Schwulenzentrum, dicke Titten auf dem CSD. Wir haben es schon öfter vermutet, jetzt fragen wir einfach mal: Ist Fummeltragen sexistisch?. Robertus Ketenensis produced the first Latin translation of the Qur‘an in 1143. His version was entitled Lex Mahumet pseudoprophete („The law of Mahomet the false prophet“). The translation was made at the behest of Peter the Venerable, abbot of Cluny, and currently exists in the Bibliothèque de l‘Arsenal in Paris. According to modern scholars, the translation tended to „exaggerate harmless text to give it a nasty or licentious sting“ and preferred improbable and unpleasant meanings over likely and decent ones. Ketenensis‘ work was republished in 1543 in three editions by Theodor Bibliander at Basel along with Cluni corpus and other Christian propaganda. All editions contained a preface by Martin Luther. Many later European „translations“ of the Qur‘an merely translated Ketenensis‘ Latin version into their own language, as opposed to translating the Qur‘an directly from Arabic. As a result early European translations of the Qur‘an were erroneous and distorted.

-censor flagelates-

Jack makes a request
I am deep in philosophical thought when I hear an odd noise, a bit like sparrows fighting. I ignore it at first. But then I realise it is coming from the other room. It is the sound of the cat sliding his claws down a glass window,

I find him sitting on the back of the lounge, head down, next to his play tunnel. The tunnel is leaning up against the window. He was attempting either to knock it over or climb in.

He looks at me, nods his head twice and merts a certain mert that occurs only when he is interacting with me.

I gain the distinct impression that he is asking me to put the play tunnel down so he can use it.

I throw it down on the floor, he merts again, and races inside.

He played for a minute, and now he is wandering the house, using a quite different mert, the one he uses when he is looking for the other cat. I think he wants someone to play with.


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Porno Deutschland-Roosen

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Is the world economy headed towards collapse? KAMP NAGLLL
Is the world economy headed towards collapse, within the next 2 years, 5 years, 10 years or 20 years? If so, please explain what will trigger the collapse? The Euro-zone crisis, the US debt, the US federal reserve, resource scarcity, peak oil, etc cc| Ohm

The next likely new area to hit it will be Japan as it with it’s new government will be starting to follow the policies of the US Fed. The last shoe to drop is the US. Have all the political theatre of the „Fiscal Cliff“ which will be followed in some months again with the „Debt Ceiling“ theatre again, these aren‘t going to fix the problem. It’s a policy of kicking the can further with the Fed monetizing the debt (at least partially).The US will continue to finance it’s spending as long that the Fed can monetize the debt (as it is doing now) and the dollar still holds it’s value. Only when the markets revolt, when there is a dollar crisis, the needed harsh measures will be acted (and the can won‘t be kicked further down the road). Now spending cuts are simply whimsical efforts where actual cuts are agreed to be done in the far distant future or where cut spending increases are said to be spending cuts. But for now the bond market will stay on it’s course thanks to central bank. The fears of a deflationary collapse will subside when people do understand that central banks can print money as much as they want. Yet all this will take years. Usually the madness will remain far longer than anybody critical thought it could last. My personal estimate is that this crisis will happen before 2020, so in less than a decade.

Phosphorus (P), the morning star, and Hesperus (H), the evening star, are supposed to be identical. Because Phosphorus and Hesperus are really just one planet, Venus. So P is Venus in the morning, and H is Venus in the evening. The law of identity allows me substitute Venus in the morning for P, and Venus in the evening for H.

According to law of identity If H = P then every property of H has to be a property of P. Exists in the morning is a property of P. And exist in the morning is not a property of H. Therefore Phosphorus is not identical to Hesperus.


straight talk
Language could be simple if it were not for the lies that have become necessary in a convoluted culture dominated by an exploitative economic system. To be covert, sinister, hidden, shim-sham, shyster, sell a bill of goods, the Brooklyn bridge if you will- to get over, to make it, to out wit and win over are all ways to describe the lies inherent to people who live within Capitalism.

