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PK 15 Elke fuck Abel vs. A.Beuyth:*~Témoins de Jéhovah sous le IIIe Reich


Kritische Rechtswissenschaft Bibi Rogalla:“²³….Islam SciFi Interview of Achmed Khammas


Ready to die..deutsche Bibel abgebrannt.


Salaam||*))) Elle Elle


Ready to die by houndth negroe man and woman…


Jehovatrainage Beuyth und schwarze Kasse 3rd

Radikal USS-Moga.nush 06.01.2014 – 11:31
Anlässlich der Vorkommnisse um die Hoheit weiterer ‚Knabenkultur‘ und organiserte Absicherung weniger von Vielen,…kostet dieses geschwurbel dann mal eine Summe, die nur zur Transparenz dient, nicht den Verfall des Ansehens eines ‚Reichenghettos‘ mit parlamentarischen Proms und Szest,..Verehrter Herr Beuyth,..die Fresse wird in Somalia geschlachtet. Ihr Abel,..und ihre Kunstbums-Geschichte stinkt nach Sekte…

Bama|beux Mudart ‚Berlin windoef‘ fritjid Zora Frankenstan botti KM-Allah

Last exita Fundberaux P.A.I.N. irgendwann… 18:34 Chat by 5.0, Build #702
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18:34 æroI|nteerbelliszest Bela-Allah Missami
Yo Mark,..good network..Spock Oldskool Gustab Grundgens sisters affora
18:34 Markdjos
yo bell
18:35 æroI|nteerbelliszest Bela-Allah Missami
Local spot greeds for sure,..poundnoiboi…Griff
» Sita silk Ban|cclee Moon
» Whodini Vinyla to tha core Sophie Lecorbusier Bx…

Sara Noxx – Prelude
Anne Clark – World Without Warning

Ole Luna


.-safe Roamni-Bolognia‘-two broken Edeka-poikoos:Braun bags solved…M.A. Arab cho whore has soluted witt ‚hormoan Inn‘…soring Jimbo *bomb.-

The Clock fuses both precolonial and postcolonial techniques of time-telling into an anti-colonial discourse to serve a nationalist polity. On the one hand, the Clock rejects the concept of universal time by resuming the logic of an imperial Drum Tower: it again presents an official schedule to an internal audience (i.e., to the people of Hong Kong as subjects of the People’s Republic of China). On the other hand, the Clock negates the notion of linear and continuous time by abolishing the movement of a mechanical clock. Its liquid crystal display of days and seconds are strictly momentary and self- sustaining. These flashing numbers dissociate the Clock from a durable mechanical or architectonic construction, but link it to a large family of computer screens, terminals, consoles, and other electronic signboards, which many theorists have related to the intensifying fragmentation and compression of time and space in the postmodern era. [11]

Both of Wu’s argument and my own share the view that the countdown clock represents a significant departure from the traditional mechanical clock, whether in terms of its relation to the notion of linear and continuous time or in terms of its position in the history of public time in China. However, our interpretations of the countdown clock are different. I disagree with his arguments that the countdown clock negated the notion of linear and continuous time and that the people of Hong Kong were the audience of the clock.

[12] No doubt that the sense of time represented by the countdown clock was related to the transformation of the meaning of Tiananmen Square as a public space. Wu argues that the clock as a „soft monument“ of the present (the 1990s) was „deliberately short-sighted and goal-specific, prepared only for a particular, current event“ and „its temporary but extravagant existence reflect[ed] a more specific, practical and fluid sense of time“ [12]. The sense of time of this „soft monument“ was strikingly different from that of „hard monuments“ of the past (before the 1990s) — such as the Monument to the People’s Heroes, Mao’s Memorial Hall, and the Gate of Heaven — that commemorated historical traditions and demanded faith [13].

