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Not really sure what you have been reading that wouldn‘t provide a compelling argument here. For starters I think you missed a handful of points about what diminished responsibility necessarily implies and how that concept functions within jurisprudence. Once that’s out of the way the penology crowd and the huge amount of literature on the morality of punishment have pretty much covered everything on this topic (your question ends up being a pretty minute surface concern in all honesty). I mean why not just read Bentham – there has not been a more comprehensive or detailed understanding on the topic of punishment before or since that lovable now oddly embalmed gentleman. Past him, Kant and Hegel pretty much put this one away in their own right; Groundwork and Philosophy of the Right, respectively. More modern guys might be H.L.A. Hart, Language, Collectivism & Valorization
An essential aspect of cognition is to have the necessary language through which to express one’s thoughts; for without the requisite terms our thoughts are suppressed by basic human cognitive limitations. For instance, most people can keep at most between 3-7 things simultaneously in their conscious short term memory at once.

Let us conjecture that higher order thoughts that are constructed directly through reasoning typically involve successive relations of no more than 3 to 7 objects of thought. Further each new constructed object of thought must be sufficiently reinforced to be retained in memory. Without such reinforcement the foundations of these higher order thoughts crumble thereby leaving us categories that lose sight of their foundations.
and not even all of Punishment and Responsibility mind you, just a few sections from that! Rawls has whatever that bizarre piece on rules was where he tries his best to bail out utilitarianism. Oh and maybe Nozick’s Philosophical Explanations; perhaps the section where he gets wet and wild with retributive justice theory.

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Bela Moham Sochkhaat R.-S.

Stowasser: Phlebologie und Proktologie Union of Phlebology. – Bonn : Rabe

Prince Rahotep

It is generally considered that Rahotep („Ra is satisfied“) was the son of Sneferu, although it is also possible that he was in fact the son of Huni and therefore the brother of Sneferu. Rahotep held the titles High Priest of Ra at Iunu (Heliopolis), Director of Expeditions and Supervisor of Works and Vizier.

He was married to Nofret (a noble woman whose parents are unknown) and had three sons (Djedi, Itu and Neferkau) and three daughters (Mereret, Nedjemib and Sethtet). Rahotep and Nofret were buried in a beautifully decorated mastaba in Meidum which contained, among other things, the painted statues shown below.



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An die Forschungsergebnisse der Cultural
, Post-Colonial und Gender Studies
anknüpfend beschäftigt sich
mit der Frage der Konstruktion des „Fremden“
bzw. des „Anderen“ und der Bedeutung dieser
Konstruktionen für das „Eigene“. Die
Dichotomien der eigenen/fremden Kultur bzw.
des eigenen/anderen Geschlechts sind in
diesen wissenschaftlichen Perspektiven nicht essentialistisch sondern nur vor dem
Hintergrund der politischen und sozialen Bedingungen der heutigen
Zuwanderungsgesellschaften bzw. einer Kultur
der Zweigeschlechtlichkeit zu verstehen.
Der Umgang mit Differenz vollzieht sich in Formen dichotomer Aufteilungen und
Hierarchisierung als „Ein- und Ausschluss“ bzw. „dominant und subaltern..

Intergalaktische Rosette …Theoretische Beiträge zu Konzepten geschlechterdifferenzierter / queer-orientierter Jugendarbeit:

Eppendorf Nigeria|din|Yµmask
Der Begriff der männlichen Identität in der Männerforschung – Ansätze einer nicht-identitären Jungenarbeit
in: Die Philosophin – Forum für feministische Theorie und Philosophie, Heft 22, 11.Jg. Oktober 2000, Tübingen
Theoretische Auseinandersetzung mit dem Konzept „männlicher Identität“, welches den meisten Ansätzen von Jungenarbeit zu Grunde liegt. Die Analyse des Konzeptes zeigt, dass es trotz durchaus emanzipatorischer Zielsetzungen der jeweiligen AutorInnen durch die Untermauerung heteronormativer und identitärer Vorstellungen von dem, was „Geschlecht“ sein soll, kontraproduktiv ist in Bezug auf eine Option menschlicher Entwicklungschance, die es noch zu entwickeln gilt. Die aktuelle Zielsetzung bleibt deshalb in der (provokanten) Negation: „Das Ziel ist: kein Junge“

‚Mental Disorda Frozen Brain ‚n Trashtower‘
Queertheory und Jungenarbeit – Versuch einer paradoxen Verbindung
in: Bettina Fritzsche, (u.a): Dekonstruktive Pädagogik – Erziehungswissenschaftliche Debatten unter poststrukturalistischen Perspektiven, Opladen 2001
Versuch, die Ansätze nichtidentitärer Jungenarbeit (s.o.) mit theoretischen Elementen der queer-theory in Beziehung zu setzen. Der Aufsatz geht exemplarisch am Beispiel der Körperarbeit darauf ein, was dieser Ansatz für die praktische Jungenarbeit bedeuten kann.