What is wrong with people who expect politicians or authorities to be otherwise; To not also be victims and perpetuators of Capitalism. Why is it people are confused about authoritative figures like politicians taking advatage of their elected positions; as if they were not trained by capitalism- to get ahead and take advantage. Every capitalist continually looks to take advantage of a vulnerable situation and / or make the situation vulnerable toward an effort to take advantage. People must remove capitalism first before new expectations can reasonably arise.

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Who has stolen 1987 a PAK-100 pesa 1up Rupee steel Marlboro at Woolworth-Steilshoop ‚racism‘.-

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1. Language is a part of reality.
2. Reality is dependent on language.
3. All of reality is dependent on a part of reality.


Just have a look on Schulterblatt ‚book’s frici|iction

Impsteady math |°MAD ‚Tag der Befreiuung‘ Ingles each a realm of name and justice to do so…

Sex, the body, art and aesthetics.

Why is the naked body – or the body – thought of as beautiful, given that the beautiful is usually used to describe nature and art, and that the body has little in common with art or nature (at least to the extent that there is a man:nature dichotomy operative). Is art beautiful because it recalls – or metaphorizes, somehow – the original beauty of the body? Why should the body be beautiful? In fact, does thinking of the body help philosophy to recall the way in which value leads (to) the beautiful? Obviously the bodies of others are valuable to us, in the same way that others are valuable to us, and to the extent that they are contained within their bodies, or simply are their bodies. Are others themselves beautiful; is simply that which is other to us, beautiful, as an evasion of the ennui of the same? Is the different beautiful? (I mean: think of the eroticisation of racial and sexual difference – though still there is the original question here: what is the relationship between the erotic and beautiful?) Are their (the „others‘) bodies therefore beautiful as aesthetic (and can this be reduced here to perceptible?) manifestations of what is valuable? This, of course, goes against most aesthetic theories which focus on art …for its own sake“. How can the body be …for its own sake“, given that is accompanied by affective relationships? Or does the beauty of the body – in the case of unknown model – begin to disappear when it becomes entangled in affective relationships? Do we truly find our spouses, or children, more beautiful than those we don‘t know? Does …knowing“ the body – in the biblical sense as well as the general sense – ruin beauty? Is beauty opposed to familiarity? Is beauty, therefore, negative, always anti-social, in the sense that familiarity relates to reproduction and security, which is pro-social?


‚*No means nooo….‘°-

Hate ya….Ltn. Cm. Datta TT.-

Antifascist Action Bronx-East



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Hieroglyphics as a pure utility of language
Analphabeta Khaalie on medics and donor surgic it to see what kind of reaction it might get. Now there are many other examples which I will indic go could utilize to represent a pure utility of language such as the whistling language of Gomera, Sign Language, and Morse Code but this serves an objective I wish to make. Hieroglyphics and other forms of pictoral communication are extremely profound and powerful in my opinion because they allow us direct access to the matter of our sense experience.

This direct access is posited in correlation with a non-literal format of language namely the form of the object. I don‘t believe we can make use of the form of the object without representing it with logical constructs. These logical constructs are designed or given shape by mental processes which attempt to posit a meaning which already exists in the form of the object. My theory is that the more advanced the language the more abstract, neutral, and diverse the arrangements of logical symbols can be used to represent the form of an object.

Hieroglyphics attempt to represent the form of the objects in our environment in a literal way that is it uses one logical symbol which appears like the object it is representing to represent it. The question I want to ponder on given these statements is there an imperative difference between Hieroglyphics and say the language I am utilizing here and if so is it due to an inherent limit in language or to the fact that without using language this inherent limit has no meaning? Also could you say that hieroglyphics prove that man in his primitiveness is more affected by pictures in the context of communication.

These marks are rarely seen in real life, so you should not count much on them.

The three long vowels will be Romanized as: aa , ee , oo .

Long vowels are denoted in writing with the letters: و ، ي ، ا respectively.

But we already know that these three letters are the three consonants: ‘ , y, w .

Therefore, these three letters can denote both the consonants and long vowels. This is why they are called the „weak letters“ حُرُوْفُ الْعِلَّةِ .


…and thank you NY||cc filth for negotiating my Visa application on political bodice through Islamabad Melbourne-know your enemy Organized crime sameness Suisse…-----widow AX|Dow.-