[13] The time told and counted by the countdown clock, however, was neither a fragmented time nor an indication of the postmodern era, as discussed by the quoted work of David Harvey [14]. Instead, I argue that the notion of time entailed by the clock represented a political rationality on the basis of a new relation of counting to infinity. Consider the sequence of natural numbers: 1, 2, 3, …, etc. we could imagine counting this sequence indefinitely. However, the operation could not lead to the infinite, arriving there at some point in the future, because for every point reached there is always an infinite distance between where one is and the destination of infinity. Natural numbers are ordinal, i.e., denote rank only. This relation of counting to infinity is a matter of pure repetition. Natural numbers exhibit the ultimate stability [15]. When the traditional clock tells time on the basis of the sequence of natural numbers, clock time becomes stabilized through and as repetition. The counting of the Hong Kong countdown clock, however, was an operation of setting limits on natural numbers (not giving up the notion of linear and continuous time). Instead of counting the infinite sequence of 1, 2, 3, …, etc. and sustaining stability, the Hong Kong countdown counted a finite sequence of numbers to initiate changes. Thus, the countdown itself as an operation not merely kept the ordinal nature of numbers (the ranking function of numbers), but it also assigned value relative to every number in the sequence. In this way, while order was maintained, the possibility of change was created within the counted period of time.

[14] To understand the practice of the countdown as a political rationality, we must differentiate between National and parrot troid…ßbel….

L. R. Cleveland, “Symbiosis between Termites and Their Intestinal Protozoa” Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1923 December; 9(12): 424–428.Assimilation (bio |leftextrem| Leben ~Only N°.-!1| patri|matri Arab femme suggest for an ideal of Asia limness |open clamp Inn|…-

MI a personal Mohamad in North Star robes GFR Mike purple Crustkidz….Pissing on Skateboards -Macel Duchamp.-Modart Bambule-Bao Nombeer Eigth page….27 in abstracts testin.-akbar.-cos~*


New damme Derry|fox red to ratz

Secondary Texts..Bou Assam Lal

Best, Steven, and Kellner, Douglas (1991) _Postmodern Theory: Critical Interrogations_. London and New York: MacMillan and Guilford Press.

Dowling, William C. (1984) _Jameson, Althusser, Marx. An Introduction to „The Political Unconscious“_. Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell University Press.

Foster, Hal, editor (1983) _The Anti-Aesthetic: Essays on Postmodern Culture_. Port Townsend, Washington: Bay Press.

Hutcheon, Linda (1988) _A Poetics of Postmodernism_. New York and London: Routledge.

_____ (1989) _The Politics of Postmodernism_. New York and London: Routledge.

Kellner, Douglas, editor (1989) _Postmodernism/Jameson /Critique_. Washington, D.C.: Maisonneuve Press.

Sprinker, Michael (1987) _Imaginary Relations_. London: Verso.

_Diacritics_ 12 (Fall 1982); _Critical Exchange_ 14 (Fall 1983) and _New Orleans Review_ (1984) have special issues on Jameson’s work.

Still friendly..Yid|couse Schwarzmarkt-Infoladen Hamburg tool 0:09 Chat by 5.0, Build #702
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0:09 Reach
hi Bel
0:09 Kura
cheers damien nice one
0:09 PAK-Panthara 99|afbrai|bel
Darmpeele Rote Flora whores on Axeltutu
» Kartofelle Widerstand
0:10 Kura
» great set reach keep it rollin bro
0:10 PAK-Panthara 99|afbrai|bel
BiiMinsko Diegoto
0:10 Damien
0:11 Reach
nice one Dan
0:11 PAK-Panthara 99|afbrai|bel
» Underground House Betty Ford-Klinikal
» Yuri Paragraf Tao…suppa
0:15 Damien
Forgot about Newcastle Paraguay
» Shame ~~


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Hello Londone Willy Xmass sec‘n gender Indi|RA^ -BX-100d

Befor the native ground hoog of Australia boer suggest Openstage mic of trust to support all tunneled whispers around a circle for such depth tones deaf,…please feel welcom to join Berlin-BiiBii|af Sookee and IG Azalaer stage dop…