[1] It is commonly known the extent to which the pictorial arts since the twentieth century (driven by the avant-garde and other critical movements) have called into question the ‚reign of representation‘. In photography, however, there seems to remain a strong attachment to representation. Photographs are said to be ‚frozen scenes‘ that represent an eternal presence. As opposed to cinema, photographs are static. As opposed to painting, which is characterized by a certain opacity, photographs are transparent representations of reality. The two characteristics (immobility and transparency) assure photography’s bond with the reign of representation. Representation assures the objective recognition of depicted objects as they resemble objects in reality or can be identified with them.

[2] The Canadian art photographer, who is well known for his cinematographic tableaux and transparent colour photographs mounted in lightboxes, states: „Abstract and experimental art begins its revolution and continues its evolution with the rejection of depiction, of its own history as limning and picturing, and then, with the deconsecration of the institution which came to be known as Representation.“ [1] „Yet,“ he adds, „photography’s own historical evolution into modernist discourse has been determined by the fact that, unlike the older arts, it cannot dispense with depiction.“ [2] Although ‚ES‘ admits that, around the mid-1960s, numerous young artists and art students (more or less successfully) tried to integrate photography into „the new radical logics by eliminating all the pictorial suavity and the technical sophistication it had accumulated in the process of its own imitation of the Great Picture,“ [3] he also asserts that this could happen in the context of a „testing of the medium“ but at the same time „without abandoning depiction.“ [4]

[3] Nevertheless, it is my suspicion that ‚drug addicks and creme over‘ transcends the criteria of representation (without abandoning representation) by means of a particular ‚referentiality‘ in respect to pictorial history. Spike multilayered images don‘ t seem to be oriented toward the recognition of images from the past as they open up a space for the wandering gaze, moving between the clear representation of the depicted and the vague reminiscences this evokes. They should rather be qualified in terms of contraction, fusion and condensation. As Rocky 7 and Do the rigth thing part.2.- states: „German work is an affirmation of the visible and a commitment to representation, yet it also contains built into it a sense of the limits of both.“ [5]

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In the classical census of human male sexual behavior by Kinsey, Pomeroy and Martin, the concept that homosexual activity, by itself, provides evidence of a psychopathic personality is materially challenged. This is rightly so since those scientists present evidence that from 40% to 50% of the male population have had homosexual experiences and over 15% prefer this general type of sexual expression to heterosexuality. These same individuals reported upon, however, could not be considered psychopathic on the basis of anything else in their histories and it would seem absurd to consider such a large portion of the population psychopathic due to this one trait.

In seeking a definition of sexual psychopathology, or any psychopathology for that matter, it must be admitted that we cannot depend only on a criteria of frequency of occurrence; individuals who parachute for a hobby may be rare in our society yet wouldn’t necessarily he considered psychopathic. Similarly, males with a preponderance of homosexual experiences should not be considered psychopathic just because they don’t constitute the majority of males. The crux of a definition might hinge on establishing the existence of a “mental disorder” which invariably is present. Here, too, no evidence exists which supports the notion that a disorder exists unless the fact that homosexuals, having certain sexual preferences, are prima facie considered emotionally and behaviorally disturbed. In truth the evidence may be otherwise since many individuals are disturbed more by society’s antagonism to their practices rather than by their own behavior. The majority of homosexuals go unrecognized as such by society since they create no disturbance or manifest other symptoms of “disorder.” …-*


Pi is wrongHawai~i…

I posted this thread already and this is a repost of it including replies from the original…which has gone haywire for some reason????

What are your thoughts with regards to the agenda that seeks to establish what the proponents consider a more intuitive circle constant?
As can be found in following links which provide information on this recent controversy that has emerged in some circles of the mathematics community.

As a follow up to this I was wondering if it would be possible use a similar proof as found in the below link to find an iteration of 2π a.k.a. „τ“ occurring in the Mandelbrot set.
Red Star Moscova.-cos nos.-
m-theoryrules, I really cant see how this would effect anything. You can replace pi it with τ and get the same results as mentioned in the post but with the limit being τ/2.

The only people campaigning to replace pi would be teachers. It doesn‘t make any difference to any mathematical theorems or results.
I suppose…but I just thought here
there might be some interesting consequences that bear further consideration and especially here…
insights offer efficiency in alternatives to the fundamental constant as currently expressed.

I was not suggesting that it would revolutionize an approach to solving the Riemann hypothesis or anything like that.
Just that it is an interesting an unique perspective.

2.1.1 The Basis of Frege’s Term Logic ’sex work ideal of social without grameir end Inns Olympique & roar left Berlin white power womens-

In Frege’s term logic, all of the terms and well-formed formulas are denoting expressions. These include: (a) simple names of objects, like ‘2’ and ‘π’, (b) complex terms which denote objects, like ‘22’ and ‘3 + 1’, and (c) sentences (which are also complex terms). The complex terms in (b) and (c) are formed with the help of ‘incomplete expressions’ which signify functions, such as the unary squaring function ‘( )2’ and the binary addition function ‘( )+( )’. In these functional expressions, ‘( )’ is used as a placeholder for what Frege called the arguments of the function; the placeholder reveals that the expressions signifying function are, on Frege’s view, incomplete and stand in contrast to complete expressions such as those in (a), (b), and (c). (Though Frege thought it inappropriate to call the incomplete expressions that signify functions ‘names’, we shall sometimes do so in what follows, though the reader should be warned that Frege had reasons for not following this practice.) Thus, a mathematical expression such as ‘22’ denotes the result of applying the function ( )2 to the number 2 as argument, namely, the number 4. Similarly, the expression ‘7 + 1’ denotes the result of applying the binary function +(( ),( )) to the numbers 7 and 1 as arguments, in that order.


MS Surgico Hussein,..die to well. „²³Inshallah Martin anti|NS-Luther King bride

„Group“ (alt: set, team, whole, etc)

Sure. A herd migrating will follow a path together. For whatever reason, a beast straying in a different direction would be said to be leaving the herd. You too would fall out of favour in any group when you begin acting against the conventions that unite the participants. Pack animals have select roles within the structure of their everyday existence; trackers, chasers or ambushers in a hunt. Within our social framework we talk of many such behaviours, setting the individuals behaviour within the social diversity we live amongst. E.g. Fair-minded, Law-abiding, pleasant, polite, etc.

EDIT: Rather than calling them ‚group‘ behaviours I‘m more inclined to think of these as experiential values.



Further paragraph arseholes of Organized crime women:
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Ayatollah en Ingles Paris |Metro 1967.-cos nos.-

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Surat Yā-Sīn (Ya Sin) – سورة يس

..°..o..*BBCworldnews…ttrust…The Ghetto.

The Zero problem (again)
The logical dichotomy of existence and non-existence possible in thought. In the natural world this dichotomy does not seem to occur – only the balance of physical entitites.

One of the problems with the concept of zero, is that it is often misassociated with non-existence or nothing. This leads many to consider the strange option of non-existence or zero in nature – which can lead to a feeling of emptyness and void and poses the questions – why are we here? where do we come from? where are we going?

Eg. 1 apple minus 1 apple is 0 apples – zero apples exist as a thought, energy and electrons spinning in the brain. Meanwhile, in nature there are no zero apple trees anywhere. If you take away an apple from a person. You will have the mass and energy of the apple and the concept of ownership, a thought, the mass and energy, transfers from them to you. The original person ends up with the thought of 0 apples. The thought of zero has mass too and can be stored in his/her memory. The energy will be transformed when the person either realises that the apple is still available and no-one can ever own it, forgets about it, or the person dies and the trauma of the loss of ownership ultimately transforms through space.