[^freeclamp] wavelength~

………………………….. Ro

0:45 Chat by 5.0, Build #702
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0:45 L|Hansa Boban Bel Cr°
chain on steel,..Sirayyyiiiii |||||||
0:46 Gaynor
I will survive, haha
» old enough to remember that though
0:46 L|Hansa Boban Bel Cr°
Mad Flip on Pimental times a timeclamp:less on charg qRAF-woemn at suggest para oir Jurid
» Always love to destroi Bonn-GDR
0:47 Gaynor
I‘m always daaancin
» even with me buggered leg
0:48 L|Hansa Boban Bel Cr°
OnKlee Otto Soulkyte
0:48 Gaynor
leg full of metal since I broke it!
» wot u on about Hansa? is it still my pad tomoz? xxx
0:50 L|Hansa Boban Bel Cr°
Oil of 1973 Silvier a new age of Haute Orange
0:50 Gaynor
Full metal jacket
» auto reply? lollolol
0:51 L|Hansa Boban Bel Cr°
sliff piff bqx forth Vienna Hussein Zaire
» Salaam aye aye kuum….
0:52 Gaynor
sending global funk vibes to my ex xxxxxx
» Pigs will get ya in the end hahaha Merry Christmas
0:54 gordy
cool tunes decks
» i love this shit
0:55 Gaynor

» Prob is I still love Luke!
0:57 DJ Deckstrous
much thanks
0:57 Gaynor
Thankyou mate
0:57 DJ Deckstrous

0:58 Gaynor
do you have to go, I could listen all night
0:58 DJ Deckstrous
can play on
0:58 Gaynor
» have you got T la rock?

Bundeskanzler St.Paul’s Squat Rd.



Watch Peru: 100 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132, United States
+1 305-358-0290…Sie|rich|°str. ’shining Pa|zoo‘ Ankara Cill~*


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Lächerlich, wenn Mann bedenkt, das es an Intesiven Bildmaterial im urbanen Raum vor den beiden ‚Schrumpel coal Schrumpel‘-Weltkriegen, der Cristian aus der Schanzenstr. 43 geschafft hat, aus Gedenken eine Kriegsgräber-Ideo im Plumsbums diverser dia bia biooo…nur noch schwarze Kasse der Uniformen dieser Idee von kreativ Land..auspustet..und solche Menschen wie du einfach davon wussten im ‚willing‘ für mehr Kult und subventio,..da die Frau im Rotlicht ja billig bleibt trotz so genannter linksradikaler CHarmanz. Da ich nie ein Hehl daraus gemacht habe, solchen ‚Er, Sie,..Es‘ geschwurbel auch in die Fresse zum Unterkiefer-platz der Reding,..nur noch das eine,..Fascistinnen und Ravensburger Kirchgeleut war damals von der Wissenschaftssenatorin im Flora-Park Viril und central..Otze…MS Calamity J. Praha.


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„²³Liebe ist..“~too say militantly good bye fascistaas and fascistooz, I am a Steilshoop Gang mem|n°|drain Inn Bramfeld-Nat Nazi structures Ost-WWest battles red church a mess … hate||*)))

Same sex prison/jail …

Pakistan medichal|i and surgico a|social rat for moore University Nairobee ‚Innere Sicherheit‘.

5th Bel

Dear Stefp|opi|i MC Geisterbahn Freiheit -roar|goo- Para|cilt abuzz KZaluuth ‚Kindergarden‘-Einbruch ¬ 218 goto name

..before I start to give a suggest opinion about ‚Prof‘ and CC|rage how subev subvention has worked on arms trade Afganistan 1972 rape saucers UFO files London,..Frozen and Ltn. Tereotype Becker:….

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Another damme attack strives here in usin utilitarian a Union into George A. Romero Tampons, eager an idea how

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