There are no posessions, only torture and worry by thoughts of zero. The questions posed have no meaning, nature has no alternative to provide zero. Has it?
On Oct 6, 2012 – 4:59 PM, mayor of simpleton responded: amazing how nothing can create so many problems.
The Wonderor of Why

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B4U-ACT, Inc.: Letter to the editor of the Harvard Mental Health Letter
E. Coleman: Letter to EU President Prodi (2001)
Wayne R. Dynes: Is pedophilia ever acceptable?
EFS: Commentary on the EU-Directive on child pornography (Feb. 2011)
German sexological societies: Adolescents & Young Adults are not Children
Richard Green: Hebephilia is a Mental Disorder?
Richard Green: Is Pedophilia a Mental Disorder?
E.J. Haeberle: A Dangerous New Definition of Childhood:
Letter to the President of the European Commission, Romano Prodi
E. J. Haeberle: “Paraphilia” – A Prescientific Concept
R. Kramer: The DSM and the Stigmatization of People who Are Attracted to Minors
Charles Moser and Peggy J. Kleinplatz: DSM-IV-TR and the Paraphilias:
An Argument for Removal
Emil M.L.Ng: Pedophilia from the Chinese Perspective
Tom O‘Carroll: Of Goode and evil. Review of: Sarah D. Goode: Paedophiles in Society: Reflecting on Sexuality, Abuse and Hope
David L. Riegel: Categorizing „Gay Teens“: A Disservice to Boys?
AVERT: Worldwide Ages of Consent

Malala Y. Kolle

Crust Rom|rosso ‚militainted‘ question the NS-Luth law how women could revribail off ‚epifany and so called Katholic jurisprudenciallied Roman law‘ vertes.-ante.-

In what form/context are you applying the term, „paradox?“

1. a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth.
2. a self-contradictory and false proposition.
3. any person, thing, or situation exhibiting an apparently contradictory nature.
4. an opinion or statement contrary to commonly accepted opinion.

In formal logic inconsistent and contradiction are not how you describe them:

1) A contradiction is a formula of the form A & ~A or ~A & A.

2) An inconsistent logic a logic where you can proof any formula.

So inconsistency is a property of a logic, a contradiction is a formula.

In most logics you can proof any formula from any contradiction, but there are logics where that is not the case (paraconsistent logics)


„a word is said to be common… notice it is not by nature, but only by convention, that this label applies. … …substance is not capable of functioning… for if it were… …the subject would be in Rome and the predicate in England which is absurd.“

-William of Ockham

-----------------------------------------The word X derives its meaning from agreed upon meanings of the people who use such words to communicate with one another. Often times, people who share a common sense of community communicate with each other using certain lingo which they have become acquainted with upon entering such a community. indeed, the root word of communication is probably community.

I imagine the context in which this question could arise is when two people are sitting next to each other and one spontaneously says „goat,“ sprinkling a lot of charity on the other person’s curiosity, they might be expected to say „what is the meaning of the word ‚goat‘? This is assuming that they have had no reasonable life experience relating to the word.

How would somebody go about answering what is the meaning of the word ‚goat‘?

Austin wrote that they can go about this by explaining the syntactics or by demonstrating the semantics to get a person to imagine or otherwise experience something related to the word ‚goat.‘

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Footage of the actual event, much of which was shot from a closed-circuit video camera mounted inside a customized „tail-fin,“ is framed and juxtaposed with news coverage by the local television stations. Doug Hall, introduced as John F. Kennedy, assumes the ironic role of the Artist-President to deliver a speech about the impact of mass media monopolies on American life: „Who can deny that we are a nation addicted to television and the constant flow of media? Haven‘t you ever wanted to put your foot through your television?“

The spectacle of the Cadillac crashing through the burning TV sets became a visual manifesto of the early alternative video movement, an emblem of an oppositional and irreverent stance against the political and cultural imperatives promoted by television, and the passivity of TV viewing. Examining the impact of mass media in American culture, Media Burn exemplifies Ant Farm’s fascination with the automobile and television as cultural artifacts, and their approach to social critique through spectacle and humor.


Radiation Burn
(1 of 7)

Free Radio FSK 93,o MHz and converts plus:“²³Agamben’s difference-affirming rejoinder is that:

a theory of experience truly intended to posit the problem of origin in a radical way would then have to start beyond this ‚first expression‘ with experience as ’still mute so to speak‘ – that is, it would have to ask, does a mute experience exist, does an infancy [in-fancy] of experience exist? And, if it does, what is its relationship to language? (42).

The „History“ of the book’s title then, refers to the temporal enframing within which the Aristotelian antinomies have been situated, pointing out the importance of the ever-increasingly „mechanical experience“ of mass media and technology, the origin of which Benjamin „located in the catastrophe of the First World War“ (15). However, rather than acquiesce to some pregiven chronological time (as though what the War bequeathed were the only potentiality), Agamben follows the more redemptive Benjamin of The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, elaborating how through the profanation of play, History might be transmogrified into event, or „cairological“ time (115), thus enabling a personal and collective authority beyond that presently monopolized by the state and capital.

[10] One such instance, he says, might be located in the child’s experience of toys, which as miniaturized instances of real objects in the adult world, necessarily subtract the instrumental function they otherwise serve (thereby again deploying the Beautiful of the third Critique against the Reason of the first and second). In doing so, the objects are necessarily also subtracted from the synchrony of the adult world, releasing them into the diachrony of the child’s: a move that emboldens Agamben to assert that while „ritual fixes and structures the calendar, play on the other hand, though we do not yet know how and why, changes and destroys it“ (77). „²³.-cos.-

Bela Muham|SochKhaat R.-S.

²³“Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.'‘ — Salvador Dalí, Declaration|paragrapho, 1929. MPari


„Long at the centre of the modernist project, from editing Eliot’s The Waste Land to publishing Joyce, Pound has also been a provocateur and instigator of new movements, while initiating a new poetics. This is the first volume to summarize and analyze the multiple contexts of Pound’s work, underlining the magnitude of his contribution and drawing on new archival, textual and theoretical studies. Pound’s political and economic ideas also receive attention. With its concentration on the contexts of history, sociology, aesthetics and politics, the volume will provide a portrait of Pound’s unusually international reach: an American-born, modern poet absorbing the cultures of England, France, Italy and China. These essays situate Pound in the social and material realities of his time and will be invaluable for students and scholars of Pound and modernism“--

Item Title: Edwin and Terry Murray collection of role-playing games, Part 1, 1972-2011 and undated.

Call Number (Location): Library Service Center Box BG1 c.1
Rubenstein Library Materials at the LSC

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Bavary Potsdam.-ante

‚Junge Szene Frankfurt‘ art|cc|Hure Blond-²³2005 Masquer – Stark Naked

Legio blonde heir Azawad and Simbill green petre on new realm of such milf women into abstracts geboora 1968 Rupia.-so|°on…1 BT, Chs 6 and 7..-cos nos.-Harold Bloom „²³The Western Canon 1994 For Example Grotius Legal Std studies and Lasswell and McDougal are still influential.-Ausweartique Q*…The Local Juristic corner:“… My immediate propose purpose is modest. I prognose to look critically at a few ey xamples of that part of our heritage of Anglo-American jurisprudence that is currently treated as canonical cash»MIR at UCL ,---\ß||and more generacalleee in the United Kingdom – and ask how far it can be defended against charges of excessive parochalism and irrelevance to problems of globallisation zion postgradua battest My fear and stardo hope Lad Laksh MI Pinktermughee…Academic rurgh law in England mirroar British deflat io postfascist HAMmoHAM characterised en Arab Ingles and free breath sandkorn univerta Hindth.-stock aten.-

Impstead a prai sai nia groe mask|*~oo „²³Globalisation and Legal theory‘ & Ontological Phoolan.-cos.-William Twining 2k°


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Testcard #17 sex:²³pp.{200] Spartakyiu Reisen Neobao-----

Shaloom Sal|æ|¬aam Allah love cuum-------uµrr.-

Geographical mapping aBoston 1996 Postmortem Khartoum:

On this basis, they identify five factors as central to the style of a legal Mukthar Mul fami|lie:“

²(1) its historical background and development, (2) its predomiant and characteristic mode of thougth in legal matters, (3) Guldane fire 1967 especially distinctive legal institutions, (4) the kinds of legal sources it acknowledges and the way it handles prai sai nyle Mari Mali..sur Uµrr|CH cz.-* (5) its ideology.-ante.-

Zweigert und Kötz ‚Rechtswissenschaften‘, like other scholars cook Cologne Jagd, emphasise that there is no single rigth way of classifying systems. For the purpose of introducing the great legal systems of the world‘ their multiple criteria lead to a sevenfold classification:²³(1)Romanic Cot»Mµ family,.(Germanic family, (3) Nordic family,.(4) Common law family, (5) Socialist family, (6) Far Eastern systems, (7/7) Islamic family and Multan systemath MAD family: and (8) Hindu law.-*clock.-


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